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Does Your Brain Need Vitamin B? (Dr. Bud Tarreto)

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There’s no doubt that nutrition is critical to brain health. There’s no need to tax your brain to find out what it needs to thrive; take advantage of the basic facts about Vitamin B.
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How I Eliminated Stress and got my Health & Life Back

Hi friends, here is what I did to get my health and my life back.  I was dealing with extreme adrenal fatigue, hormone imbalance which lead to me having a large fibroid in my Uterus which I had to have removed surgically almost two years ago. It was in my recovery that I realized how to fully rest and give my body the time it needed to heal. Its no secret that eating well is crucial to your health but so is managing stress. Stress management wasn’t an area I had yet  tackled. So with trial and error and lots of professional help, I have found what works for me. I Hope these tips are of benefit to you. Cheers to a happy health long life.

Video on my Surgery:

1 Year post op Update:

Supplements I’m taking and their benefits:

Ashwaganda- Help reduce blood sugar levels, reduce cortisol, help reduce stress and anxiety, reduce symptoms of depression.

Maca- Fights free radicals, boosts energy and endurance, improves mood

Chaste tree- helps normalize the ration or progesterone and estrogen hormones, reduce PMS symptoms,

B complex vitamin- helps prevent infections, brain function, energy levels and cell metabolism

Kidney Tonic- promotes healthy kidney function, helps with adrenal fatigue

Wellness essential (Womens)-
-PhytoMulti- help support Cellular health
-CalApatite- Calcium, Phosphorus and trace minerals to help maintain bone strength
-OmegaGenics- Omega fatty acids, heart health, mood support and all over health supporter

VItamin D- helps the body absorb Calcium and maintenance of phosphorus levels in the blood

Life Changing Self help  books:

The Miracle Morning
How to win Friends and Influence people
Rich Dad Poor Dad
The Secret
Why Men marry Bitches
Taking Charge of your Fertility

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About Persona | Personalized, Daily Vitamin and Supplement Packs

Are you concerned that you aren’t getting the vital nutrients your body needs to thrive? Persona sends daily vitamin and supplement packs that are customized to meet an individual’s unique wellness needs and fitness goals.

This video provides an overview of the Persona experience, from taking a health assessment to receiving your daily vitamins and supplements. Persona helps people meet a wide variety of wellness goals, whether for athletes seeking optimal fitness, everyday people trying to get the most out of their workout, women looking for a specialized prenatal program, or vegans who need help filling the gaps in nutrition they might be missing from their diet.

When you take Persona’s thorough yet simple assessment, a medical advisory board comprised of nutritionists and doctors curates a vitamin and supplement regimen with considerations to your diet, lifestyle, and medications. All vitamins and supplements are produced in one of the top nutraceutical manufacturing facilities and then tested in-house and by third parties

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Easy Self Care in Less Than 2 Minutes: Get Tespo

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Can’t wait to hear what you think.

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Care:Of Vitamins: The Review

Hello all! I am so excited to bring a full review of Care/Of Vitamins. I’ve been working with them for 4 months and couldn’t be happier with my results! I hope that you will give them a try.

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Vitamin IV Drips – Dangerous and Even Deadly? | Tiger Fitness

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