5 Vitamin B12 Absorption Problems to Avoid

Vitamin B12 absorption problems are one of the most common reasons to have low b12 or b12 deficiency. In this video we discuss the most common absorption issues and how to avoid them.


okay so you want to know more about b12 absorption and b12 deficiency. maybe you’ve been diagnosed with b12 deficiency or you have symptoms that seem to match b12 deficiency or someone told you to look into it. if so the logical next question many people ask is
how did this come about or why do I have b12 deficiency. you can guess from the title of this video that absorption of b12 is a common reason people have low b12. hi my name is dr. Robin Terranella and in my clinic I treat many different vitamin and nutrient deficiencies in fact. these are my go-to treatment options for many health issues because they’re so effective. in this video I’m gonna help you understand how vitamin b12 absorption issues come about, how you can avoid them, and what you can do about it. if you’ve already been experiencing low b12 or you think maybe you have some okay so first I’m going to list out the five most common reasons to have b12 deficiency and then I’ll explain a little bit more about each of them in case people don’t want to sit through the whole video you can see them five listed out here.

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  1. Hi, just found your video and I was just diagnosed with b12 toxicity. I was taking b12 shots once a month since Oct 2018 due to a bout of gastritis episode in June 2018. I was on a lot of meds and antacids for a few months. But now I am over loaded with B12. I have just about all the symptoms of b12 toxicity. A blood test confirmed it. But all of my other levels and organ functions range is normal.
    my question is what can I do to speed up the process of the b12 moving through my system. I received the shots in my butt, and I am experiencing severe muscle cramping joint pain and headaches. I am drinking tons of water to make sure I urinate often. And do an Epsom salt bath once a day. My doctor has never seen to be 12 toxicity and has given me no guidance on how to treat it other than drink lots of water and over time it will flush out. I am concerned because they were shots in the muscle or fatty tissue in my butt. And I feel like purely drinking fluids is not going to accelerate the process. Do you have any suggestions?

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