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9 Things Sabotaging Your Meal Prep and Diet

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9 Things Sabotaging Your Meal Prep and Diet – Thomas DeLauer

1) Preparing Too Many Meals (rebut the 6 whole meals)

Published in the journal Diabetologia, researchers found that eating 2 larger meals a day (breakfast and lunch) is more effective than 6 smaller meals in a reduced-energy regimen (for patients with type 2 diabetes)


2) Trying to go Fresh

Study – Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry

A study published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, compared the vitamin content in 8 different fresh and frozen fruits and vegetables – corn, carrots, broccoli, spinach, peas, green beans, strawberries and blueberries – and found no consistent differences overall between fresh and frozen

The vitamin content was occasionally higher in some frozen foods; frozen broccoli, for example, had more riboflavin (a B vitamin) than fresh broccoli

But frozen peas had less riboflavin than fresh peas; and frozen corn, green beans and blueberries had more vitamin C than their fresh counterparts

The researchers also analyzed the amount of fiber, levels of phenolic compounds (good sources of antioxidants) and minerals like calcium, iron, zinc and magnesium in the same 8 fruits and vegetables – found no significant differences between the fresh and frozen varieties


3) Thinking You Need Time – Take a week where you DO Have time, and portion out meats, etc and then freeze them

4) Falling off the wagon and not prepping at all that week

5) Not Having Space in the Fridge

6) Kids/Family Throwing Off – Cook Meats or most difficult portions

7) Cooking/Reheating the Wrong Starches (Rs1 and Rs2)

RS1: starch that resists digestion because it’s trapped by intact plant cell walls (in legumes, grains, and seeds) – physically resists digestion because of a protective matrix or coating surrounding the granules

8) You Burn Out – Take a week off and do Fasting for a week

When you switch up your routine you’re exercising your brain’s neuroplasticity – essentially you’re improving your brain’s ability to connect the dots between different thoughts — thus increasing your creativity and problem-solving abilities

Our memory is associative, which means we connect various pieces of information based on their relationship to each other – the more “plastic” our brains become, the more creative thoughts and connections we’re able to have
9) Packing Snacks – Sabotages because EXTRA WORK, Plus Hurts Fat Loss

Whenever you eat food, your pancreas releases insulin into the blood – as the nutrients are slowly absorbed into cells, insulin levels drop, until finally all the nutrients are absorbed, and insulin levels then remain steady at a low, “baseline” level

So when you’re constantly eating, you’re consistently releasing insulin, which puts your body into its “absorptive phase”

10) Naturally Avoiding Fish – Don’t be afraid of Sardines, Mackerel


Sardines provide one of the highest sources of essential omega-3 fatty acids and have 740 mg of DHA and 450 mg of EPA in a serving – more than 1000mg of omega 3’s combined (an average 3.75 oz can contains roughly 23g of protein)

Sardines canned in oil will contain more fat than sardines canned in water, so many people eating a high fat low carb diet opt for sardines in olive oil

However, sardines in water are more ideal if you are trying to optimize your omega balance as adding oil also adds omega-6’s

Sardines also contain high levels of selenium, with 87% of your daily needs in one can (3.20 oz)


This is a nutrient that’s a key component of a healthy thyroid gland and it reduces inflammation by inhibiting NF-kB and its activation of interleukin-6 and TNF-alpha production

Mackerel is also a fattier type of fish – 100 g of Atlantic mackerel (the most common type, and safest in terms of mercury) contain approx. 14 g of fat, 0 g carbs, 18.6 g protein and comes at 205 calories – more than 1,000mg of omega 3’s

Note: some types of mackerel have high amounts of mercury (king mackerel has the highest, followed by spanish and gulf) so opt for north atlantic mackerel when possible

It’s very high in vitamin D, and is one of the few food sources of it – 100 g contain 360 IU of it, or 90% of the daily recommended value

T cells rely on vitamin D in order to activate and they would remain dormant, ‘naïve’ to the possibility of threat if vitamin D is lacking in the blood

7 Best Foods For Kids To Grow Taller

People are constantly willing to increase their height with many different ways. Some are carrying on with exercises where as others are taking up the height increasing pills. Even the food we eat plays an important role in the process of increase in height. We need to know about those foods which are really effective in increasing your height.

Kids are constantly fed with all types of health drinks and protein that will help them to grow taller. Here are 7 best foods for Kids to Grow Taller.

1. Milk
Milk is filled with calcium which is great for the growth of bones as well as for strength.

2. Carrots
Carrots are rich in Vitamin A which helps in the synthesis of proteins in the body.

3. Spinach
Contains two essential nutrients – calcium and iron that will make sure your kid grows taller.

4. Fruits
Fruits that are rich in Vitamin A such as mangoes, cantaloupe and peaches will help your kids grow taller.

5. Yogurt
Good source of Vitamin D and calcium which are both essential to a child’s growth in terms of height.

6. Banana
Contain all the potassium, vitamins, fibre to keep one healthy.

7. Whole Grains
Grains are recognized as powerhouse of energy. Rich in Vitamin B and iron which are best for kids growth.

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Natural Home Remedies for Energy Boost – Turmeric Tonic

Natural Home Remedies for Energy Boost – Turmeric Tonic

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What Are The Effects Of Consuming Energy Drinks? | Good Morning Britain

After a report reveals shockingly high levels of sugar in energy drinks, Good Morning Britain asks what damage they can do to your body.

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#WTF Aging (vitamin E, zinc, and orgasms)

Ammunition against aging, straight from Mother Nature.

Looks like folate can regulate the production of histamine – a very important chemical released during orgasm. (No, avocados will not bring you to climax, but you’re welcome to try).

Produced and filmed by Saskia Vermeulen
#WTF series with health geek Susan Jane White

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Grapes – Health Benefits – Nutritionist Karen Roth – San Diego

http://www.karenrothnutrition.com – Grapes are a great Energy Food and low in calories. One cup is only 62 calories. In this video, Nutritionist Karen Roth discusses the health benefits of grapes, the different varieties and how to shop for them.

Karen Roth Nutrition Health Channel is dedicated to helping educate the public on ways to achieve optimum health and disease prevention.

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Karen Roth MS, CNC is a Holistic Nutritionist, Author, Speaker, Video Blogger and Health Expert who maintains a private practice in La Jolla, CA. She consults with clients nationwide via phone, Skype and FaceTime. http://www.karenrothnutrition.com/

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Eating Whole Foods For Your Health // Healthy foods

Eating Whole Foods For Your Health.

If you’re looking for a way to stay healthy,
decrease the risk of suffering from some serious diseases,
and slow down the process of aging,
then you should eat more whole foods.
Whole foods are the foods closest to their natural state,
which means that they contain much more nutrients than processed foods.
Of course, it’s incredibly hard to make your diet consist
of whole foods only, but you should strive
to make them the majority of the food you consume.
Whole foods can be unprocessed vegetable,
fruits, beans, seeds, nuts, legumes,
whole grains, seafood, fish, eggs, red meat, and poultry.
Now, most people know that whole foods are healthier,
but don’t want to spend too much money on them,
since they are slightly more expensive.
However, just take a moment to think about how health is important
and if you truly need all
the processed snacks and sweets that you buy on a regular basis.
It’s a much better idea to simply visit your
local farmers’ market and buy the nutrient-packed whole foods.
In case you need to be convinced
to start eating whole foods,
here are 5 ways they contribute to your well-being.
Lower Risk Of Diabetes
According to Mercola.com, a diet that involves a lot of whole grains,
vegetables, and fruits significantly lowers the risk of developing type 2 diabetes.
In case you are already suffering from this disease,
know that you too will feel better if you follow a diet based on whole foods.
A Stop To Nutrient Shortages
WebMD notes that a survey about eating habits
was conducted by the United States Department of Agriculture,
and the results they found were shocking.
A huge amount of people didn’t have proper nutrient intake.
In fact, 92 to 97% of the population that participated in the survey
didn’t consume enough potassium and fiber,
while a third of the people didn’t consume a sufficient amount of vitamin C.
However, these nutrients help reduce the risk of some serious diseases
and are very important for your overall health.
So, what should people do when they simply
don’t get enough nutrients from the food they eat?
Start consuming whole foods.
All of these nutrient shortages
can be fixed by following a diet filled with healthy, whole foods.

Most whole plant-based
foods are extremely rich in fiber,
while processed and junk foods aren’t.
Fiber is a very important nutrient that improves your health in numerous ways.
For example, it helps you fight diabetes,
heart disease, it helps you feel full faster, and it keeps the GI tract moving.
Whole foods are a much better way to increase your fiber intake,
since they contain both types of it (insoluble and soluble).
Eating foods that are rich in fiber will also help
control your weight, blood fats, and blood sugar.
Weight Management
If you want to keep your weight under control,
but don’t feel like going on some extreme diet,
then you’ll be pleased to hear
that eating whole foods promotes healthy weight management,
especially if you choose to eat mostly whole vegetables and fruits.
These foods contain very little calories,
so you won’t have to worry about counting them.
More Energy
There is a simple explanation
why whole foods will provide you with more energy.
When you eat something, your body has to break down that food.
However, processed foods are difficult to break down,
so a lot of the energy they have to offer will actually go
into the processing of breaking it down.
On the other hand, it’s not a challenge for your body to break down
whole foods, so you will be left with a lot of unused energy.
Final Idea: Add Healthy Fish And Seafood Dishes To Your Diet
The delicious goodies that come from deep waters yield multiple benefits.
Here is why you should add seafood delicacies to your diet:
The omega -3 fatty acids in cold water fish,
such as salmon, tuna, trout, mackerel and herring
reduce the risks of cardiovascular disease,
including stroke and or heart attack

Disclaimer: The information contained in this video is for educational and information purposes only and do not constitute any professional advice on any subject matter. This video is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health providers prior to starting any new diet or treatment and with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.


Translated titles:
Comer alimentos integrales para su salud

אכילת מזון שלם לבריאות שלך

Еда всей пищи для вашего здоровья

How to Cook Healthy Food! 10 Breakfast Ideas, Lunch Ideas & Snacks for School, Work!

10 Healthy Breakfast ideas and Lunch Ideas on how to cook that healthy food! In this quick and easy how to healthy breakfast ideas and healthy lunch ideas tutorial I show what I eat in a day for breakfast, snacks, and lunch. I show 5 healthy breakfast ideas, which you can also have for a healthy snack and 5 healthy lunch ideas, all perfect for back to school or work. In this healthy recipes video you learn how to cook healthy meals and snacks at home. From how to bake a bread at home to ice cream yogurt with fruit in a cone, everyone can cook these meals – perfect for teenagers, adults and healthy snacks for kids. Healthy eating is very important for your happy and healthy lifestyle. I show you what to eat to achieve that! This how to cook healthy food video is not about how to lose weight, but about healthy lifestyle.


The how to healthy food I show today is very easy and quick to prepare at home, nutritious and perfect to take with you on the go. Lately I have been much more careful about what I eat in a day – I try to eat healthy, nutritious and tasty food. if you want to know what to eat and how to cook it this breakfast, lunch and healthy snacks video is perfect for you. The healthy food can be prepared in advance and in the morning you can just grab it and take it to school or work.

For the how to healthy breakfast ideas I show you 5 different options. All of these are super quick to make, very nutritious and healthy. Banana oatmeal cookies for example require just two ingredients, two ripe bananas and oats. If you want more taste, you can add some cinnamon, chocolate chips, dried fruits. When you are running late for school, you can just grab a couple of these delicious cookies and you are out the door. Another healthy breakfast or snack idea is a delicious granola bar. Just mix the nuts, seeds and dried fruits of your choice plus add some rice syrup and almond butter. I also popped in some dark chocolate chips. These granola bars are so quick to make, healthy and delicious. Great for a breakfast or a healthy snack. If you love fruits, a fruit salad in a jar is a great option for your healthy breakfast. Just cut your favorite fruits in pieces and put it in a jar. Awesome breakfast on the go! Ice cream for breakfast? Well almost 🙂 Take an ice cream cone and fill it up with fruit of your choice, put a large table spoon of yogurt on, and top it off with more fruit. You can eat this on the way to school or work. Healthy and totally Instagram worthy. If you have some more time before your classes start you can make yourself pepper eggs and fruit kebabs. This breakfast is healthy, balanced and so pretty to look at.

For the diy healthy lunch ideas portion of the video I show you 5 healthy lunch recipes, perfect for back to school. You can prepare these lunches the day before and in the morning, you just take them with you to school or to work. Egg muffins with vegetables are the perfect example of a great lunch, which is tasty, nutritious and quick to make. All you need are some eggs, flour, a splash of milk and the veggies of your choice. Add some fresh or dried fruits and nuts into your lunch box for a tasty and balanced lunch. Other lunch options are tuna wraps, ham rolls, salad in a jar and homemade spelt bread sandwich. In this healthy what I eat in a day video I show you how to bake your own spelt bread from scratch. It is easier and quicker than you can imagine. Since I learned this recipe I have never bought bread again. I always bake it myself.

Eating healthy on the go is not easy. When we get hungry, we usually end up grabbing a slice of pizza or a chocolate bar from the vending machine. I hope this what I eat in a day video will inspire you to pay attention on the food you eat. What we consume affects our mood and health. Therefore it is important to eat nutritious and healthy food. In this 10 breakfast ideas and lunch ideas I show you that healthy food can be quick and easy to make, delicious and perfect to take to school and work.

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