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vitaminwater #uncapped Returns!

Our 5th year of vitaminwater #uncapped is coming to NYC 9/29-10/3. Stay tuned for details!

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Vitamin Water Zero Chug 20 OZ

Watch as I chug this 20 ounce bottle of Vitamin Water acai blueberry pomegranate flavor. This is the most interesting bottle of liquid in the world!

glaceau vitaminwater plays games, only better with Jessie J

you and vitaminwater have taken the games we grew up with and reinvented them with totally new, suprising twists.think of these as the glaceau vitaminwater of games. putting a twist on hydration. putting a twist on games. yup, we love making games more fun, and as it turns out — — so do you.

Design for Jessie J with glacéau vitaminwater®

Jessie J discusses her program with glaceau vitaminwater and Talenthouse.com, her creative process and what is means to her to enable her fans to create for her.

Submit a sketch or ready made playsuit design inspired by the vitaminwater rainbow colour palette and you could be working with Jessie to bring your design to life and win $2,000 in cash!

For more information, visit: http://po.st/Anxbad

ABCDE : "vitaminwater" (Promo Music Video)

Download my brand new album (22 tracks) absolutely for FREE right here :

[Lyrics] :
Uh, I demand your attention, got a new product
we pushin’ its called attention, please be attentive
energy be relentless, I step into a session I wreck it
because Im mental-ly focused off a big a dosage
of this new potion that keep my mind open
It got me hype within, it must be the source of B & C vitamins
87 miligrams of caffeine, fun little fact you should know
so you wont ask me, glucose got my hyper runnin’ like an athlete
apple watermelon flavor and we keep it classy
the name is growin’ a buzz, big up to vitamininwater
for showin’ me love, I got ‘power’, ‘focus’, ‘essenital energy’
‘multi’-‘sparks’, feel ‘revived’ no therapy
I ‘go-go’ pass your ‘defense’ 3 x’s (times)
‘Squeeze’, ‘rise’ I ‘glow’ , ‘mega-c drive’
If ya slow brain didnt receive that
I named every vitaminwater now repeat that
I got my G-Steez, this is ABC-DE retweet please
You meet and greet me, big up to D.C. , Deven Chase
We never waste, time grind at a steady pace
Now the fans lookin’ right after the Letter H, at I
Let me set the record straight
vitaminwater , tell a friend..
About it.

FirstFiveTV’s very own ABCDE (ab-si-dee) brings you a promotional music video for vitaminwater’s newest attraction/product “Attention” dropping and releasing in the stores next season. Be sure to go out and pick it up people !!!




Publicidad GEAU vitaminwater – Energy- Arquitecto (2014)

Campaña GEAU vitaminwater 2014 #pensadaparaloqueviene
Pieza: Arquitecto
Variedad: Energy
Año: 2014