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Supplements I Currently take on a Daily Basis

I get this question all the time. What Supplements do you take? Well in this video I go over all the supplements i take. I take the full like that we make over at https://granitesupplements.com along with some others that you will just have to watch the video and see. I would also love to hear what supplements you take each day in the comment section below.

Adamantium Aminos:
This product was designed specifically for our athletes who want to perform better in the gym, increase their power and endurance, while promote protein synthesis for recovery and growth…..all in one product!

With Adamantium’s unique blend of Essential Aminos and Peak O2 Blend, you will have a EAA formula with a performance component.

The EAA 3:1:1 ratio is scientifically dosed to help you meet the needs of the most rigorous workouts and support protein synthesis. But what really makes Adamantium shine is the Peak O2 Blend.

Peak O2 is proven to improve power and endurance. Peak O2 is an organic combination of six Ayurvedic mushroom strains grown and harvested right here in the U.S. These mushrooms are powerful adaptogens, which allow athletes to “adapt” to, and overcome, physical and mental stress. Peak O2 has been proven to increase your performance.
Arc Reactor:
Supports Maximum Pump & Muscle Volumization
Enhances Power, Endurance, & Combats Fatigue
Amplifies Neural Drive, Focus & Mental Clarity
Full Transparency – No Proprietary Blend

Keto Factor X:
Provides Sustained Energy and Focus for Muscle and Brain During Low-Carbohydrate Dieting
Lactotripeptides to Promote Healthy Blood Flow
Electrolytes to Promote Better Hydration
Essential Amino Acids to Stimulate Muscle Protein Synthesis
Ketone Salts to Promote and Support Ketogenic Dieting
Full Transparency

Increases Energy While Minimizing “crash” and “habituation”
Increases Lipolysis and Fat Oxidation
Supports Focus, Mental Clarity and Concentration
Helps Promote Control of Appetite and Food Cravings

Recovery Factor X
Supports Improved Training and Performance
Lactotripeptides to Promote Healthy Blood Flow
Electrolytes to Promote Better Hydration
Premium Carbohydrate Blend for More Strenuous and Rigorous Workouts
Essential Amino Acids to Help Stimulate Muscle Protein Synthesis
Promotes Rapid Recovery from Intense Exercise
Full Transparency – No Proprietary Blend

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Best Pre Workout Supplement 2016! (Top 3 Pre Workout Supplements for INSANE Energy!)

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What are the Best best pre workout supplements in 2016 (In terms of INSANE energy + Workout Intensity)

Note: i am NOT affiliates with any of these pre workout supplements and i have personally tried over 50 of the top pre workout supplements.

Best Pre Workout Supplement 2016 – Criteria:

1. Skin tearing pumps
2. extreme energy and acute focus
3. delicious taste

What makes the best pre workout supplements of 2016? You have to have an insanely high energy blend that combines energy and pump inducing ingredients into a magical formula that could turn a bunny rabbit into a psychotic beast!

Some of the top pre workout supplements that I did not mention in this video (or at least in the top 3 pre-workout supplements) are mesomorph and Mr. Hyde.

The best pre workout 2016:

3. GAT nitraflex

This is one of the top pre workout supplements 2016 becuase of its precise combination of testosterone enhancing ingredients and high energy blend. This is my current pre workout supplement of choice and is one of the only testosterone enhancing pre workout supplements.

2. Rich Piana 5150

This is one of the strongest pre workouts as it contains a whopping 8 types of caffeine!

Seriously – this stuff will give you a giant jolt of energy and is one of the best pre-workout mixes on the market.

1. Blackstone Labs Dust v2

This is by far the strongest pre workout drink in the world and is 2.5 times stronger than the old Jack3d formula!

Old Jack3d was strong but nowhere near as strong as this insane pre-workout drink by Blackstone Labs.

If you are looking for a top stimulant based pre workout this is your go to as it contains 1-3 DMAA, also known as Geranium oil. This is banned stimulant that was in jack-3d.

This is my comprehensive list of the top pre workout supplements. Next time you are looking for a pre-workout drink try one of these supplements for the workout of your life.

The Best Pre Workout Supplement Revealed! (Top 3 Pre Workout Drinks for INSANE Energy!)

Other Videos I found useful:

Best Pre Workout Supplements! | Will Increase Energy! 🏋️‍♀️

Click here to get Blackwolf from the official website: https://bit.ly/2AWkt25

Price Trail with 20% off (450g): $44.95 – £34.95 – 39.95€

Blackwolf Trail Nutritional Information:
L-Leucine, Isoleucine, Taurine, L-Valine, Creatine Monohydrate, Co Enzyme Q10 (Ubiquinine), Zinc Citrate Powder, Seleno L-Methionine 0.5% Selenium, Whey Protein Isolate 90%, Conjugated Linoleic Acid Powder 60%, L-Carnitine L- tartrate, Green Tea Leaves Extract 10:1 40% Catechins, Vitamin C Powder (Ascorbic Acid), Vitamin B6 Pyridoxine Hcl, Vitamin B5 (Calcium D-Pantothenate), Xantham Gum, Stevia Extract 97%, Natural Flavouring Summer Berries 2sp-91502

In the simplest of forms, a pre-workout is a supplement designed to get you to your goals, fast – be it to deadlift your body weight, strip excess fat or power harder at Crossfit. A fitness-world magic potion of sorts.

“Pre-workout supplements are a hot topic among athletes and gym goers right now,” says registered dietitian at Doctify, Katherine Kimber.

“However, although they may play a role in enhancing the performance of well-trained athletes, for most people, a well-balanced diet – especially one which is timed appropriately – should be enough. At the end of the day, a deficient eating pattern cannot be out trained – or out supplemented.”

So, in essence, maxing your nutrition naturally then kickstarting your workout with something as simple as a banana and an espresso shot, could produce similar – if not better – results (at a reduced cost and while ticking off one of your five-a-day; #multitasking).

But, if that is the case, and pre-workouts aren’t really necessary, why all the hype? After all, surely all those pre-workout powders, gels, liquids, bars, tablets and chewing gums that you’ve seen on the market can’t be a waste of money.

“While some pre-workout supplements may contain safe energy-boosting ingredients, others, especially those containing high doses of ingredients, could be pointless and potentially harmful,” Kimber says. Furthermore, not all the ingredients have scientific support behind them.

So, when it comes to what pre-workouts are worth your attention? Read on.

According to Kimber, there are only three key players worth zooming in on.


What it does: Obvs, right. These give you energy to ensure you can perform at your best.

Kimber says: “Your body relies on its carbohydrate stores (glycogen) for fuel during a workout so, along with a regular eating pattern and balanced diet, consuming carbohydrates pre-workout would be a good way to ensure energy levels remain topped up.”

Maximise the benefits: Consume 15g carbohydrate at least 30 minutes before you work out.


What it does: Need an instant pick-me-up? This is just the ticket.

Kimber says: “Caffeine is a stimulant that has been shown in research to support maintaining high-intensity exercise of 20-60 minutes for longer, with reduced feelings of fatigue. Doses as low as 1.5mg/kg (around an 85-100mg cup) have been shown to be effective.”

Maximise the benefits: Have caffeine 15-60 minutes before you start exercising.


What it does: This is one of the most popular performance-enhancing pre-workouts. Especially for those of you wanting to smash your metcon. It’s also one of the safest pre-workout supplements.

Kimber says: “Studies suggest that it may increase exercise capacity and muscle mass during high-intensity, intermittent training.”

Maximise the benefits: Research suggests taking creatine monohydrate after your training is could be better than consuming it before.


5 Best PreWorkouts in 2019

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👉5 – Legion Pulse – https://amzn.to/2EujTuC
👉4 – Cellucor C4 – https://amzn.to/2HNfjdS
👉3 – PRE-KAGED Pre Workout Powder – https://amzn.to/2H3kxAT
👉2 – ENGN Shred – https://amzn.to/2U8J2QU
👉1 – PRE JYM, Pre-Workout – https://amzn.to/2TkGQIK

If you want to find the best pre-workout supplement to help you get fit quickly, you will need to take a close look at these five products. Our top pick is the PRE JYM supplement because of its unique and high-dose combination of ingredients. It can work well to help anyone build and maintain muscle mass.
The ENGN Shred pre-workout supplement is also a good choice because of its 100% natural formula and energy-boosting properties. The PRE-KAGED workout powder offers you the best value for your money with its effective proprietary formula.
We also liked the Cellucor C4 Mass pre-workout supplement because of its high caffeine level and ability to reduce recovery times. The Legion Pulse is last on our list, but we still think it’s a good choice for those who want a natural pre-workout supplement that really works.
Each of these pre-workout supplement products has something different to offer for those who want to make the most of their workouts.

Portions of footage found in this video are not original content produced by The 5 Best. Portions of stock footage of products were gathered from multiple sources including, manufactures, fellow creators and various other sources.


These are the 5 Pre Workouts Tips that No one tells you. These tips will not only increase your focus in the gym but improve your Energy and stamina in the gym.

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Here are my Top 6 Essential Fitness and Bodybuilding Supplements :

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Magnesium Citrate : https://amzn.to/2HTUmJU
Vitamin D: https://amzn.to/2LTOVwM
Zinc : https://amzn.to/2LTn3Jg
Biotin(Optional for Healthy Hair and Skin): https://amzn.to/2lerFyd
Raw Whey Protein: https://amzn.to/2HZnEGL

Here are the Pre Workout Supplements I use:

Beta Alanine: https://amzn.to/2MuShHP
Citrulline Malate: https://amzn.to/2K1qiRv
Acetyl L Carnitine: https://amzn.to/2K1qiRv

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Research on Effect of Music on Gym Workouts – https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5435671/

When we talk Pre Workout, many people run towards Pre Workout supplements which are high in caffeine. People become addicted to them and when they go off the pre workout supplements, they are not able to perform with the same intensity in the gym.
This is because they ignore the other factors that are responsible for improving your performance in the gym. If you follow these pre workout secrets, you might never ever have to again buy a pre workout supplement again.

Remember in the gym, you are there to workout, not socialize. Also your recovery outside the gym will decide how well you will perform in the gym and how much energy and stamina you can generate.

How to get Better Pump (Use of Sodium Pre Workout) – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HCOCI2_JUJk

Best Pre Workout Foods : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7uIj1Uoyxo0

Fat Burners vs Pre Workouts : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dssEn3PzHAw

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Indian Fitness and Grooming Channel by Abhinav Mahajan

Do testosterone boosters work? All this questions are answered in this video. remember Fitness Industry is a very shrewd industry. There are no regulations on the quality and 3rd laboratory reports about supplements are conducted by the brands themselves so they will be biased most of the times.

Best Pre Workout Supplements! | Will Increase Energy! 🏋️‍♂️

Click here to get Blackwolf from the official website: https://bit.ly/2AWkt25

Price Track with 20% off (450g): $44.95 – £34.95 – 39.95€

Blackwolf Track Nutritional Information:
L-Leucine, Isoleucine, Taurine, L-Valine, Creatine Monohydrate, Co-Enzyme Q10 (Ubiquinone), Zinc Citrate Powder, Selena L-Methionine 0.5% Selenium, Whey Protein Isolate 90%, D-Aspartic Acid, L-Glutamine 13.4mg, Vitamin C Powder (Ascorbic Acid), Vitamin B1 Thiamine HCl, Vitamin B5 (Calcium D-Pantothenate), Vitamin B6 Pyridoxine HCl, Vitamin B12 Pure (Cyanocobalamin), Xantham Gum, Stevia Extract 97%, Natural Flavouring Summer Berries 2sp-91502, Brown Rice Flour

Maybe you’re looking for energy and focus to get off the couch and into the gym. Maybe you’re looking to take your gym session, workout class, or at-home training to the next level. What if there were something out there that could help you crush your workouts no matter what your training level or goal? There is.

On a practical level, pre-workouts are designed to help you increase training volume and intensity so that you can get more from each workout session. In time, those extra reps, sets and minutes spent add up to major gains. When you see your hard work pay off, the more motivation you have to train. And the more you train, the more progress you continue to make.

So, when combined with the proper training regimen and nutrition program, taking a pre-workout can offer that extra push–not just to workout today, but to do it again tomorrow, then again the day after…

Traditionally, pre-workouts have had a reputation for being exclusive to the highly advanced gym-goer whose sole focus is to get as muscular as possible. But the truth is, pre-workouts can help just about anyone who wants to improve his or her fitness levels–from the beginner all the way to the hardcore gym buff.

In a nutshell, pre-workouts can benefit you if:
– You want ‘focused energy’ before a workout
– You’re starting a program and/or trying to take it to the next level
– You want to lose weight
– You want to build muscle and strength
– You want to improve your performance–in the gym or for sport


Top 5 PRE Workout Supplements 2019

This is my own personal list i do each year that usually gets over 200K views so thought id keep it up

This is no way sponsored or endorsed by any Brands or Supplement companies, the top 5 is my personal opinion based on quality and feel. if you have a Pre workout you prefer let me know!

Link to my top 10

#Top5 #PreWorkout #Supplements

(01:26) 5th – Awesome supplements – Awesome Pre Workout
Awesome Pre-Workout 2.0

(02:57) 4th – Ghost – Legend

(04:23) 3rd – Sparta Nutrition – Kraken

(06:36) 2nd – Redcon1 – Total War
Redcon1 Total War – 435g

(08:38) 1st – Psycho Pharma – Edge of Insanity

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🍌How Caffeine, Energy Drinks & Pre-Workout Stimulants Affect Your Testosterone – by Dr Sam Robbins

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🍌How Caffeine, Energy Drinks & Pre-Workout Stimulants Affect Your Testosterone – by Dr Sam Robbins
A little while ago I made a video entitled, “The Truth About Exercise: Does It Increase or Decrease Testosterone Levels?”

I highly suggest you watch that video if you exercise – whether it’s with weights and/or cardio. But I’ll give you the special link to that video at the end..

Now, an important question that was asked from that video was:
“I take pre-workout stimulants, how do those products affect my testosterone levels? I’m stronger at the gym because of it, does that mean it’s increasing my testosterone levels? What about adrenaline, good or bad?”

So this is a great question because I know a lot of people take “pre-workout stimulants” or basically, different products that’ll give them more energy, such as “energy drinks”.

Unfortunately, almost all of these products are just loaded with caffeine. Sure, they’ll have some vitamins and amino acids, but it’s all about the caffeine. That’s the primary ingredient that’s doing it all…. That’s causing the “stimulation” of your adrenal glands to produce more adrenaline and epinephrine.

Speaking of epinephrine, in the old days we used to take ephedrine, which is basically an amphetamine.

So, when taking such stimulants (pre-workout pills and energy drinks), your body produces more adrenaline/epinephrine, which triggers your body’s “fight or flight” response. This causes your air passages to dilate and open up more, which provides your muscles with more “energy” and oxygen.

Obviously, this is great for exercise

At the same time, adrenaline causes your blood vessels to get smaller and contract, to redirect more blood towards your muscles – including your heart and lung. This is one reason your heart rate speeds up and your blood pressure goes up with stimulants.

The end result is you’ll feel less pain – so you can push longer and harder, which is perfect when you’re exercising… or, if you’re trying to run for your life.

You’ll also become stronger and have heightened awareness. Again, all great for exercise.

The Problem

Unfortunately, your body’s “fight or flight” response is NOT to be triggered daily. This is massive stress on the body. This causes a huge surge and increase in stress hormones, such as cortisol.

Now, keep in mind that exercise, in of itself, will cause an increase in adrenaline and cortisol. These stimulant products are now ADDING to this stress. This is EXTRA stress. So now, that’s double the stress on your body and endocrine system (hormones).

This is a bad thing.

However, that’s just the beginning of the negativity.

These days, most people already have adrenal fatigue due to an overproduction of adrenaline.

Our lives are very complicated now, compared to 100+ years ago.

We are getting bombarded with “stuff” all day long and being pulled in different directions, all the time… which is very stressful.

Which is why we feel overwhelmed and unmotivated.

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Disclaimer: As with all information, products and services, results are not guaranteed and may vary from one individual to another. The information in this video and/or at this channel is not intended to replace a one-on-one relationship with a qualified health care professional and is not intended as medical advice. It is intended as a sharing of knowledge, educational and information from the research and experience of Dr. Sam Robbins, who encourages you to make your own health care decisions based upon your research and in partnership with a qualified health care professional.

Statements made, or solutions suggested in this video and/or at this channel, have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. They are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Pre-Workout Supplements: How To PROPERLY Use It To Boost Performance (Avoid Side Effects!)

When it comes to which supplements to take and the best workout supplements that are backed by evidence – pre workouts are definitely a top choice. But although pre workouts supplements are one of the most popular workout supplements within the fitness industry, most people just don’t use it in a way that maximizes its effectiveness while minimizing any potential side effects. For example: how often you take your pre-workout, how much you take, and when you take it are all important factors that will affect how well the supplement will benefit your workouts. Luckily, in this video I’ll discuss exactly how to take pre workout and how to use pre workout in order to maximize its beneficial effects in a safe manner.






Pre-workout benefits:
Pre-workout tolerance:
https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC370671/ https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/2296626
Pre-workout upper vs lower body effects:
https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/28409508 https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/29065278
Habitual caffeine dose:

The Supplement Timeline (What Age – Which Supplements!)

Stop taking supplements you can’t trust. Get Jeff Cavaliere’s exact supplements here

When it comes to taking supplements, there are a lot of questions as to when you should begin taking them and which ones are better than others. I think you have to start by breaking down the nutritional supplements into categories. In this video, I categorize multivitamins, specialty vitamins, protein powders, pre workouts, creatine, BCAA’s, creatine, omega-3’s and joint recovery formulas. Each group is discussed in relation to one of four age brackets regarding their appropriateness.

All of the supplements discussed are ones that I take myself and would recommend to others. You will not see any testosterone boosters or pro hormones because I don’t believe in them or recommend them to my viewers. Even the pre workout supplements must undergo severe scrutiny based on the dangers that have been shown to riddle that product category for the past couple of years.

All that said however, I make it very clear that any supplementation plan must start with a commitment to good nutrition. If you think that you are going to make up for a bad diet by taking supplements you are flat out fooling yourself, and likely wasting a lot of money. Supplements are meant to supplement a good nutrition plan. When you have a dedication to eating well, not perfect, but well…supplements can be a savior and a huge difference maker as they really help with the consistency needed to see great results.

Some manufacturers want you to believe that their supplement will help you overcome poor nutrition. They will make you think that you can simply sleep your way to a six pack. It’s laughable and dishonest to say the least. The hard truth of the matter is that high quality nutrition is a must if you want to really see the fastest and best results possible.

That said, ATHLEAN-X is committed to both proper nutrition and high quality, safe supplements. Through our X-Factor meal plan, available in the ATHLEAN-X Training System, and the Rx supplements we provide our program followers with all the tools needed to make a big difference in how they look in just 90 days. If you want to get either or both, you can head to http://athleanx.com and start eating and training like an athlete.

For more videos on supplement reviews and the best supplements to take to build muscle, be sure to subscribe to our youtube channel at http://youtube.com/user/jdcav24