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Vitamin B12500 60 Capsules

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Andrew Lessman Vitamin B12500
Andrew Lessman’s Vitamin B12500 delivers 500 mcg of natural B12 the most important of all B vitamins to supplement. This importance stems from B12’s long list of…
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VEMMA NEXT ! Vitamin supplement for kids

Vitamin C — found in citrus fruits, broccoli, bell peppers, kale, cauliflower and green leafy vegetables.
Vitamin D — found in salmon, tuna fish, milk, eggs, liver, beef, and even direct sunlight.
Beta carotene — found in sweet potatoes, carrots, spinach, collard greens and squash.

Drink Different Drink Vemma Drink Verve Drink your Vitamins! – Verve Scene Video

Quite possibly the most powerful liquid antioxidant
program in the world!

Mangosteen, known as the “Queen of All Fruits” has been used for centuries by Asian health practitioners for its nutritional benefits and delicious flavor. Combine the antioxidant-rich power of mangosteen with vitamins, plant-sourced minerals, organic glyconutrient-rich aloe vera and decaffeinated organic green tea and you’ve created the ultimate nutritional foundation.* Introducing the Vemma Nutrition Program™ — Essential for Life!

It’s now well-known that taking multivitamins with minerals on a daily basis is vital for long-term optimal health.* The Vemma Nutrition Program provides a powerful liquid formulas that makes it easy to get the vitamins, minerals and antioxidants you need to form a solid nutritional foundation.* Each product is bioavailable (body-ready), delicious and easy to take!

The Vemma Nutrition Program™ is available in four great options:
Family-size 32 oz preservative-free Vemma
On-the-go 2 oz V2 bottles packed in a V2 Fridge Brick®
Eye-catching and refreshing 8 oz Verve Energy Drink
Sleek and portable 3 oz Verve Energy Shot
Who knew taking care of your body could be so easy?

:-( Things My Wife Makes Me Buy – STUPID Vitamins – Nature's Code 90 Day Vitamin System :-(

*MORE* Auto Delivery junk from QVC. STUPID Expensive Vitamins. More money out of my pocket 🙁

About the Vitamins:
A 90-day complete vitamin system with 50 mg of Co-enzyme Q10 every 90 days with this convenient auto-delivery plan. Packed with vitamins and minerals, this supplement is custom formulated to meet the needs of four separate age and gender groups. From Nature’s Code(R) Vitamins and Supplements. As always, please consult your personal physician before taking any dietary supplements. Women Under 50, Women Over 50, Men Under 50, or Men Over 50.

Edward A. Taub, M.D., whom CNN touts as a pioneer of Integrative Medicine, developed the Nature’s Code brand and products. Among many wellness products, Nature’s Code produces multivitamins for customers with varying nutritional needs based on their age and gender. These multivitamins come in packet of several pills and are designed to be taken in 90 day cycles.

Nature’s Code vitamins come in 90 day “systems” which are basically 90 day supplies of individual packets containing several vitamins. Nature’s Code has vitamin packets designed for men, women, men over 50 and women over 50. Nature’s Code also designs packets for specific health needs. There is a system for antioxidant delivery, a supplement designed to help men with prostrate health, a supplement for menopausal health and a system with coenzymeQ10.

Nutritional Information
The Nature’s Code multivitamin is among the most popular vitamin products from Nature’s Code. This multivitamin contains a host of vitamins, including vitamins A, C, E, D, K and B complex. The most prominent vitamins, in terms of percentage of recommended daily value are vitamin B12 at 10,000 percent, vitamin C at 1,667 percent and vitamin E at 1,333 percent. This multivitamin also contains important minerals such as calcium, magnesium and zinc. One packet of Nature’s Code multivitamin contains 120 percent recommended daily value of calcium and magnesium and 100 percent of zinc.

Nutritional Benefits
There are nutritional benefits that come with the vitamins and minerals in Nature’s Code multivitamin. Unlike many multivitamins, Nature’s Code contains every single vitamin in the B complex. Vitamin B1 and B2 help the body produce energy and also influence enzymes that affect the nervous system and heart. Vitamin B3 helps keep the skin, digestive system and nervous system healthy. Vitamin B5 helps your body grow and develop correctly. Vitamin B6 aids the immune system and also helps your body produce red blood cells. Vitamin B7 helps your body produce hormones and break down carbohydrates. Vitamin B9 aids the cells in your body to produce and maintain DNA. Vitamin B12 also plays a role in helping the body develop red blood cells and can provide an energy boost.

According to an interview with founder Edward A. Taub, M.D on CNN, Nature’s Code products are licensed to sell exclusively on QVC. The prices for Nature’s Code vary based on their use. As of 2010, the 90 Day Antioxidant Delivery System costs $63.30 for a 90 day supply. The 90 day system with coenzymeQ10 costs the same with an available payment plan. The Nature’s Code supplement for prostate health costs $38.36 and the Nature’s Code menopause vitamin product costs the same.

The Nature’s Code multivitamin contains a very high amount of vitamin B12. While this may give you a welcome energy boost, your body cannot possibly use this much B12. Since B12 is a water soluble vitamin, your body should be able to excrete excess amounts through the urinary tract without medical complications. According to MayoClinic.com, multivitamins are not necessary for adults who eat a well balanced diet. The cost of supplements can add up, so you may be able to save money by eating well.

Some info on QVC:
QVC was founded in 1986 by entrepreneur Joseph Segel, who saw an opportunity for a new kind of retail service built upon technology, yet guided by three customer-focused principles: quality, value, and convenience. In its first full fiscal year, QVC set a sales record in American business history as a new public company.

Numbers aside, QVC’s philosophy hasn’t changed from day one — to exceed customer expectations at every opportunity. The company attracts a growing list of the world’s most respected brands, including philosophy, Dell, and Bare Escentuals. Moreover, QVC has found a way to reach an unprecedented number of new customers while sharing the stories behind the brands.

Wake Up Now Awaken Energy Drink Review – First Look & Taste – Best Natural Energy Drink

Wake Up Now Awaken Energy Drink Review – First Look & Taste – Best Natural Energy Drink
Wake Up Now had a great run, but it’s over now. I’ve closed this chapter of my journey & have started the next. If you would like to join me, watch this video http://youtu.be/Zhjr1W8VzqE & follow the instructions at the end.

Get Awaken energy drink:
Tropical Burst – https://hub.wakeupnow.com/select_product/NTI=/MTAzMTU3OA==
Citrus Rush – https://hub.wakeupnow.com/select_product/NTM=/MTAzMTU3OA==
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Awaken Energy Drink Review Update – http://youtu.be/aVqusrR7Juk

Wake Up Now Awaken Energy Drink Review
Wake Up Now has released Awaken energy drink. Awaken is a natural energy drink that is exclusive to WakeUpNow. There are two flavors currently, Tropical Burst (caffeine free) & Citrus Rush (natural caffeine). Both taste great, however I prefer Awaken’s Tropical Burst flavor myself. A new flavor, Thunder, was released on Black Friday 2013.

Although there is a little competition from other network marketing companies in the energy drink market place, Awaken energy drink beats them on a very important aspect…price. Wake Up Now’s Awaken also beats Red Bull, Monster, Rockstar, & all of the other energy drinks you find in stores on price as well.
For example other energy drinks cost anywhere from around $2 to $4, while Awaken weighs in around $0.67/serving. I’ll say that again…$0.67/serving! One box of Awaken contains 30 servings for only $19.95. This is one of the reasons why I believe the Awaken energy drink from Wake Up Now is the best energy drink available.

Also Awaken is made from all natural ingredients. There’s no high fructose corn syrup or other unhealthy ingredients which I believe makes Wake Up Now’s Awaken energy drink one of best healthy energy drinks on the market. I also believe Awaken to be the best natural energy drink available.

Wake Up Now Awaken Energy Drink – Best Natural Energy Drink

Awaken Tropical Burst – A blend of all natural ingredients, like Samoan noni, açaí & Amazonian cupuaçu—a fruit from the heart of the rainforest prized for centuries by Amazon Basin natives for its health & medicinal properties—Awaken with cupuaçu provides a naturally caffeine-free energy burst. Convenient tear-&-pour sticks allow you to simply add to water to enjoy this refreshing & antioxidant-rich nutritional supplement.
Ingredients: Cupuacu Juice Powder, Glucoronolactone, Galangal Root Powder, Cinnamon Bark Pwd Extract 4:1 #21816, L-theanine, Quercetin fine granular, Tumeric Powder, Niacinamide, Acai Berry Ext 4:1, Samoan Noni, Fucoxanthin 10%, Pantothenic Acid (d-cal pantothenate), Griffonia Seed SE 99%, Vitamin B-6 Pyridoxine HCL, 5-Hydroxytryptophan, Vitamin B2 Riboflavin, Vitamin B1 Thiamine HCL, Folic Acid, Methyl Cobalamin Pure, Stevia Suave, Citric Acid, Natural Tropical Flavors, Maltodextrin M500 1P

Awaken Citrus Rush – A mix of Ruby Red flavor blended with all natural ingredients, like Samoan noni, açaí and Amazonian cupuaçu—a fruit from the heart of the rainforest prized for centuries by Amazon Basin natives for its health & medicinal properties—Awaken with cupuaçu provides an energy burst powered by natural caffeine. Convenient tear-&-pour sticks allow you to simply add to water to enjoy this refreshing & antioxidant-rich nutritional supplement.
Ingredients: Caffeine (Natural), Cupuacu Juice Powder, Glucoronolactone, Garcinia Cambodia, Galangal Root Powder, L-theanine, Quercetin fine granular, Camellia Sinensis 15%, Kola Nut Ext 10% Caffeine, Niacinamide, Acai Berry Ext 4:1, Samoan Noni, Camu Camu, Fucoxanthin 10%, Pantothenic Acid (d-cal pantothenate), Griffonia Seed SE 99%, 5-Hydroxytryptophan, Vitamin B-6 Pyridoxine HCL, Vitamin B2 Riboflavin, Vitamin B1 Thiamine HCL, Cinnamon Bark Pwd Extract, Methyl Cobalamin Pure, Vitamin B-6 Pyridoxine HCL, Methyl Cobalamin Pure, Stevia Suave, Citric Acid, Natural Ruby Red Flavors, Maltodextrin M500 1P

Wake Up Now Awaken Energy Drink – Best Natural Energy Drink

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NEW Awaken Thunder & Awaken Coffee are available now!
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Wake Up Now Awaken Energy Drink Review – First Look & Taste – Best Natural Energy Drink

1Vizn Velocity WEIGHT LOSS Supplement Pill / 8 Hour Energy Boost / Multi-Vitamin Testimonial

**Get your hands on this product Now!! Reluctant on purchasing a whole bottle before you have tried it. No problem, Message me and we’ll get you a FREE Sample!! Can also email me at t.kvizn[at]gmail[dot]com Or just purchase it Now @ http://healthyweight.go1vizn.com/
It is now April 2012 (8 months since starting Velocity) and I have now LOST 70 pounds! WHATZ UP!!
I have a lot more energy every day and It is all thanks to 1ViZN and their products.
Even if you are not looking to lose a lot of weight this is a great product to take for the energy it can give you. My wife, Trisha, takes Velocity just for the Energy and loves it!


Velocity Weight Loss- an ALL NATURAL one-a-day Multi-Vitamin, up to 8 hours Energy, and Weight Loss supplement.
Velocity is an all natural weight loss supplement loaded with super fruits Acai, Camu-Camu, Cupuacu and more. With just one capsule a day, Velocity adds up to 8 hours of energy boost without the usual crash when it wears off. The Pure Dried blend of fruit acts as a multi-vitamin and provides many health benefits. It suppresses hunger and curbs cravings for sugar and fast foods, making it easier to eat healthy and smaller portions and maintain a healthy weight long term.
Velocity is quickly becoming a favorite of all who have a desire to shed excess weight. It is providing steady and measurable results that are changing lives every day.
With natural components blended specifically to address weight loss, Velocity allows each user to experience the power of regaining control over their lives. Not only is fat being burned, but confidence is renewed as we feel healthier and look the way we’ve dreamed.

“VELOCITY” Supplement Facts:
Proprietary Amazon Powrblend* Formula 10 mg
Proprietary Weight Loss Formula 342 mg
Trace Mineral Blend 50 mg
Calcium 30 mg
Magnesium 15 mg

Amazon Powrblend* Formula Ingredients:
Acai, Cupuacu, Camu Camu

Weight Loss Formula Ingredients:
Dark Chocolate, GeranaX, Natural Caffeine, Green Tea Extract, Vanadium Chelate, B-Phenylethylamine HCI

*Dark Chocolate – natural dark chocolate from the Cupuacu is full of flavanoids and antioxidants, helping relax blood pressure and balance hormones

*GeranaX – GeranaX comes from the Geranium Flower and has been used to stimulate weight loss

*Natural Caffeine – the natural caffeine gives your system a boost of energy without having the usual crash. Heightened energy levels helps you be more active

*Green Tea Extract — green tea leaves have a very high antioxidant level and when added to food and beverages also increases shelf life and improves flavor. It has been used to increase the metabolism and assist in weight loss

*Vanadium Chelate – vanadium chelate is a trace mineral that helps reduce blood pressure levels and can help lower cholesterol

*B-Phenylethylamine HCI – this ingredient is often used in mood and weight loss related therapy and can increase brain levels.


The Amazon Powrblend combines the world’s most authentic and antioxidant-packed super fruits, to create the most natural and nutritious health products on the market today. All of our fruits come straight from the Amazon rainforest and are blended through a patented Pure Dried Process that maintains more nutrients than any other process to date. While other companies obtain their high levels of vitamin and mineral concentration through fruit extracts and synthetic imitations, the Amazon Powrblend is all-natural and 100% pure fruit content.

There are 3 main super fruits in our blend: Acai, Camu-Camu, and Cupuacu.
This powrblend drink gives you an extreme amount of Antioxidants.
These Powerful Antioxidants help with strengthening your immune system, slowing down the aging process and most importantly fighting off free radicals. This is big because free radicals are damaging to the body… causing an increase in inflammation & can lead to many degenerative diseases (e.g. cancer, arthritis, Alzheimer’s, heart disease, etc). Adequate amounts of antioxidants are needed to fight off damaging free radicals and to keep your immune system strong.

To read more in depth about these products and the benefits they can have on your health and body check out my blog @


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**Please contact me if you have any questions about products or how you can get involved with being a distributor yourself and start making money today. We have been with the company for 2 months now and we are already making a couple hundred in extra income a month. Join Now!!

Energy drink / vitamin supplement Vemma Verve

160 mg of natural caffeine
Great-tasting tropical flavor
12 full-spectrum vitamins
Over 65 plant-sourced minerals
Mangosteen superfruit
Organic aloe vera
Organic green tea
Antioxidant blend (vitamins A, C and E)
Low-carb formula
No preservatives
No artificial flavors or colors
No jitters or crash

Liquid Vemma Nutrition Delivery System Product Line includes Energy Drinks Vitamins and Minerals

http://www.VitaminTeam.com Vemma has blended nutritional liquid antioxidants from nature’s finest to form a natural delicious drink that is full of minerals and vitamins.Vemma blends the most recent science and nature’s finest to form a complete and delicious once-a-day liquid supplement that provides you with everything you need. Vemma is also a business opportunity that can help you create a recession-proof residual income from home.

Vitamin "B-12 Energy" Supplement Honest Thoughts and Review!!!


In this video I give my thoughts on Vitamin “Energy B-12” Supplements! Now that I’ve worked at a job where I had to come in contact with Vitamin “Energy B-12″ Supplements everyday, I was able to learn so much about this supplement! Vitamin ” Energy B-12 Supplements” are great for more energy, which everyone wants, because when energy is high the WILL is HIGH! They go hand and hand! Thanks for watching! MUCH LOVE!!!