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Could Your "Vitamin D Deficiency" Really Be a Deficiency of Calcium?

In the third Daily Lipid Video Blog, Chris Masterjohn, PhD, explains why low 25(OH)D can be caused by numerous factors besides vitamin D deficiency, including a deficient intake of calcium. The blog post this video summarizes can be found here:


Vitamin Friends – All Natural Gummy Vitamins and Supplements For Children

Vitamin Friends – All Natural Gummy Vitamins and Supplements For Children
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Obesity and Vitamin D Deficiency

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You may think that people who take vitamins are crazy or hypochondriacs, but it is a valid truth that vitamins are vital to the enzyme pathways that make our bodies metabolize food into energy, grow, move, and think. Sadly in the 21st century, in societies like ours, with an abundance of food, most of us are still undernourished in the most important nutrients—vitamins.

An extreme example of vitamin deficiency we rarely see in the US is Scurvy, from the lack of Vitamin C. In the 1800s people who experienced a lack of vitamin C became weak, anemic, and had bleeding of the gums, and loose and open wounds on the skin that wouldn’t heal, as well as experiencing personality changes. Vitamin C is a building block for skin, collagen in blood vessels and in the skin. At this time in the world the food with the most vitamin C was citrus fruit, and most of the world did not live in an area that was warm enough to produce citrus fruit. In fact it became so common, that in the British Navy sailors would be given a lime and grog daily to keep their bones strong. Hence the name given to the Brits is “limey”. Fifty percent of sailors in the 1800s died from Scurvy on long voyages. We rarely see this disease in the developed nations now, both because we have inexpensive citrus fruit and juice, refrigeration and transportation to carry the fruit from warm countries and areas of our country, and because most people take multi-vitamins that have vitamin C in them.

Vitamin D3 is the vitamin we are concentrating on today because Americans have a great deficiency in Vitamin D and we are becoming obese because of it. Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin that is actually a hormone that does many things including building bone, stimulating the metabolism of fat into energy, lowering blood glucose and stimulating the burning of calories. This is a vicious circle, the less vitamin D the fatter you get, the fatter you are the less vitamin D you can make or process.

We are now at a crossroads in the health of our country when we have to do something drastic to save ourselves from an atmosphere of “abundance” that causes us to eat too much drink too much and lay around too much. Our obesity rate is out of control and one of the big factors is a vitamin deficiency—Vitamin D! This vitamin can be consumed by taking a supplement containing Vitamin D3, and from exposure to the Sun. There are many factors contributing to this. Our society has changed in the past 100 years from an agricultural nation populated with people who made a living on the land (outside, where they absorbed vitamin D through their skin), to a nation whose occupants live at desks with non-nutritious food, with no exposure to the sun except for brief moments in a day, and who protect their skin from the sun with sunscreen, thus causing a nation that is pale and Vitamin D deficient.

Tired? 5 Supplements that will 100x your energy (2 very uncommon)

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Here you’re gonna why you’re feeling tired all the time, and how to set up a morning routine that will bring you more energy, discipline, and success

Topics covered:

1. Vitamin D3+K2 (0:44)
2. Fermented Vitamin B Complex (1:28)
3. Omega-3 or Krill Oil (1:54)
4. Creatine (2:24)
5. Nootropics (3:15)

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Causes & Risks of Vitamin D Deficiency | Vitamins

Watch more Vitamins & Supplements videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/497542-Causes-and-Risks-of-Vitamin-D-Deficiency-Vitamins

If you’re rarely in the sun or a strict vegetarian, you may be at risk for vitamin D deficiency. If you have weak bones or muscle pain, these are signs that you may not be getting enough vitamin D. Vitamin D is naturally produced when the body is exposed to sun, and it also occurs in a few foods like sardines, cod liver oil, and eggs. That’s why if you’re a strict vegetarian that doesn’t eat any animal products, you’re more at risk for vitamin D deficiency. Some of the risks of vitamin D deficiency include osteoporosis, depression, some cancers such as prostate and breast cancer, increased risk of cardiovascular disease, as well as severe asthma in children. If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms, it’s a good idea to try to get more natural sunlight, just make sure you’re not getting burnt. You want to be out about five to thirty minutes a week, twice a week. Also if you think you may not be getting enough vitamin D, you may want to consider taking a vitamin D supplement, since few foods contain it.

Your Complete Guide to Vitamin D3: the Sunshine Vitamin

Though a Vitamin D deficiency is fairly common, it may be having a negative impact on your sleep, endurance performance, bone health and/or immunity. Let’s dive into how best to use to Vitamin D3 to enhance your performance both as an athlete and as a human.

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The Science Behind Calcium Supplements (Dosage, Stone and Heart RISKS)

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In This Video I talk about:
– Calcium Supplements
– Best Calcium Supplements
– Best Calcium Food
– Vitamin D and Calcium
– Calcium Tablets

Vitamin K2 D3 Magnesium Hz – ll – Bone Health, Arterial Health – Isochronic Tones

Vitamin K2 M4-M7, Vitamin D3, and Magnesium Glycinite. With the warming vibration of the Sun.

Vitamin K2 D3 Magnesium – Part One – https://youtu.be/c-Tn5m-fUX0

Vitamin K2, Vitamin D3 (From Sunlight) and Magnesium are all necessary for regulating our bodies calcium metabolism. Possibly one of the most important vitamins, K2, is nessesary for Vitamin D3 to operate properly. K2 is also has an important role in decalfication of organs and arteries, moving calcium to areas like our teeth, our bones, it decalcifies the pineal gland, and helps reduce our risk of heart disease. And why did I add the sun frequency ? Well, the sun is responsible for helping our body synthesize vitamin D3 and clears the atmosphere around you along with energizing our bodies.

Hz: Coming Soon

Isochronic/Binaural Tones

Image Credits:

Aumin Zen ∆°

The Benefit of Taking Vitamin D3 and Vitamin K2 Together

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Dr. Jawad talks about why you need to take vitamin D3 and Vitamin K2 together.

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