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Well, let’s break them down into groups. First, we have the vitamins. There are 17 vitamins, four of which are fat soluble and can store in the body and 13 are water-soluble and cannot be stored in the body for any length of time whatsoever. The next group of nutrients are the minerals and they represent the largest group of nutrients of all. We tend to divide the mineral group into three basic divisions. The first being what we refer to as the major minerals. These would include calcium magnesium, potassium and others. The next group are what are often referred to as trace minerals. These would include manganese copper, zinc, chromium, vanadium, and many others. Lastly, we have what are referred to as the micro trace elements. Most of these are not too familiar because we often don’t discuss them in the same relevance as the others. These micro trace elements make up the largest group of minerals and are essential for biochemical activity and function. Due to depletion of America’s farmland many of these micro trace elements are no longer present in the soil. This has led to an imbalance within the plant chemistry resulting in increased disease and fragility of the plants. The next group are the antioxidants. Antioxidants are essential but more so now than ever before because of their ability to prevent free radical damage to cells and tissues of the body. The increased amount of chemicals that we are all ingesting on a daily basis from a host of different sources can have the ability to oxidize and produce free radical activity. Antioxidants are essential to protect cellular structures from this potentially devastating activity. We also must discuss the fatty acids as their benefit and activity in the human body is significant. When properly balanced the fatty acid serve as natural anti-inflammatory agents. This is essential because we are exposed to so many pro-inflammatory factors in our food and in our environment and this inflammation, often on the silent level, can contribute to host a premature aging and disorder. The last group that make up what I feel is a baseline full-spectrum supplement would be the plant chemicals. These plant nutrients should be readily available from food in the diet. However, due to soil depletion over processing prolonged storage and other factors these delicate plant chemicals are often deficient or missing altogether. When you combine this with the fact that the majority of people consume only a fraction of fresh fruits and vegetables required for optimal wellness, it makes their addition into a baseline supplement even more essential. The science of dietary supplements should be extensive. Unfortunately, many companies hire marketing firms instead of scientists and their products often do not address many of these essential factors. Therefore, the best liquid vitamins for women should also be the best liquid vitamins for men. If the energy supplement factors have been included as well, you should also have an ideal supplement for energy as well as vitality.

Capsules are certainly a better choice, especially micro thin capsules. If you want to ensure maximum absorption and benefit from your supplements you should consider making your baseline multi-supplement a liquid product. Liquids have several opportunities for absorption throughout the digestive processes, making liquid supplements more available to the body. The benefits of liquid supplements include not only enhanced absorption potential but also convenience and economics. Liquid vitamins can contain a much higher and wider range of potencies than other forms of delivery. In fact it is quite easy to offer a Full Spectrum supplement in liquid form. As opposed to vitamins in tablet form, liquid supplements can begin their absorption in the stomach, directly into the bloodstream. Liquid dietary supplements are also much more convenient, as taking a liquid is often much easier than swallowing multiple capsules or tablets.