Vitamin A deficiency – Skin, Immunity & Eyes Problems (Symptoms & Food) in HINDI

Vitamin A Deficiency

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In THis Video I Talk about:
: Vitamin A Deficiency Symptoms
– Dry eyes Vitamin A deficiency
– Best sources of Vitamin A
– Vitamin A Ke Fayde
– Dry Skin Vitamin Deficiency
– Vitamin Benefits

12 thoughts on “Vitamin A deficiency – Skin, Immunity & Eyes Problems (Symptoms & Food) in HINDI

  1. Hi palak , as usual loved your video. I wait for your videos to gain mentioned vegetarians to take vitamin A. How much (mcg)per day? Just for my knowledge is synthetic vitamin not harmful to body at all?

  2. Come up with a video on biotin deficiency n natural supplements
    I suffer from hypothyroidism and pcod. Even excessive yellow v discharge. Mediation of no use in this problem. Suffering for an year now

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