The Choice is Ours (2016) Official Full Version

Intro: 0:00
Part 1 6:16
Part 2 23:28
Part 3 47:03
Part 4 1:19:09

Produced/Directed by Roxanne Meadows and Joel Holt
Script by Roxanne Meadows
Editor Joel Holt, assisted by Roxanne Meadows & Nathanael Dinwiddie
Original Score by Kat Epple

This film series explores many aspects of our society. To rethink what is possible in our world, we need to consider what kind of world we want to live in. Although we refer to it as a civilization, it is anything but civilized. Visions of global unity & fellowship have long inspired humanity, yet the social arrangements up to the present have largely failed to produce a peaceful and productive world. While we appear to be technically advanced, our values and behaviors are not. The possibility of an optimistic future is in stark contrast to our current social, economic, and environmental dilemmas. The Choice Is Ours includes interviews with notable scientists, media professionals, authors, and other thinkers exploring the difficulties we face.

Part I provides an introduction and overview of cultural & environmental conditions that are untenable for a sustainable world civilization. It explores the determinants of behavior to dispel the myth of “human nature” while demonstrating how the environment shapes behavior. The science of behavior is an important – yet largely missing – ingredient in our culture.

Part II questions the values, behaviors, and consequences of our social structures, and illustrates how our global monetary system is obsolete and increasingly insufficient to meet the needs of most people. Critical consideration of the banking, media, and criminal justice systems reveals these institutions for what they really are: tools of social control managed by the established political and economic elite. If we stay the present course, the familiar cycles of crime, economic booms & busts, war, and further environmental destruction are inevitable.

Part III explains the methods and potential of science. It proposes solutions that we can apply at present to eliminate the use of non-renewable sources of energy. It depicts the vision of The Venus Project to build an entirely new world from the ground up, a “redesign of the culture,” where all enjoy a high standard of living, free of servitude and debt, while also protecting the environment.

Part IV explains how it is not just architecture and a social structure that is in desperate need of change, but our values which have been handed down from centuries ago. They too need to be updated to our technological age, which has the potential to eliminate our scarcity-driven societies of today. Our problems are mostly of our own making, but we can still turn things around before the point of no return. It’s not too late for an optimistic outlook on the fantastic possibilities that lie before us.

Jacque Fresco-Futurist, Industrial Designer, Social Engineer, Founder of The Venus Project

Jeffrey A. Hoffman Ph.D. – Prof. Aeronautics & Astronautics MIT, Former NASA Astronaut

Henry Schlinger, Ph.D., BCBA-D – Prof. Psychology CAL State University

Abby Martin – Journalist & Host “The Empire Files”

Karen Hudes – Economist, Lawyer, World Bank Whistleblower

Erin Ade – Reporter & Host “Boom Bust” – RT

Paul Wright – Founder & Director of Human Rights Defense Center, Editor of Prison Legal News, Author

Dylan Ratigan – Author & TV Host “The Dylan Ratigan Show”

Mark Jacobson, Ph.D. – Prof. Civil & Env. Engineering, Stanford University.

Erik Brynjolfsson, Ph.D. – Prof. of Management-MIT Sloan School of Management, Dir. MIT Initiative on the Digital Economy, Author

Lawrence M. Krauss, Ph.D. – Foundation Prof. School of Earth and Space Exploration, and director of Origins Project, Arizona State University. Author “A Universe from Nothing.”

Paul G. Hewitt – Author “Conceptual Physics”

Roxanne Meadows – Co-Founder The Venus Project

*special thanks also to Alexander “Obraz” … who created the many 2d motion depictions (plus the sound fx!) of concepts such as the “hamburgers and fried chicken” segment and many others which are Alexander’s inimitable work style and attention to details where we needed very specific illustrations of key points.

The Venus Project proposes an alternative vision of what the future can be if we apply what we already know in order to achieve a sustainable new world civilization. It calls for a straightforward redesign of our culture in which the age-old inadequacies of war, poverty, hunger, debt, and unnecessary human suffering are viewed not only as avoidable but as totally unacceptable. Anything less will result in a continuation of the same catalog of problems inherent in today’s world.

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31 thoughts on “The Choice is Ours (2016) Official Full Version

    the Foundation for Economic Education has the best rebuttal…
    U know i starting writing a long rebuttal of all of those idiotic ideas… Case by case slowly… But what's the point there's so much bullshit over here…
    Idiotic commies…. What's the point….
    This naive idea that people'll be ethical/… And that democracy is good.. It's like two wolfs and a sheep…
    marxis theory of value… haha resources based economy… hahahah
    the idea that genetics only play a small rule in our life… hahaha read a book there are many researches showing the other way around…
    Intelligent management of the worlds resources… hahah let me guess a top down solution……
    Computers are great but not there yet! And china with amazing AI and computer systems they stole from the worlds is till very very unequal and corrupt and…
    The beauty of big government and communism….
    There's no purpose to live but it doesn't mean religion is bad… it keeps people happy and….

    Capitalism creates abundance….. Maybe this naive idea could work in the future… But definitely not today…

  2. This all sounds so wonderful but Mark these words, it will never happen without God. The Earth is not our salvation God Alone is. If you understand the word of God then you will understand that by the blood of Christ and salvation through him is the only chance that we will have something like you're talking about only much better. What greater love than to lay down one's life so that another can live . Hope your name is written in the Lamb's Book of Life

  3. The banking system is contolled by the Rothschilds and the Rockafellers and whomever is behind them and they are all satanic entities and don't have any thought or feeling for anyone they are child molesters and killers .. Look up Bohemian Grove .. they also want to herd us all into controlled cities with 5G evil mind controlling and health destroying systems here on earth and in space .. Wake up and get off your knees!

  4. "Our goal is to replace all fossil fuels with solar and wind"

    – Mark Jacobson –

    Doesn't he know "renewables" use almost as much fossil fuels and destroy almost as much nature as our current methods of power generation? The Venus Project is a fantasy.

  5. This Can Be Said: Echoed To Acclimatize Many Who Render Such The SIMILAR FRACTIONs at Length: "Life Is As Elementary As Breakfast" And "TIME IS THE GREATEST INDICATOR" Q: Did You Miss I & T? That's Why You Did! "Hope is a Great Breakfast, Yet a Lowsy Sup"
    (The Sooner You Act, The Better It Is)

  6. Well, I support this project knowing it will take a lot for the people to find out that this was the alternative or at least system which could replace today’s system, and religious countries which are run by sacred books and they have this ideology in their society and it’s really hard to convince them that there is no one watching and caring, or place like paradise doesn’t exist.Can you imagine their ancestors spent their hole life for that ideology and themselves included.
    But I do hope that if we will have just one country which runs by venus project it would convince them, we have to show people that it really works. When I talk about Venus people say it’s the same as Communism, but there we had money, and authorities tried to overlook problems they didn’t keep their promises, and killed a lot of people who were threat or had different opinion. It was system (Soviet Union )based on promise and nothing more . But if we will have even only one city and show people that it works it could work, although there may be threat from government(because most of them controlled by bank system)

  7. Kill the greed and ego and then I will believe its possible, but until fictional dept is irradicated, which means you have to stop just about every power in the world and there courts system,, love to be around to see that happen,

  8. Yes, robotise everything creat more poverty and slavery though unemployment, yes wonderful age of zombified people berried Itheir mobile devices, even at the diningroom table, yes and soo nyour find through your chip rather than be able to go to court to protest it, NEW WORLD ORDER what a wonderful concenpt,? how many large shops already yo usee 3 or 4 cahiers when they jad 24, they argue saving you money ? 1peny i sence against 24 jobs? are that shallow to want to creat a NEWWORLDORDERwhat banks controle every thing and you have no freedom, you think there going to hand out fiat money to all the uneployed? or cause more constructed wars to wipe out humans? grow up and wake up to the truth where this is going as we rid our selves of religion now theres a new one in its place Computer AI.

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