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The importance of vitamin B12 – Sammy's Simple Solutions #9

In part 9 I give you a little info on B12. Amongst the growing population of vegans on this planet, I would say that B12 is the most commonly misunderstood vitamin, due to it being found in abundance in certain meat, yet only in small quantities in modern day plants (especially when washed before consuming). It is essential for our body to function so if we are not eating huge quantities of greens every day, we must supplement with sublingual lozengers or liquid B12.

Symptoms similar to dementia will appear if you’re not getting enough B12. Eventually leading to death. So, it’s quite a serious vitamin really! And I would recommend plenty of research into this vitamin before embarking on your vegan journey. Should that be the path you choose to take 🙂

…a path that for me personally has changed everything. Three years ago I had a typical 40-year-old London office worker belly & a fatter face. Today I no longer have excess body fat, I have more energy, I feel stronger and more connected to nature, spiritual practices have appeared in my life and statistics indicate that I am going to live longer than someone who eats meat.

So, why not give it a try? Even just for a month…. and see what happens. You will be shocked at how different you feel.

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