Rothkranz Vitamin C Wild Force Review, Holistic Healing, & God

More info on the Healing Properties of REAL vitamin C derived from potent healing herbs:

Take your health into your own hands.
You are not alone on the Path.
I am with You.
God is with you.
Open your eyes to the Truth.
Let the Grace of the Universe fall upon you.
The time to heal is now!
The time or change is now!
Smile, laugh, forgive, be happy.

I just realized that I got so lost talking about healing, that I forgot to mention how good the product really is.
This stuff works.
My energy is high.
I feel Godly.
I feel Good.
Nature is singing through me!
Buy it.

7 thoughts on “Rothkranz Vitamin C Wild Force Review, Holistic Healing, & God

  1. I really appreciate some of the things you said about cheating as far as eating is
    concerned . I tried the raw food & juicing thing and I experienced extra energy & some
    weight loss , but after a while that way of living started getting on my nerves and I
    jumped off the wagon and I gained the weight I lost back — you know the story . Then
    after going back & forth , I decided to eat mostly raw & drink a juice once a day but at
    the same time I gave myself permission to eat the cooked foods & treats that I liked in
    moderate amounts . Delicious food is one of life's major joys and no , I am not giving up
    my joy food to live a life of fruits & vegetables . I find that to be too much . As a result of my
    decision I don't pig out anymore . I don't go to Asian buffets anymore because I don't
    see cooked food as the major thing but as a side pleasure . Therefore , I see raw food
    as a tool that helped me gain control of my eating behavior and to put things in perspective
    And now that I know that I am free to indulge here & there I often don't .

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