24 thoughts on “Vitamin B6 Pyridoxine: Vital for Brain function, and Anti-inflammatory effects

  1. This is great info but there is no article on your site that tells us how to determine a safe dose of vitamin b6, so I feel a little confused. Can you correct that please. Thank you for your help.

  2. Vit b6 is water soluble right? Anything excess will excrete by kidney. why
    vit b6 can cause serious nerve damage…? In fact water-soluble which mean no overdose right? What can you say about his theory? what is mean by water-soluble?

  3. I can't find your article on proper dosage of vitamin b6 on your website. Can you please give me the title? Thank you! Is 50 mg of Pyridoxil-5-Phosphate too much? I have ms and the last thing I want is more nerve damage, but the supplement I just bought from AOR is 50 mg.

  4. Sad. Many people seemed to focus in the comments on the negative aspect of Vitamin B6 and trying to discourage others from taking it. Fact of the matter is Vitamin B6 is a water soluble vitamin. It can cause damage but as a water soluble vitamin those damages will reverse once the higher dosage is stopped. I was taking 250 mgs at night time because B6 helps with the serotonin, melatonin, and other things to help a person sleep. It was definitely extremely helpful and I'm still taking it. I did start to feel in my fingers just a different feel almost like they were too swollen. I reduced my dosage therefore to 100mgs and have been at that point now for a while. My sleep has improved immensely since introducing my B6 along with L-Tryptophan and prayers. Oh and for the record the funny feeling went away Immediately!! It didn't stay once I reduced my dosage at night to 100mgs. People who have stomach issues such as low hydrochloric acid, or maybe some kind of stomach surgery, stomach stapling etc… WILL have a problem absorbing their vitamins more so than a normal person with no stomach issues. So for them they'd be more able to handle a higher dosage since their bodies don't absorb vitamins well. Just remember 200mgs and up is where the toxicity comes in, but if you keep taking it for a long time and don't keep up with your body telling you it had enough is when the toxicity goes into play but lets say you're not up to whats going on and you're taking it for years and years at high dosages. Once you stop it will take 2 maybe 3 years of time but the damage will go away. So don't freak out and act like you gotta stay away cuz omg it's going to kill me, it's NOT!!

  5. B6 can easily cause toxicity and nerve damage and shouldn't be supplemented over daily value. This doctor seems to talk a lot about deficiency but not about toxicity.

  6. very helpful. thank you. my little 7 lb. dog Jake has GME, an extremely serious autoimmune disease of the CNS. he also has diabetes and large bladder stone and cataracts, all from longterm use of prednisolone which is the major drug guarding against a GME relapse. i have been giving him very small amounts of b6 for almost a year now. unfortunately, the smallest pills i could find are 25 mg and he weighs only 7 lbs. so, i cut them in half and chip off a small bit, pulverize it to dust between my fingers into his food morning and evening. one 25 mg pill lasts me over a week. still, i hope i'm not giving him too much as gme is a terrible neological disease already and he has some permanent nerve damage as it is. i think i'll now make that 25mg tablet last two weeks…

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