Cheapest source of vitamin B12

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DESCRIPTION: Vitamin B12 (cobalamin) supplementation can cost as little as $2 a year. Have a question about this video? Leave it in the comment section at and I’ll try to answer it! This is the third of a five-part video series this week on B12. For why one might choose supplements and fortified foods see yesterday’s video of the day, Safest Source of B12 ( Tomorrow I’ll cover various daily regimens. B12 is one of the few Vitamin Supplements Worth Taking ( And if you’re new to the issue, please see my blog post Vegan B12 Deficiency: Putting It into Perspective ( for some background. If you’re that much of a nutrinerd to enjoy these derivations, see my nine-part video series on vitamin D starting with Vitamin D Recommendations Changed ( If you’d rather just cut to the chase, see my recommendations here ( As always these are just a few of the 1,500 or so topics I have videos about (
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21 thoughts on “Cheapest source of vitamin B12

  1. Hi. That last info graphic is showing a gallbladder as part of the efficient B12 reabsorption process. I no longer have a gallbladder… am I more at risk for deficiency? Thanks.

  2. you should not take cyanocoablamin, it is synthetic B12. Methylcobalamin is better to take as supplement, liquid sublingual work best I think in my opinion and tablet sublingual also work great. Cyanocobalamin contains small amounts of cyanide. No one needs that either.

  3. It's not about the cheapest, but most effective and efficient. If it is true that cyanocobalamin must be converted by our body into methylcobalamin, surely it is wiser to use methylcobalamin. The side benefit is no cyanide.

    This is always the problem where money is involved. Chemically these 2 types are identical apart from the obvious. So why is Dr. Greger in favour of cyanocobalamin?

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