5 HTP amino acid vitamin supplement FAIL! Avoid this one or be sorry!

5 HTP amino acid vitamin supplement FAIL! Avoid this one or be sorry!
Also, I happen to really like the NOW brand. I don’t believe it has anything to do with NOW…just the amino acid itself

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32 thoughts on “5 HTP amino acid vitamin supplement FAIL! Avoid this one or be sorry!

  1. Different brands work for different people. That is why it is important to have someone scan your frequency to match you with the right supplements. Works for me and at just 50 mg. Everyone is different.

  2. That's not good advice, not everyone has your exact neurochemistry. You may have disueded someone who it coulda helped. I wish I found it sooner cause it's the only thing to ever normalize me. It saved my ass.

  3. this guy has a wonderful sense of humor I like the way he expressed his feelings about this but yeah everybody is different everybody is different but you know it may be that people are getting paid on YouTube to give a good review about how this is good they have been many other things like I tried that's not worked on me and so you know everybody has their opinion about this and I'm hoping it's working for me cuz I just got mine today

  4. I spend almost the same. In the night I could not sleep. But I think it's because for me 100 mg is too much. I'm going to start taking 50 mg doses, which is what most people recommend

  5. Dude your biological clock is off and you should study and research things before you supplement.. because 5 htp is a really good amino acid supplement if stacked with the right herbs…

  6. tried it today 100 mg too. well it was around 2:30 just got off work, decided to go to the gym and as im doing cardio my heart felt so off like ive never felt before so i slowed down than thought about the weirdest shit n felt super self conscious ( again ive never felt stuff like this) and than what really set it off for me was i felt someone sitting on my chest and choking me at the same time. i left the gym turned a/c on blast n calmed down n preyed . never take these again strait GARbage

  7. 5 HTP can and is known to cause sexual dysfunction in men and women. It is not widely known but I am letting anyone thinking of using it that it can be a side effect for you. If you have ever taken an SSRI like Paxil, Zoloft or Prozac and had that side effect then more than likely you may get the same unpleasant side effect from 5 HTP. Just wanted to share and let folks be in the know!

  8. I had 50mg. Couldn't sleep then struggled to wake up. I don't suffer with depression and anxiety but I did after trying it. I will try a lower dose at another time with recommended supplements but will have to wait till I'm not working for a few days as nothing will get done if it fails me again

  9. Lol.I felt same way..some stuff doesnt work for everyone I guess..I took tyrosine with it also,like people recomend people say to keep doing it for a week,lol I don't think so..

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