VitaminVape B12 Vape Pen Inhaler: Boost Energy/Mood/Concentration? My Personal Experience & Review

Here is my personal review/experience with this Vitamin B12 Vape ( Some say it gave them energy, better mood, more focused, cutting down on cigarettes, got over depression, replaced coffee with vape, had weird dreams, trouble breathing, didnt feel anything, etc.

For myself I dont feel anything except i do enjoy vaping these and at best it does help me relax a little but could be just from the vaping experience not necessarily the b12.

With these vapes there is no charging or adding liquids or any buttons to press to vape it or anything. You just grab one out of the box and start puffing until the battery is dead then you throw it away as they are disposable. For me each stick lasts about 4 days and I do occasionally vape it during works hours, in the mornings with my coffee, in the car and late at night before bed. They say each stick gets you about 84 normal puffs but im not counting.

VitaminVape B12 Inhaler – Boost Energy with Natural Vitamin B12 Aromatherapy – 28 Servings, Citrus Flavor (Pack of 3):

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18 thoughts on “VitaminVape B12 Vape Pen Inhaler: Boost Energy/Mood/Concentration? My Personal Experience & Review

  1. Oh wow! Have ever tried the B12 shots? They really give you so much energy, also the energy packs from GNC- kind of expensive! Catching up on all your videos!!

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