Recovering from Chronic fatigue with IV NAD therapy

As an entrepreneur and life coach, Paul regained his energy, focus and creativity through treatment with IV NAD+ Therapy.

Walk through the video to listen to Paul’s story and his experience in how NAD+ helped him recover from Chronic Fatigue.

Video Transcription:

I am a public speaker and a very
creative person I write copy and I’m, I
guess you would say a life coach and a
business coach and so the way I ran into
NAD+; what happened is over the past few
years I had been growing increasingly
fatigued to the point where I could
maybe work a couple hours in the morning
and then I couldn’t get out of bed till
5:00, so Tom saw that I was really
suffering and he said dude you need to
come into the clinic and try something
I come from a family where clinical
depression is a is shot through the
whole family and I’ve suffered from it
on and off my entire life I’ve taken
dips and come back up so I been through
different kinds of antidepressants and
they had not consistently
I’m sorry
they haven’t sometimes they work
sometimes they don’t and I was in a very
bad way I have a lot of work to do I’m
starting a couple of new creative
projects basically I was on stall mode
and ready to crash and so what
happened from there is I came in to the
clinic and I did not make this very
clear I did one bag of NAD+ that was
eight hours I know the course of
treatment for people who have a drug
addiction and other stuff is much longer
did one eight hour bag and so that was
on a Sunday Sunday night I felt better
Monday I went nuts my creativity and
focus came back and I had not had that
since 2007 what happened is from 2011 to
2013 I just lost the ability to sleep I
went through for two years of insomnia I
think that just wrecked my ability to
think and I’ve been sliding and sliding
sliding so he said let’s try some nad
patches and 80-plus patches slapped the
patches on me it was working immediately
I had incredibly vivid dreams like some
of the most vivid lucid dreams of my
the night that I did the patches in the
afternoon and that night I had
incredibly lucid dreams
fire up before something along those
lines so that was a really cool side
benefit to me that’s not a side effect
that’s a side benefit but it really
worked for me
and then I figured this is pretty
amazing stuff and they were very very
nice to me I have to compliment the
people let me take a side draft that
people here are super cool feels more
like a family like they’re welcoming you
and I think they’ve seen the results
with other people so I think part of
their mindset is yeah yeah just wait
till you see how this works so it was
really cool to be welcomed by them that
was really nice I woke up and it was
like an aperture from a camera lens
opened up in my head and suddenly all
these creative connections that I only
could occasionally get to when I
happened to not be tired just popped
open my brain lit up I sat down for
three and a half four hours and I banged
out a first draft of a sales piece I
swear to you I couldn’t get near it I
just couldn’t do it
I’ve been trying for 30 days so I
figured you know what this is not a cost
this is an investment where do you get
301 return on your investment that’s
legal I don’t know so if I need to come
in and four months from now and do
another bag I’ll do another bag like
that won’t be a problem for me but it
also did a lot for my physical energy um
I just turned 59 and so I can work out
and not be tired but this has had such
an effect on my mood because my mood is
consistently really really good really
good I still have my if I have a down
day instead of it lasting all day it’ll
last for maybe 10 minutes in the morning
it’s honestly really genuinely saved my


About NAD+ Treatment Center:

The NAD+ Treatment Center Detox Method is a state of the Art Treatment for Drug Addiction Recovery. This Specialized Detox Method helps to diminish the effects of addiction and substance abuse on the brain and naturally restores proper brain function.

We believe intravenous NAD+ is the most effective first step in treating drug addiction and alcohol dependence. Patients report little to no withdrawal symptoms when going through detox from opiates and alcohol. Following treatment, patients generally report a reduction in cravings, increased energy, and improved mood.

About Our Medical Director:

Dr. Aimie Apigian, Medical Director at NAD+ Treatment Center is a Functional Medicine physician, with two masters degrees in health related science. She is also certified in Nutritional Approach to Addictions and Mental Health, Instinctual Trauma Response Model art therapy, and Somatic Experience trauma therapy. She has studied under Dr. Allan Schore, “The Modern Father of Attachment Theory”, has been mentored by leading physicians in Psychosomatic Medicine, and has 4 years of training and practice in Addiction Medicine.

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9 thoughts on “Recovering from Chronic fatigue with IV NAD therapy

  1. For very different reasons, NAD+ has also attracted a wave of attention from cancer researchers. Recent studies suggest that cancer cells of many types depend on NAD+ to sustain their rapid growth and that cutting off the NAD+ supply could be an effective strategy for killing certain cancers. The data from these studies paint a more complicated picture of NAD+ and raise new questions about the diverse ways taking an NAD+-boosting supplement might influence health. “It might still slow down the aging part, but it might fuel the cancer part,” says Versha Banerji, a clinician-scientist at the University of Manitoba. “We just need to figure out more about the biology of both of those processes, to figure out how we can make people age well and also not get cancer.”

  2. Being a young MD and healthy, I was skeptical I would derive any benefits from IV NAD therapy. But after only 2 days of therapy (did it just to try it out), my energy levels are mindblowing, my mood is definitely improved and I have been sleeping much better. IV NAD is truly wonderful and I hope everyone is able to have access to it.

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