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What Vitamins Should a Vegetarian Take? | Vitamins

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If you’re a strict vegetarian or vegan, you want to make sure you’re getting enough vitamin B-12. The reason is vitamin B-12 comes mainly from animal food sources including fish, meat, eggs, and dairy products. If you’re a strict vegetarian or vegan and are experiencing symptoms like low energy, brittle nails, brittle hair, depression, chronic fatigue, these are all signs of a vitamin B-12 deficiency. So, you want to make sure you get your vitamin B-12 serum levels checked regularly, and you may need to take a vitamin B-12 supplement. Another good vitamin for strict vegetarians or vegans is vitamin D. The only food source that you can get vitamin D from are fatty fish, cod liver oil, and eggs. So, for strict vegetarians and vegans, taking a vitamin D supplement can be a really good idea.

Vitamin Supplements – Women's Health Over 50

I wanted to share with you the supplements that I’m currently taking. I am in no way suggesting these supplements for you. You should check with you Doctor to make sure what is right for you as everyone’s needs are different.
I hope you enjoy the video!
Thank you so much for watching!

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Good Vitamin B Foods | Vitamins

Watch more Vitamins & Supplements videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/497543-Good-Vitamin-B-Foods-Vitamins

B vitamins play a crucial role is all of the body’s systems and processes. Some great sources of vitamin B food include whole grains, dark leafy greens like collards, kale and broccoli, eggs, fish, beans, as well as high quality meats and diary. Just make sure you’re getting grass-fed, pastured, organic high quality meat and dairy. I know that products like the grass-fed, organic or free range meats and diary can cost more, but it’s definitely worth it because you don’t want the added by-products or hormones, which can be damaging to your body. If you’re experiencing symptoms such as depression, lower energy, anxiety, anemia, poor memory, chronic fatigue, indigestion, these are all symptoms that you may not be getting enough vitamin B. So make sure you talk to a doctor or nutritionist about how you can balance that out.

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Stop the Vitamin Obsession!!! | Wednesday Checkup

I hope you know my feelings on vitamin supplements after watching many of my videos. I do NOT think they are needed and that many people who are marketing them are preying on your insecurities. I wanted to arm you with some knowledge with this weeks Wednesday checkup video on the supplement industry.

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It’s possible that some of you may disagree with me and if you do please jump into the comments section below so we can discuss further.

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How to Get More Energy Naturally How to Boost Energy Benefits of Vitamin Supplements Liquid

How to Get More Energy Naturally How to Boost Energy Benefits of Vitamin Supplements Liquid Vitamins Health Benefits

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Ahh gold and flu season is here and I thought it would be a good time to share how to boost your immune system naturally with vitamin & herb supplements! I have found these supplements to be amazing cold remedies that actually do work, so much so, that I have been free of colds and the flu for many years now.
I will start to feel run down and thats when I put these cold remedy at home products to work! I have boost my immune system and wanted to share how these cold remedies have changed my life. I will also do this regime is I’m feeling rundown any time of year, whether from travel or not getting enough rest. If you’re feeling hung over or run down, you could also take these vitamin supplements to boost energy and have you feel great again.
Supplements Mentioned in this Video Include:

Echinacea + Goldenseal Caplets

Echinacea + Goldenseal Extract (liquid form)

Vitamin C Tablets

Please consult your doctor before taking any supplements. This is only my personal experience and advice and not meant to replace medical care.
Do you have any cold and flu prevention tricks?? Let us know =) Stay Warm!!

Love Always,

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Myths About the Effects of Vitamin Mineral Supplements

This video explores some of the specific rationales people have for taking a mulitvitamin/mineral supplement and whether these reasons are valid. Reasons discussed are:

1. Vitamins Give Me Energy
2. Modern Food Doesn’t Have Enough Nutrients
3. Vitamins Help Me When Stressed
4. Vitamins Keep me from getting sick, prevents colds, etc.
5. I Need Vitamin and Mineral Supplements to Protect My Body from Smoking or Alcohol
6. I Am an Athlete So I Need Extra Vitamins and Minerals

The full article, http://www.gustrength.com/nutrition:mistaken-reasons-for-vitamin-mineral-supplements, contains much more in-depth information.

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