Natural vs Synthetic Vitamins Part 4: Vitamins B-12, C, D, E, and K

Is there cyanide in vitamin supplements? Are there any concerns about B complex vitamins? Is ascorbic acid made from corn sugar processed with nail polish remover? How do food vitamins and USP isolated vitamins look? Do most supplements with vitamin C and vitamin E have real antioxidant abilities? Did the first form of vitamin D humans created help prevent rickets? What are synthetic vitamins made from? What are food vitamins made from? What are “food based” vitamins? This information is intended for health care professionals. None of the statements in the video or the recommended articles has been reviewed by the US FDA or similar authorities. More information can be found at

25 thoughts on “Natural vs Synthetic Vitamins Part 4: Vitamins B-12, C, D, E, and K

  1. Good info but you should take your product to the next level. Get your supplement FDA approved other than that we don't what we're getting. It's easy to say that your vitamins are derived from food but I don't know that; I have to just believe you and that is a problem.

  2. When I go backpacking for months on end, I always bring dehydrated spinach and dehydrated milk to eat as a supplement each day. These two foods have the best complimentary vitamins and minerals that I can find. Well, along with spinach and beef liver. I combine that diet with oatmeal. I make sure that I eat enough fat to encourage healthy functioning of my gall bladder so that gall stones dont form. The oxylate acid of spinach combines with calcium from milk to form those nasty suckers.

  3. What do you think about Natrium (Sodium) Ascorbate, as a "superior" form to ascorbic acid?

    I mix it using ascorbic acid and baking soda. I am curious is this vit C form as "bad" and "inferior" as ascorbic acid alone?

  4. It is a bit complicated. But as a general rule, our Vitamin-Mineral formula, and unless acne is an issue Metabolic Thyro (if acne is an issue, then Vegetarian Tyrosine and Migratrol instead of Metabolic Thyro). Since we sell to health care professionals, the products are not sold by us online–but you could call 1-805-489-7188 to order.

  5. Hey Bob, this video was very helpful. Which supplements/food would you recommend to promote good skin health? Just lay out a long a list for me. Sell your products online so people can but them anytime!! Thanks Bob.

  6. Since we mainly sell through health care professionals, our company does not sell the product directly over the internet. If you do have a doctor that carries it and want to get it from us, simply call 1-805-489-7185. Thanks for your interest.

  7. We buy the vitamin already grown in food and I have tried to explain how they get the concentration. Information beyond what I have told you, from that company, would be proprietory.

  8. Yeast is the original source of the vitamin B12, but a concentrated B12 analogue is used as a sort of fertilizer that the nutritional yeast converts into food vitamin B12. The process is similar to that where a plant converts rocks (minerals in the soil) into food minerals. Once harvested, both are actual food sources.

  9. "Specially-grown nutritional yeast." I know a company that has a similar process. They take USP synthetic vitamins and feed them to yeast to make them more bio-available. So your B12 is not from actual food sources?

  10. Since we sell mainly through health professionals and our own clients, we do not sell via Amazon nor directly online. The vitamin B12 is a specially-grown nutritional yeast.

  11. Hello Dr. Theil, I am quite impressed with these videos and will be sharing them on my website. I have a few questions for you. Your multivitamins look great, but how can they contain no synthetic vitamins at all? It has B12 listed as from food. What source? Also you should highly consider selling your products on Amazon(.)com because it would be available to a broader consumer and would be available for affiliate salesmen to promote your product.

  12. Everyone is different, and my experience related to Lyme's is that everyone does not benefit from the same products and often multiple products are helpful. That being said, immune support products, such as Thymo-Immune, Vira-Bac-Yst, and Simply Thymus might provide nutritional support, as well as a new product that should be out soon called Conga-Immune. But without seeing someone, I can make no recommendations.

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