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Glutathione, Methylation & Nutrition w/ Dr. Russell Jaffe

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Episode #56: Russell Jaffe, MD PhD – Glutathione, Metallothionein and Vitamin C: key detox molecules

Dr. Jaffe shares his top tips to increase glutathione, metallothionein and methylation.

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06:27 The Power of Epigenetics: We have shifted from a focus on metabolism and biochemical individuality, to epigenetics – your lifestyle, habits, and choices regarding what you eat, drink, think and do determines 92% of your lifetime health that is not genetic. A small fraction of our health is determined by our DNA and our genes.

08:30 Effects of Toxins: It is your internal adaptations that determine the effect that toxins will have on you. For example: toxic metals can be a serious problem, but if you have enough healthy metallothionein to take up and detoxify those metals, they do not stay in your body. If you have switched from this elective/protective mode into survival mode, then your body cannot devote the energy to detoxification in order to deal with the immediate crisis.

10:41: How Does Metallothionein Work? Metallothionein is a protein made of two amino acids: glycine and the sulfur-containing cysteine. Metallothionein is a magnesium/zinc rich protein that gives up its magnesium or zinc and irreversibly binds to any of the toxic metals, like mercury or lead. They are then excreted from the body through sweat, stool, or urine. Metallothionein is everywhere in our bodies and is measureable. When we shift to survival mode, toxic metals begin to accumulate. The same happens with persisting pollutants, volatile chemicals and the risk of exposure to radioisotopes or other environmental pollutants.

12:44 How to Upregulate Metallothionein: A diet rich in sulfur foods, you can build metallothionein, if you stay alkaline and you have a balanced nutrient intake, appropriate for your lifestyle. Metallothionein is very important to our long term health and survival. Nutrition begins in the kitchen, in the cooking pot. It begins with whole foods that you consume in as whole a form as possible. GGOBE is an acronym he uses for top sulfur-rich foods. It stands for garlic, ginger, onions, brassica sprouts and eggs.
16:55 Whey Protein: Whey protein is high in cysteine.

19:22 Metallothionein and Glutathione: The purpose of both of these is to protect us. Glutathione is synthesized inside of cells. Oral glutathione may help the gut and the mucosal barrier, but it does not go to your body’s cells. Glutathione is an important intermediary in keeping oxidative stress low. If we give the precursor amino acids for glutathione production in cells, GGOBE foods or supplements that contain cysteine, methionine and we have a healthy alkaline cell with mitochondria are healthy, we can make glutathione.

21:58 Mitochondria and Cell Health:The cell protects the mitochondria and the mitochondria give the cell ATP. The mitochondria also detoxify things like pesticides, persisting pollutants and hormone disruptors. These must be detoxified inside the mitochondria. If the mitochondria are overwhelmed, then the energetics of the cell slows and uses up Coenzyme Q10, which is the electron shuttle, impairing things further. About 66% of our detoxification happens in the liver. Maybe 15% of detox happens in the kidneys. A small percentage takes place in the spleen. Some also happens in our skin. Every muscle, every cell of the body does some detoxification and utilizes mitochondria to do that.

24:50 Ascorbate and Raising Glutathione: Unlike vitamins, ascorbate does not activate catalysts. It is used directly. It is a sub straight. It is used up in the course of detoxifying, energizing and protecting the other antioxidants in the body. Ascorbate is the correct name. It is the mother protective molecule for all other protective molecules in the body. The best way to raise glutathione in the cell is to give ascorbate. The amount of glutathione that you generate is proportional to having enough ascorbate.

27:42 C-Cleanse: Quickly saturate the body with mineral ascorbate, so you have calcium, magnesium, potassium and zinc minerals along with the ascorbate. Toxins and fluid are flushed out of the body. When you have taken in the amount of ascorbate you need to protect from oxidative stress, you are also maximizing the glutathione inside the cells.