Vitamin B12 : The Brutal Truth About Cobalamin

In this video I’m going to discuss an important issue, which is, unfortunately, mostly related to Veganism.

Cobalamin, also called Vitamin B12, is a relatively big organic compound and the most complex of all vitamins. Although we need only extremely small amounts of it, its presence is crucial for a functional body and mind.
Especially new Vegans often put themselves at risk for a momentous deficiency by overlooking the need for supplementation.

Dr. Gregers take on it:

Vitamin B12 : The Brutal Truth About Cobalamin

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19 thoughts on “Vitamin B12 : The Brutal Truth About Cobalamin

  1. What form of b12 do you take? I took one methylcobalamin sublingual and my neck hurt like hell for two days. The cyano kind have cyanide in it and it's bad for people with weak kidneys…I also heard that cyano shots caused blindness in some ppl.

  2. Not a facetious question – so can I eat my own shit? The thought isn't so disgusting knowing it's vegan shit and I guess you'd (I'd) only need a smidgen a day. How much by mass from a healthy climbing vegan's gut would be needed to cover 2 micrograms per day?

  3. Nowbi'm 15 and when I born i had a digestive disease that results on a extirpation of a part of my digestive sistem. It part is the main one on the absorption of b12. since i was little I have to take a injection of b12. Before it was a monthly one and now it's every 4 months. I have a normal life with it and it's so comfortable. I climb and i train as its normal.

  4. I've been taking pills everyday over the last couple weeks. Its really hard to get shots in the U.S you need to get a prescription. I want to get my hemoglobin levels really high because I'm a cyclist. My b12 was around 215 which is not considered a deficiency in the U.S. even though it is really low.

  5. Great video, you definitely know what you're talking about! Years ago when I was undercarbed and uneducated I was B12-defficient, lolol. My toes were tingling and I felt constant fatigue which are early signs of defficieny. So far I've seen B12-defficiency in meat eaters only which I partially believe is due to fucked up microbiome in the gut and ineffective nutrition uptake. You're right, meat eaters don't get their B12 "naturally" which means they're basically taking supplements too ๐Ÿ˜‰ / qrstabby but from another channel :d

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