How Best to Supplement Your Vitamin D Levels

When people think of Vitamin D, their initial thought is hugely in relation to its importance in bone health. It is very true that Vitamin D is essential for calcium absorption, without it, calcium is not properly absorbed into the bones and instead deposits into soft tissue like the arteries and can create blockages. However, Vitamin D is important for many other reasons. The nutrient plays a vital role in supporting immune function, so it helps protect against colds and flu, and autoimmune diseases like lupus, multiple sclerosis and rheumatoid arthritis. It has also been shown to help protect against certain cancers like breast and colorectal cancer…

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7 thoughts on “How Best to Supplement Your Vitamin D Levels

  1. People are so stupid, they walk around covered up all the time even in summer, they believe all the hype over skin cancer, even though all cancers are on the rise not just skin cancer. And skin has been designed to convert UV light and Cholesterol into Vitamin D, also Infra red light from the sun produces Nitric Oxide in blood which helps blood circulation. Remember the skin has been doing this for thousands of years, it cannot do it if you wear long sleeves, trousers, and sunscreen all summer. People are so stupid, the sunscreen industry makes billions out of our ill health. Yes sunburn is bad, avoid sunburn, by gradually building up a tan, this gradual tan is one that lasts. Tans from sunburn rapidly peel. A little and often, start sun exposure early in the year. Wear sensible, minimal summer clothes, get those legs out, all of them, from crotch to toe, short shorts or skirts a must, the legs are a large surface area, with good blood supply, they are your solar panels. Remember the elitist bastards, government fat cats, DO NOT LOVE YOU! they want you to get sick and die, preferably before you have time to claim any state pension. Disregard their so called advice, eat a well balanced diet, lots of greens, virgin olive oil on salads and fruit, use salt, your body needs salt, especially in the summer months, but only use sea salt or rock salt, this contains other minerals the body needs, do not use salt with ferrocyanide anti caking agents, take fish oil supplements. Avoid vegetable oils with E900 anti foaming agent, this is Dimethylpolysiloxane (Silicone oil is its other name) do you really want to eat silicone oil? Avoid frying, steam and boil, if you must fry use Beef, Goose fat, lard or Pork dripping, never fry at high temperatures, this coverts fats and oils into nasty chemicals. Drink plenty of clean water. Avoid stress whenever possible.

  2. You missed informing everyone about how showering (with soap) within 48hrs after sun exposure invalidates the sun exposure. You need at least 48hrs for the entire chemical process to happen. If you shower every night with soap over your entire body you cannot get any vitamin d from the sun. This is very well known these days, not pseudoscience.

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