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5 Ways to Increase Your Vitamin C Levels

Humans must consume vitamin C from its food sources or it risks severe health problems. There is an intimate relationship between glucose and vitamin C that has a dramatic impact on immunity and overall cellular health. In this video, you will discover 5 keys to increasing your vitamin C levels. Fore more info, read this article here: http://drjockers.com/5-ways-to-increase-vitamin-c-levels/

Basic Vitamin Summary

This video is a continuation of a series of vitamin videos. Please refer to the complete 54 minute video for a breakdown of these subjects!

Are You Getting Your Vitamin C?

All about vitamin c!

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Vitamins In Your Preps

Having vitamins in your preps is Important.
During a disaster, you will be psychologically and physically stressed to your limit.
Physically stressed to the point of extreme fatigue at a time when you need all the energy you can muster.
A good multivitamin in addition to a large dose of vitamin C will help keep your energy and immune system operating at optimum levels.

The Highest Vitamin C Food… on the Planet

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Dr. Berg talks about vitamin C foods and the food that contains the highest vitamin C – can you guess?


Sauerkraut Is a Superior Source of Vitamin C

Magical Sour Cabbage: How Sauerkraut Helped Save the Age of Sail

Vitamin C-abbage

Sauerkraut Test Divulges Shocking Probiotic Count

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A Healthier Me With Vitamin C!

Vitamin C plays a role in EVERY SINGLE function of our bodies. It can give you super healing abilities, youthful looking skin, and protects you from every kind of health problem there is.
About to go into surgery? Take vitamin C! It will increase your healing dramatically!
Bacteria infection? The flu? A high fever? Take vitamin C! Vitamin C goes after all health problems. All it wants to do is make you stronger, healthier, and provide you with energy and longevity. Plenty of Vitamin C is the way to be!

Let’s Get Well by Adelle Davis
Eat Right and Stay Fit by Adelle Davis

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