VITER ENERGY MINTS Honest Review!!!.. | Wella Novee

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Today’s video is about Viter Energy!!.A Company that makes Caffeine Mints!!!!!..
I was contacted to try these out for you guys and to give My Honest Opinion!!!!….And I Just Love These Mints!!!! OMG..
These Caffeine Mints have A Great Mint Taste…Vitamin B Complex In Each Mint(Niacin-B3, Vitamin B6, Folic Acid-B9, And Vitamin B12)…Vegan and Much More Great Properties!!!!
Check Them Out!!@ or You Can Find Them On Amazon!!!

48 thoughts on “VITER ENERGY MINTS Honest Review!!!.. | Wella Novee

  1. I want to try them. I love the fact that it is natural and it give s you energy whiles refreshing your breath! Thank you for this. I will look into ordering some.

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