Ascorbic Acid Deficiency Vitamin C

Vitamin C can provide your body with many health benefits such as fighting infections, cancers and can act as an antioxidant to counteract harmful free radical particles. But most importantly, it’s essential to know about the medical secret of Ascorbic Acid, and also the optimal dosage for daily intake. One of the main benefits is vitamin C has proven to kill every virus known to mankind, it has been stated on this article, but I think it will only work in high dosage like 5000 mg daily or above to maximum the anti-pathogenic effect to cleanse the body from microorganisms.

Another therapeutic use of Ascorbic acid is the ability to treat chronic diseases, with the proper dosage it can kill virus, bacteria, dissolve clogged or blocked arteries and even kill cancer cells. Reference can be found on this page

Vitamin C has positive impact on extracellular matrix reprogramming, speed up somatic cell reprogramming and pushing embryonic stem cell towards the pluripotent state. These stem cells can be use for all kinds of regeneration and accelerating healing. Particular beneficial to heal fibrosis tissues such as liver cirrhosis, scars on skin, lung cystic etc… Link can be found and

This frequency can improve metabolism with vitamin c and increase its availability to be used by the body for removing cancer, pathogens and speed up healing. Drink plenty of water afterwards to relieve the symptoms and get your body to healthy balance again.

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  1. Nice, I felt this one a lot in my jaws and sinuses as well as salivary glands. I'm currently recovering from an inflamed wisdom tooth nerve, so this makes sense. It seems to directly tackle infected areas and deal with them. Thank you!

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