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Nu U Nutrition Vegan Vitamin D 1,000 IU Review by Jess Beautician

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Description: Vitamin D3 Vegan 1,000 IU | 120 Softgels – 4 Month’s Supply | Allergen & GMO Free Vitamin D Supplement with Extra Virgin Olive Oil| Made in The UK by Nu U Nutrition

After breakfast is usually when I take my vitamins and I mentioned recently that I’d be using the new nutrition vitamin b12 spray and the other supplement I wanted to introduce into my diet was vitamin D I’ve been taking the vegan vitamin d3 or say from the nutrition which comes in the form of soft gels it’s a vegetable capsule shell and the vitamin C is extracted from lichens which is a type of fungi making it vegan friendly as is quite hard to find a vegan friendly vitamin D supplements since moving from a hot country back to a colder climate not getting as much Sun and working inside it’s a vitamin I felt I needed to start taking vitamins e contributes to the maintenance of normal teeth bones muscle function immune system and also the absorption of calcium in the intestines although I love the ease of spray version vitamins these soft gels are actually really small and are so easy to take especially being a gel capsule I just take one a day with a glass of water as I say usually with or just after breakfast new nutrition products are all UK made and they offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee all your money back so I’ll leave a link to their site as well as the product mentioned in the description box below this video.

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Two Per Day Multivitamin | Life Extension

Are you taking a low dose multivitamin to stave off vitamin deficiencies? What if you could do so much more with a higher quality, higher dosed multivitamin…would you make the switch?

A generic multivitamin like Centrum® follows the recommended daily intake or RDI. This level of dosing does one thing and one thing only …prevents deficiencies.

Let me give you an example. Centrum® provides just 60 mg of vitamin C, which is a little less than the RDI. At that daily dose you’ll probably avoid developing vitamin C deficiency.

But what about the many health benefits attributed to vitamin C – health benefits like a stronger immune system, a healthy heart and cardiovascular system and even youthful looking skin? Will 100 mg a day provide you benefits like these? The answer is simple: No.

To reap the full benefits of this essential vitamin you’ll need a product that provides optimal daily doses, what we call the ODI. Based on scientific evidence, the ODI of vitamin C is 2000 mg a day …not 100. And this dramatic difference between the RDI and ODI is seen in many other vitamins like the B vitamins and vitamin D.

Life Extension’s Two per Day multivitamin uses the ODI to dose its vitamins and minerals not the RDI that many popular generic multivitamins use.

So …now that you know Life Extension’s Two per Day multivitamin exceeds dosing expectations, will you make the switch?

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Nature's Way, Alive! Once Daily Women's Ultra Potency Multi Vitamin, 60 Tablets

Nature’s Way, Alive! Once Daily Women’s Ultra Potency Multi-Vitamin, 60 Tablets
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Vitamins and Supplements: What You Need to Know

The rows of choices are endless, but before you start taking over-the-counter supplements, pharmacists say, make sure you read the label. “A large misconception is because something is natural, that it’s safe which is not always the case,” said Kacie Brubaker, a pharmacist with Lee Health.

There are specific labels you want to look for on any supplement. “There are certain seals of approval on things that are available over-the-counter. The biggest one is the United States Pharmacopeia. They review the things that are available for their potency, their ingredients, so those are a little bit safer for people to take,” said Brubaker.

There are also words you want to avoid. “There are certain things to watch out for: if something claims that it is the best, it’s going to give you fast results, it’s going to give you a quick fix, those are things you want to steer clear of,” she said.

And when it comes to reading the label make sure you know what ingredients are being used. “Often people are taking other medications, either over-the-counter or prescription, or they have disease states that interact with the vitamins and supplements. It really is patient-specific,” said Brubaker.

But depending on your health conditions, your diet, and lifestyle, health experts say you may not even need supplements. “If you are on a balanced diet and you are taking a bunch of vitamins every day you are basically paying to have really expensive urine, because if you have too much of this stuff, you’re not doing anything with it it’s just cycling through your body,” explained Brubaker.

Pregnant women, nursing mothers, strict vegetarians, people with food allergies, and senior citizens typically need to be taking supplements to improve or maintain their health.

Before you start taking a supplement, it’s important to talk to your doctor and know what you want to get out of the supplement.

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