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5 Vitamin B12 Absorption Problems to Avoid

Vitamin B12 absorption problems are one of the most common reasons to have low b12 or b12 deficiency. In this video we discuss the most common absorption issues and how to avoid them.


okay so you want to know more about b12 absorption and b12 deficiency. maybe you’ve been diagnosed with b12 deficiency or you have symptoms that seem to match b12 deficiency or someone told you to look into it. if so the logical next question many people ask is
how did this come about or why do I have b12 deficiency. you can guess from the title of this video that absorption of b12 is a common reason people have low b12. hi my name is dr. Robin Terranella and in my clinic I treat many different vitamin and nutrient deficiencies in fact. these are my go-to treatment options for many health issues because they’re so effective. in this video I’m gonna help you understand how vitamin b12 absorption issues come about, how you can avoid them, and what you can do about it. if you’ve already been experiencing low b12 or you think maybe you have some okay so first I’m going to list out the five most common reasons to have b12 deficiency and then I’ll explain a little bit more about each of them in case people don’t want to sit through the whole video you can see them five listed out here.

Vitamin B12 – Vesanto Melina

Vesanto Melina is a MS registered dietitian from Canada Vancouver.
She is one of the most authoritative vegan nutrition expert in the world.
Together with Brenda Davis she is the author of several important books like:
“Becoming Vegetarian”, “Becoming Vegan” and “Becoming Raw”.

In this interview she tells us about her position concerning the vitamin B12 on plant based diets:

“…some people want to have what they call a Natural Diet…we can produce a little bit of vitamin B12 in our saliva and a little in a lower part of our intestine but this part produced in the intestine is not absorbed and ….”

An interview by Massimo Leopardi for Veggie Channel:

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Is Nutritional Yeast a Good Source of Vitamin B12 #655

http://www.therenegadehealthshow.com – There have been a lot of questions about Vitamin B12 over the last few days…

Today, I address if nutritional yeast is a good source of Vitamin B12 as well as if chlorella or other sea vegetables are as well.

I also answer questions about blenders destroying nutrients, if you can eat the skin of the aloe plant, and out daily routine (if there’s such a thing!).

Take a look…

Q&A Low Red Blood Levels, Vit. B12, Fatigue

How to resolve possible shortness’s with raw food

There is so much confusion when people start eating raw. I know, because that’s what I too, experienced when I became 100% raw overnight. It can take up a lot of your time, figuring out why you are experiencing certain discomforts ending up in dropping your healthy lifestyle. What a pity! Because all you need is…

to hold on until you are on the other side of the side effects of your detox, of your healing crisis. That’s where the magic happens and the results you were hoping for, start showing up.

I totally forgot to answer the part of low Vit. D levels but this answer is the most simple one: get out in the sun! Without a cream of course. Free up some skin and get out for 10 minutes in the sun. That’s what you need to build up your Vit. D levels; simple, easy and for free!

If YOU are starting a raw food diet, understand…
1/ that you can’t undo all the possible shortness’s of a life long diet on processed, refined, cooked foods in only a few weeks. That a blood test, taking in this early stage is the reflection of what you lack due to a previous poor diet. The raw foods are probably already refuelling you, but the cells take more time to restore and renew themselves. It takes time to cleanse and declutter the body and to optimise its digestion & absorption of nutrients.

2/ that you are starting up a natural detox by eating pure, living foods. Toxins are being stirred up, causing nasty side effects that can be pretty intens. Not at all what you expected when you have no clue about this phase! You can get head aches, diarrhoea, skin rashes, acne, breakouts, be fatigued, feel sick in the stomach, experience symptoms of previous illnesses again.

3/ … this is your healing crisis. You can’t go through a healing crisis when the body doesn’t have energy. So when you start the raw food diet fatigued, you will first build up the energy that your body needs to repair its damaged cells. Meaning: you will first feel more energised. And then it happens: boom! Your body takes that energy to get to the core of its issues and heal itself: pushing you back on the sofa. Know that this is normal in this phase and that you need to rest. Go through this phase and before you know it, you are on the other side where you can build up that amazing energy!

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Nutrinelife women's daily multivitamin review

hello friends in this video I have reviewed nutrient women’s daily multivitamin tablets.

Below is the link to read on the fabulous blogs on their website-

Why do we need Multivitamin?
Multivitamins give people sufficient amounts of both vitamins and minerals that their current diet may not be providing. They can improve many bodily functions and assist with mental health. They can also help decrease stress.

Nutrinelife Women Multivitamin?
It is an expert blend of vitamins a, c, d, e, b6, b12, biotin, folic acid, and lutein, and added iron specially formulated nutritional support for every stage of life
Complete formula for women as it contain added iron, deodorized garlic, citrus bioflavonoid and grape seed extract
Promote strong and healthy bone, immune response and wellness, aids vision and digestion, boosts metabolism and energy.

5 Healthy Aging Tips for Women
Eat a Healthy Diet. Good nutrition and food safety are especially important for older adults. …
Avoid Common Medication Mistakes. Medicines can treat health problems and help you live a long, healthy life. …
Manage Health Conditions. …
Get Screened. …
Be Active.

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Freda: "Vitamin B-6 signs – irritability, anxiety, depression, fatigue, PMS"

Freda: “Vitamin B-6 signs – irritability, anxiety, depression, fatigue, PMS. Vitamin B-6 (pyridoxine) deficiency also causes confusion, muscle pains, fatigue, and genetic and immune problems.” – Free videos – Correcting B-6 levels. https://fredacare.com

इस Vitamin B12 के फायदे ,दुष्परिणाम

इस Vitamin B12 के फायदे ,दुष्परिणामHealthVit Vitamin B12 500 mcg 60 Tablets Healthvit Vitamin B12 is used in improving healthy red blood cells, energy production as well as in conditions like tiredness, depression and chronic fatigue syndrome. • For Vitamin B12 Deficiency • Helps to Produce Red Blood Cells • Helps to Maintain Good Health • For Energy Production And A Healthy Nervous System • Improve Brain Function • Healthy Heart • Supports energy metabolism • Protects eye function against toxicity • Promotes better sleep [Ingredients] Vitamin B12 500mcg [Suggested Use] For Adult, take 1-2 tablets daily with a meal or as directed by a healthcare practitioner.
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Live from Pharmaca: Diabetes & Vitamin B12

Dr. Ross Pelton explains how diabetic medications can permanently affect vitamin B12 absorption. He also discusses how extended vitamin B12 deficiencies can cause long-term and sometimes irreversible neurological damage.