Best Iron Rich Foods During pregnancy – Foods High In Iron For Pregnancy Every Women Should Eat

Today in this video I will share with you 6 IRON RICH FOODS During pregnancy and wich Foods High In Iron For Pregnancy.

6 IRON-RICH FOODS During pregnancy.

1 Spinach is iron rich foods to eat during pregnancy.

Every half cup or 125ml cooked spinach
can render 3.5 milligrams of Iron.
It is also a best iron rich foods for
pregnant women.

2. Instant oatmeal is best foods to eat while pregnant

eat an instant cooked plain oatmeal
to meet your daily requirement of Iron.
3/4th cup of instant oatmeal will
provide you nearly 6 milligrams of energy.

3. The liver is High In Iron For Pregnancy
75 grams of each of the
Lamb liver, turkey liver, and chicken liver
will have around 6 to 10 milligrams of Iron.

4. Pumpkin seeds are best foods to eat in pregnancy.

every quarter cup of pumpkin seeds is
made of 8.6 milligrams of Iron.
So, this will be one of the foods rich in
iron to give to toddlers and teenagers
as they have special love for snacks.

5. Prunes are iron-rich foods during pregnancy

have a cup of prune juice to get 3.5
milligrams of Iron regularly.
It is best to iron rich food for pregnant

6. Tofu is good foods to eat during pregnancy

Every 150 grams of cooked tofu possess
3 to 8 milligrams of Iron which may
fulfill half of the daily need of Iron.

So, these are the Best Iron-rich foods list in your diet regularly. For pregnant women, the iron requirement is more compared to any other individual.


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