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B-12 Booster Injection – What are the Benefits?

Vitamin B12 is a crucial vitamin to ensure proper functioning of our bodies. Many people are deficient which can be the reason they often feel tired throughout the day. Some people do not absorb enough B12 regardless of how much they consume.

Vitamin B12 acts as a coenzyme for the development of DNA material promotes growth and cell development and is important to fat, carbohydrate, and protein metabolism. Vitamin B12 is particularly important in the formation of red blood cells and even a slight deficiency of this vitamin will cause anemia, fatigue, depression or mania.

How This Vitamin Works in Your Body:

Growth and development of nerve, skin, hair, and blood cells
Produces genetic material
Metabolizes amino and fatty acids
Works to convert food to usable energy
Helps treat Alzheimer’s disease
May help sufferers of nervous disorders
Supports immune system
Boost in energy and memory

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NAD+ IV Cellular Repair and Energy Anti-Aging | IV Vitamin Therapy | San Diego

NAD (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) is a coenzyme (a compound necessary for enzyme function) that powers our metabolism by helping our mitochondria convert food into energy. NAD levels have also been connected with aging process, so NAD injections and supplements are said to increase these levels and thus prevent the effects of aging.

NAD contributes to a process of electron functioning that helps our body maximize the available energy in our food. There are a few components involve with this process:

NAD: The overarching, raw from of this compound.
NAD+: The oxidized form of NAD
NADH: The reduced form of NAD. NAD+
When electrons are transferred during oxidation-reduction reactions, NAD+ is converted to NADH (and vice versa) as reactions are completed.

NAD is available through oral supplements sold at any health store. There are natural ways to boost NAD levels as well such as a high-fat, low carb “keto” diet and intermittent fasting.

NAD+ treatments are offered which can help with cellular repair, energy levels and neurological function.

LIVV Natural Health is San Diego’s leading IV lounge dedicated in the administration of IV Vitamin Therapy. LIVV is passionate about the research and evidence based medicine in regards to intravenous (IV) nutrients and its benefits. Each ingredient and dosage was calculated specifically to enhance and improve the cellular function of the human body. Nutrients are commonly deficient in the body because of the high demand and stress we put on our bodies. LIVV has also specialized in PRP regenerative injections including PRP facials for skincare and PRP for joint pain.

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Vitamin B12 – Shots, Sources, Nutrient description | IV Vitamin Therapy | San Diego

Also known as cobalamin, methylcobalamin, hydroxycobalamin. B-12 has been a popular vitamin due to its energy boosting properties. Biochemically, this is done by preventing a macro-cytic anemia (big Red Blood Cells – RBCs). A B12 deficiency can lead to a macrocytic anemia – meaning your RBCs are too big and they cant carry the adequate amounts of oxygen and glucose – thus causing fatigue, low energy, or poor concentration.

Potential benefits:

Boosts energy production
Promotes emotional stability
Increases mental acuteness
Eases PMS; balances hormones
Reduces migraine headaches
Enhances immune & nervous system function
Supports/improves metabolism

LIVV Natural Health is San Diego’s leading IV lounge dedicated in the administration of IV Vitamin Therapy. LIVV is passionate about the research and evidence based medicine in regards to intravenous (IV) nutrients and its benefits. Each ingredient and dosage was calculated specifically to enhance and improve the cellular function of the human body. Nutrients are commonly deficient in the body because of the high demand and stress we put on our bodies. LIVV has also specialized in PRP regenerative injections including PRP facials for skincare and PRP for joint pain.

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Vitamin Shot Bar

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Health Quote on Vitamin E Diet – Your Wellness Centre Naturopathy

A diet high in grains, nuts, and dark leafy greens is full of Vitamin E.

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