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VEGAN NUTRITION BASICS » the plate method

Every wonder if your meals are adequately balanced?
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“Soy” article: http://bit.ly/2EYHoxB
“Calcium” article: http://bit.ly/2AQhPZ4
“Omega-3” article: http://bit.ly/2tJ3Y8q
“Vit B12” article: http://bit.ly/2mBWXmk-B12
“Vit D” article: http://bit.ly/2zIBc9L-VitD

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Nu U Nutrition Vegan Vitamin D 1,000 IU Review by Jess Beautician

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Description: Vitamin D3 Vegan 1,000 IU | 120 Softgels – 4 Month’s Supply | Allergen & GMO Free Vitamin D Supplement with Extra Virgin Olive Oil| Made in The UK by Nu U Nutrition

After breakfast is usually when I take my vitamins and I mentioned recently that I’d be using the new nutrition vitamin b12 spray and the other supplement I wanted to introduce into my diet was vitamin D I’ve been taking the vegan vitamin d3 or say from the nutrition which comes in the form of soft gels it’s a vegetable capsule shell and the vitamin C is extracted from lichens which is a type of fungi making it vegan friendly as is quite hard to find a vegan friendly vitamin D supplements since moving from a hot country back to a colder climate not getting as much Sun and working inside it’s a vitamin I felt I needed to start taking vitamins e contributes to the maintenance of normal teeth bones muscle function immune system and also the absorption of calcium in the intestines although I love the ease of spray version vitamins these soft gels are actually really small and are so easy to take especially being a gel capsule I just take one a day with a glass of water as I say usually with or just after breakfast new nutrition products are all UK made and they offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee all your money back so I’ll leave a link to their site as well as the product mentioned in the description box below this video.

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Part 1 – My Vitamin B12 Deficiency & Change of Diet! Ep321

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I have a B12 deficiency (see my previous videos about it: http://www.rawradianthealth.com/blog/?s=vitamin+b12 ) and because of the effects the deficiency has had on my nervous system and body, I’ve had to change my diet!! “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food,” (Hippocrates) http://www.rawradianthealth.com

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Ginger Tumeric Shots | The Edgy Veg

This episode of The Edgy Veg, at the request of many users, Candice reveals her secret recipe for amazing Ginger Turmeric shots made using a Centrifugal Juicer and a variety of fruits, ginger, and turmeric.

The ingredients used to created the Ginger Shot concoction are known for having many desirable properties. Not only are they full of antioxidants but also a variety of much need vitamins. Taking a ginger shot in the morning is a great way to supercharge your day.

The first step is to get out your juicer. As many of you know there are several types of juicers, Candice prefers the centrifugal juicer because it’s extremely fast and much easier to clean than most other types of juicers. When you’ve got your juicer cleaned and ready to go you will juice all of your apples, she uses two in her video, you will also juice all of your ginger. You will literally just put them into the juicer whole and really put some weight behind it. She actually goes so far as to recommend using a stool and getting your elbows in there. Regardless of your method just get those apples and ginger juiced.

Once you have your ginger and apple juice made set it aside and move on to the next phase. Juice one entire lemon, but not with your juicer, use a stand alone standard fruit juicer. You can see the one Candice uses in the video. Her juicer is made of metal but the plastic ones will work fine as well. When you’re done with the lemon repeat the same process with your oranges. Candice uses two big handfuls of ginger, 2 apples, and 3 to 4 oranges to make her ginger shots. You can modify this combination however you see fit, each person has their own take on what makes a good ginger shot, don’t be afraid to get creative with this recipe. For that matter don’t be afraid to experiment with any of the recipes on her channel.

Once you have your oranges juiced you will run them through a sieve to get rid of the pulp. Chunks in your ginger shots are really not what you’re aiming for. The purpose of the oranges in this ginger shot recipe is to offset spicy ginger flavor. Ginger is actually quite strong and the oranges provide a much needed flavor to keep the entire shot well balanced.

Now that you have all your juice put it into one single decent sized bottle with an airtight lid. Candice does with a funnel and there is no question that would be the easiest possible way to get all the juice in there. Now it’s time to add your spices. Simply add a fair amount of turmeric to your bottle and shake it all up. You can see from the video how much turmeric Candice uses, but again feel free to add the amount you feel will give you the best flavor.

Now you have an entire bottle of delicious, healthy, ginger shots just waiting to be poured out into little shot glasses. Take one every morning when you wake up and find out what makes these ginger shots so special.

Serving: A weeks worth
2 handfuls ginger, cut into chunks
4 oranges, juiced
2 green apple, cut into wedges
1 lemon, juice
1 tsp- 1 Tbsp of turmeric, depending on how much you can handle

Juice the citrus.
Put the ginger and apple through the juicer.
Using a sieve, strain both the citrus juices and the ginger apple juice into a measuring cup.
Transfer to a large glass bottle, add the turmeric, and enjoy shots every morning, or use to mix with your favourite fruit or vegetable juices for added kick!

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NATURAL ENERGY BOOSTER – Wild Force Green Formula by Markus Rothkranz – REVIEW

This is a review of Markus Rothkranz Wild Force Green Formula. Its awesome stuff!! Watch to find out more:)

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Plant Based Diet | Why You Should Start

Why are you tired? There are many factors that could contribute to you feeling tired all the time. If you’re constantly feeling tired, sluggish, and a case of brain fog, visit our health articles to learn about the 7 best foods to naturally improve your energy levels. http://ghc.us/1u0


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Ever feel like your days go on forever?

Is your go-to pick me up a mid-afternoon coffee break?

Do you find yourself yawning often after a “good nights rest”?

There are many reasons why you could feel tired, from being iron deficient to an underactive thyroid to stress.

The more likely cause for low energy levels could be your lifestyle choices.

Trust Your Gut

You may be surprised to hear that your energy levels have something to do with the state of your gut.

If your body is not digesting the food you’re eating, you’re probably not absorbing an adequate supply of energy-giving nutrients.

5 More Reps

Exercise not only burns calories and lifts your mood, research has shown it may also boost your energy.

When your cells are receiving the energy they need, then you can be sure your energy levels will benefit.

How Low Did You Go

It’s important to check your vitamin b-12 level as it’s a crucial source of energy for your body.

If it’s low, you could be feeling the effects.

Vegetarians and vegans are the most at risk for having a B-12 deficiency.

Fortunately, there are vegan B-12 sources that could help increase energy levels.



Vegan Podcast | An Essential Vitamin: B12

Granted, this may not be the sexiest topic in the world, but understanding our basic requirements for optimum health is important. Despite what many people believe, vitamin B12 is not animal-derived. Take a listen to find out everything you’ve always wanted to know about this water-soluble vitamin.

This podcast comes from Colleen Patrick-Goudreau’s Podcast: Food For Thought.

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Best Type Of Vitamin B12 Supplement? Spray? Sublingual? Injection? Dr Klaper & Dr Greger

What is the best type of vitamin B12 supplement to take? Are vitamin B12 sprays the best? Or maybe the sublingual under the tongue forms of vitamin B12 are the best? Or should we get vitamin B12 injections? What do we do if we can’t absorb vitamin B12 supplements? Well keep listening as Dr Michael Klaper and Dr Michael Greger answer these questions…..

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Original Videos

Live Q&A with Dr. Greger of NutritionFacts.org

Posted by NutritionFacts.org on Thursday, September 19, 2019


Cyanocobalamin or Methylcobalamin? Which Vitamin B12 Should We Take?

Treatment of vitamin B12 deficiency-methylcobalamine? Cyancobalamine? Hydroxocobalamin?-clearing the confusion.

Dr Klaper


Liquid B12


Sublingual/microdots B12

Dr Greger’s YouTube Channel

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It's Official, There's a Plant Source of B12

This plant has changed my paradigm about B12 being in plants and has also given me hope of a future highly eco-friendly superfood because of the protein and other nutrient content it possesses. FASCINATING!
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Fastest Growing Angiosperm on Earth: https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/abs/10.1111/plb.12248 

Eaten in Asia and nutrient source: https://www.frontiersin.org/articles/10.3389/fchem.2018.00483/full

GRAS Lentein: https://www.fda.gov/media/113614/download 

Article about B12 Content:

Mankai in the Harvard Cafeteria: 

B12 Raised by Mankai more effectively (Also theory of B12 production):


Glycemic Control Study with Iron Quote:

ALA 80% of total duckweed fatty acids:

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Can A Vegan Diet Ruin My Gut Health?

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Back with the Naturopath from New Zealand. Thank you for coming back. It’s winter time here. My room is nice and warm. I hope everyone in the northern hemisphere is enjoying a nice hot, hot, hot summer. I heard it’s going to be like a hundred plus, like 105 in the shade, so make sure you drink enough water, you guys out there. Okay. Especially all my friends in California.

Okay. Now we can talk about vegan diets and I read an interesting article online recently about a lady’s blog who wrote about a vegan journey and she said, “How my vegan diet almost ruined my gut health entirely.” So I thought it’d be good to do a video on how not to ruin your gut health when you’re on a vegan diet. The big thing with veganism now it’s just such a trendy topic at the moment, okay. They reckon that now nearly half, I think it’s like 45% of vegans in the US are aged between 15 and 34. It’s becoming a very powerful movement.

As you know, I’ve been in naturopath now for a long time, and in those 30 plus years, I’ve seen hundreds and hundreds of vegan and vegetarian patients, many of them in great shape, many of them in poor shape, and a lot of them in lousy shape. Okay. So what starts off often when you know a guy or a girl is quite young and they get into vegetarianism, for ethical and moral reasons, for many other health reasons, for many other reasons, they’re going to start to cut out a lot of animal products and they gotta rely a lot more heavily on starches, on carbs, on beans, on grains on legumes, on dried fruits, for example, and lots of these foods because they’re looking for energy, they’re looking for protein and looking for power from their diet.

Now, for the first several years, things seem to take over okay for vegans. But then once they started hitting that five, seven, 10 year mark, the wheels start getting a little bit wonky. And when they hit the 10, 12, 15 year mark, the wheels actually start falling off. I can’t tell you how many vegan ladies I’ve seen, for example, also in guys I suppose, but guys as well, that have complained to me about excessive bloating, excessive gas, feeling tired, feeling depressed, feeling anxious. So the very first thing we do is we tell that person to straightaway get bloods done. Blood testing done. We want to check vitamin D, we want to check vitamin B 12 we want to check the fat soluble vitamins. We want to check for Omega 3 fatty acids. Okay? These things are typically deficient. Iron is another typically deficient mineral we find in vegans.

So the question I have for you out there, if you’re watching this video and you haven’t clicked it off yet, is are you deficient? Do you have a deficiency? Get that checked by your doctor. Make sure you get good testing done. The second test, I would highly, highly recommend a vegan get done, is a hair analysis. So a test of your hair. Get some samples from the nape of the neck, get it sent away to a reputable lab. A Doctor’s Data, for example, in Chicago is quite a good lab. The test is about 120 bucks. It’s not that expensive. Now, that will give you a pretty good analysis of the mineral content of your hair, which will give you a good idea on what’s going on inside your gut. Are you absorbing the minerals? Have you got enough digestive power to be able to take those minerals up and express those out through the hair? So let’s just scope that out.

So we talked about blood testing, hair testing. The third thing you need to probably do is have a good frank hard, long look at your diet to see what you’re eating, when you’re getting the bloating, when are you getting the gas? When are you getting the fatigue? How long did it take for you to slide into that shape? You’ll need to make some changes. With vegan patients, I totally respect the fact that they want to eat no animal food at all because I’m quite keen on vegan diet myself, but the healthy vegan diet.

So you need to be very careful, particularly with grains when you’ve got the bloating, you may need to cut those out. And dried fruits. I’ve seen far too much consumed by many vegan people, which of course is going to push ladies into yeast infections and guys into jock itch because it’s just sugar overload. So many vegans end up fatigued and tired, so they’re going to look for things that give them a bit of a boost. Okay? And often those things will contain sugar.

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