My Thoughts on Collagen Peptides + Benefits | Plus My Before and After

The truth about collagen peptides, including my before and after pictures after using collagen peptides for 3 months! Also sharing my review on Vital Proteins.
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23 thoughts on “My Thoughts on Collagen Peptides + Benefits | Plus My Before and After

  1. Also want to stay looking younger? Stay away from the sun. Sunscreen if you can't avoid it. Aloe Vera juice instead of coffee. Coffee is a nope. Drink water all the time. Those are just a few. No one guesses I have a 23 year old son. I've awkwardly even have been mistook as his gf. Lol

  2. Collagen protein is GARBAGE…literally.  Made from parts of animals that otherwise get THROWN AWAY.  The majority of studies claiming even minimal results are sponsored by, wait for it…the COMPANYS THAT PRODUCE IT.  Like this channel and others who support this crap, there is MONEY TO BE MADE FOLKS…just another gimmick fad.  I challenge you to find amazing , positive and SIGNIFICANT research results conducted by neutral SCIENTISTS.  Tired of these vultures preying on people trying to better their health and fitness…

  3. The two picture comparison is highly deceptive. The first picture (before) shows her practically squinting in order to accentuate the lines around her eyes. The second picture (after) is an entirely different smile where she is no longer squinting in order to show fewer wrinkles and therefore deceive the viewer into buying this product.

  4. I feel bad for you personal experience I had was I used wrong cream and peeled off whole under eye while recovering I developed lines which have gone now and my skin grown back under the eyelids what helped me hopefully helps yous was rosehip oil and yonka 58 wish yous best take care

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