Top 5 Diabetic Supplements that can truly change your health and diabetes

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In this video, I’ll talk about the Top 5 Supplements for Diabetics that I think are essential and very helpful in the process of reversing diabetes and becoming healthier and have more energy and health in your life. These supplements help you in the process of losing weight and to get energized when feeling tired and alkalize your body which is so important for diabetics and in health overall.

These supplements should be as organic and natural as possible (it’s what I use all the time and it’s worth it!)

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28 thoughts on “Top 5 Diabetic Supplements that can truly change your health and diabetes

  1. The moment you said fat doesn't make you fat I knew you know what you were talking about. It's crazy how people don't understand how fat doesn't make you fat because it is broken down solely, which doesn't have a glycemic index, steadily giving the body energy, etc.

  2. This channel has zero credibility.
    How would a teenage tattooed mouth have a clue about long-term diabetes methods? Type 2 diabetes is usually diagnosed when you are an adult, not a child.
     Ignore this boy, he is all wind with no experience behind his claims. His experience is extremely limited (he even said that one of his pill supplements had only arrived that day!) Seek information from adults who actually have lived with diabetes for several years.

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  4. I am beginning to realise that all the snake charmers have hijacked youtube to sell their products. Exploiting the ignorance and vulnerability of diabetics and every other fear known to man.

    Try checking out Dr. Mc Dougall's approach to curing diabetes. Yout time and money better well spent.

    I could say to these people shame on you but no doubt they probably believe they are doing good or they genuinely are ignorant and do not care !

    excercise extreme caution and discernment and keep a healthy objectivity about you when searching youtube for help with any matter !

    Have a nice day !
    Yes ps. he is cute… but that is deliberate ! Cute sells !

  5. Good fats… Bacon Fat!…. Fatty Real Beef Steaks and Roasts. …. Fish ummm, polluted, heavy metals, radiation… Bad!… Pig… Worms… True story… BAD! … Beef calf liver… From Butcher only… Good… Dip in buttermilk, flour, egg, flour… Fried in bacon oil… Good! Yum.

  6. Just curious eating, juicing, healthy exercise and supplements  what are your insulin requirements. I'm type 1 and can get down to under 13 units and A1c 5.5. But I can be more alkalizing…. wondering how much it would effect me. I teach yoga so I am always exercising.

  7. Hii there . Thank you for the information ,is was very informed . But I really want to know what is the names of the five supplements because of my uncontrollable Type 1 diabetes

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