Food Industry's Secret Weapon (WHY Sugar is addictive & in 80% of Food)

This video explores the addictive nature of sugar, why it’s in all our food and how it is affecting our brains, bodies and overall health.

0:00 – Sugar is 8 times as addictive as cocaine
1:27 – Natural Drugs
2:20 – The Problem with Refinement
3:40 – Dopamine & your Reward System
4:08 – Sugar, the drug
6:15 – Is it Truly addictive?
7:03 – Sugar Tolerance
7:38 – Sugar Withdrawal
9:04 – Why Sugar is put in everything
10:29 – Brief Sugar History
11:36 – Are you addicted to Sugar?
12:03 – Try cutting it out!

Robert Lustig deserves a lot of credit for educating so many people about how sugar is affecting so many people’s health. I recommend checking out any of his talks on youtube or his book “Fat Chance”

Clips from:
Stephanie Soechtig’s “Fed Up”
CBC’s “The Fifth Estate – The Secrets of Sugar”
Damon Gameau’s “That Sugar Film”
RTE One’s “Sugar Crash”

42 thoughts on “Food Industry's Secret Weapon (WHY Sugar is addictive & in 80% of Food)

  1. I'm on day 15 of reducing my sugar intake, I am only eating fruits to get my sugar fix, it has been hell, the headaches have been brutal, dizziness, and mood swings. Yesterday I almost cried cause I really wanted chocolate or soda. I didn't give in but, everyday it's a hard battle.

  2. im definitely addicted to sugar… Its incredibly hard to avoid.. it bothers me to a great degree… im currently growing miracle fruit to try and change this, but its still hard… but it definitely helps…

  3. Use CURCUMIN , Black pepper and Coconut oil, all of this combined help to reduce sugar in your blood and sugar is absorved BY the cells to use like Energy.
    AND dont forget , use less sugar, prefer honey .

  4. In an interview with Eric clapton, he was asked about his drug-filled past, heroin, coke, mixes. When asked of his earliest memory of addiction, he relied with "maybe about 3 years old, after finding sugar." In adulthood, quitting sugar helped understand quitting his other addictions. Quitting sugar helped him quit smack…

  5. Yeah food’s like 100x more addictive than nicotine
    I quit food and I’ve cured my depression, HIV, leukemia, hepatitis c, sickle cell, color blindness, and stretch marks.
    I HIGHLY recommend you quit food

  6. I know this is old. But I was sitting thinking about how much sugar and caffeine I consume and how little actual solid and nutritous meals I actually eat a day.

    I am a vegetarian but live in a woman's home where they cook. And I haven't been eating much. I ride my bike 30+ minutes to work every day. I am a stocker so I'm moving and lifting all day. Then I go home.

    In a week's time I may have had three solid meals last week. And they weren't healthy meals. I love the rent free things but I really need a kitchen so I can cook my meals again. Or I'll keep on this candy and coffee diet and ruin myself.

  7. The only sugar I think I’m consuming is in the cornflakes bowl in the morning and three tea spoons of sugar for my cup of tea .

    I guess that’s ok?????

  8. Advances in processing are not the only reason for sugars drop in price. Government subsidizing of the industry takes a big share of the blame for this scam too, as protectionist policies, keeping BigSug off the free market enable addiction to be a large and unrecognized factor in society.

  9. I used to be SOOO passionate about health and wellness and watched my diet. I've become soooo addicted to sugar and processed foods, after suffering from clinical depression.

    I am going on a Juice and water fast, with only watermelon, for the next three days. Sugar is a helluva drug.

  10. I used to go through 40 teaspoons of sugar just with my coffee…5 teaspoons per cup and I consume 8 cups a say…that comes to 640 calories just in my coffee!
    I ate cake and ice cream daily.

    One day I read about sugar causing heart attacks…I literally weaned myself in just 3 days!
    In the last 3 years I have consumed about 20 sweet items. So about once every 2 months or so I have something sweet ….
    It was as easy as Pie!(For lack of a better word!)
    Best and healthiest thing I ever did.

  11. I stopped drinking sodas in general more than a year ago. I replaced that with sweet tea, with real sugar, not high fructose corn syrup. Then, I gradually replaced that with neat coffee, nothing in it. Since then, my mood changed, I was a lot calmer, and I didn't have any break-outs of acne anymore. Further, I once did try a Coke (with HFCS), but I spit it out. I did not like how horribly and sickeningly sweet it was to me. That was last October as of this writing, and I never looked back. And I've been drinking Coke and other sodas since I was 5. I also found that when I had that taste of Coke, that little bit in my mouth was enough to give me a bit of a sugar rush, even though I had not swallowed it. Now, mostly all I drink is water and coffee, and the latter I only have like three cups at the most a day. I'm weening myself off of caffeine slowly.

  12. Yall ever think about the fact that they used to put cocaine in tons of stuff and thought it was fine….so like what if sugar Is the same thing. What I'd sugar is an illegal drug one day

  13. Ok but of course RATS would pick sugar over cocaine, they don’t need MORE cocaine look at how they move and how tiny they are and how fast they are, pretty sure they have cocaine built in somewhere in their little ratty brains, just a lil bag tucked away somewhere and a straw like thing to their brain stem, I shouldn’t have woke up today.

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