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Natural Home Remedies for Energy Boost – Turmeric Tonic

Natural Home Remedies for Energy Boost – Turmeric Tonic

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How to make sprouted grains drink? Recipe of Rejuvelac /Реджвелак и как его готовить?

🇬🇧 🇬🇧 Rejuvelac is a drink made from fermented sprouted grains. Difficult name comes from word «rejuvenate». Due to the high content of enzymes, this drink helps to improve digestion. It also contains lactic acid bacteria, which help to remove toxins. For the preparation takes only two ingredients:
1⃣ 1/4 cup wheat germ
2⃣ 3 cups water Method of preparation:
1) Grind wheat germ and place in a quart jar
2) Pour water, cover jar with cheesecloth, tie it and leave it for three days.
3) On the fourth day, the drink is ready.
✔️ Strain to the sieve and you can drink! To taste the drink resembles white brew a little sour. ✔️
✅ Rejuvelac contains a complete vitamin B complex to the reconstruction and rehabilitation of the nervous system, as well as vitamin C, E and K.
✅ Clears the gastrointestinal tract. Drink aids digestion through enzyme activity.
✅ Nutrients in it are broken into simple shapes, allowing them easy to digest, even for people with problems of the gastrointestinal tract.
✅ Recommended to drink two glasses of drinks a day.
❗️ Store ready drink is only necessary in the refrigerator for no longer than 4 days❗️

🇷🇺 Реджвелак (Rejuvelac) – напиток из ферментированных проросших зерен. Непростое название происходит от «rejuvenate» – омолаживать. Из-за высокого содержания энзимов этот напиток способствует улучшению пищеварения. Также он содержит лактобактерии, которые помогают вывести токсины из организма.
Для приготовления понадобится всего два ингредиента:
1⃣ 1/4 стакана проростков пшеницы
2⃣ 3 стакана воды Способ приготовления:
1) Перемолоть проростки пшеницы и поместить в литровую банку 2) Залить водой, накрыть банку марлей, завязать её и оставьте на трое суток.
3) На четвертый день напиток будет готов.
✔️Процедить, перелить в чистую бутылку и можно пить! По вкусу напиток напоминает белый квас, немного кисловат. ✔️
✅ Реджевелак содержит полный комплекс витамина В, способствующих восстановлению и оздоровлению нервной системы, а также витамин С, Е и К.
✅ Очищает желудочно кишечный тракт. Напиток помогает пищеварению благодаря ферментной активности.
✅ Питательные элементы в нем разбиты до простых форм, что позволяет их легко усваивать даже людям с проблемами желудочно-кишечного тракта.
✅ Рекомендуется выпивать по два стакана напитка в день.
❗️ Хранить готовый напиток необходимо только в процеженном виде, в холодильнике и не дольше 4 дней❗️

XS Power Drink 0 sugar Full Vitamines B real Blast

XS™ Power Drinks are carbonated drinks containing potent levels of B-vitamins mixed with caffeine, taurine and flavoured with a herbal blend of Chinese Ginseng and acai berry.
With ZERO sugar and very low calories this great tasting power drink helps you get through hectic days.
Put some positive energy in your life with XS™ Power Drink!
XS™ Power Drinks have been created for people who want to have a clear and focused mind, perform physically, are dynamic and performance-oriented whilst also balancing this with a fun and active lifestyle.
Key features:
• GREAT taste
• Zero sugar
• Low calories
• Helps you to perform well
• Supports your energy metabolism
For detailed information about this product please refer to the local language version of the page.
Suitable for men and women:
• while going out day and night
• with busy lifestyles
• while doing sports
• working long hours
• when driving long distances
• during lectures and study sessions
XS™ Power Drink contains potent level of B-Vitamins which contribute to a normal energy metabolism and help reduce the tiredness and exhaustion. Pantothenic acid supports additionally the normal mental performance.
A varied and balanced diet and healthy lifestyle are of general importance.
High caffeine content (32 mg/100 ml). Not recommended for children, pregnant or breastfeeding women, or caffeine-sensitive people. We recommend not to consume more than 500ml daily.

The best drink to stay young (Vitamin Energy Drink)


6-8 strawberries
Piece of ginger
1 mango
1 yellow beet,
1 lemon
1 cucumber
4-5 cups of filtered water
4-5 ice cubes cucumber

Strawberries are packed full of vitamin C, fiber and folate.
Making them powerful free radical destroyers that have fabulous anti aging properties
that also enhance collagen production in the skin.

Ginger not only adds amazing flavor, but is also a natural anti immflamatory that aids the digestion process also. It helps the body sustain a healthy environment by preventing the onset of numerous diseases caused by inflammation that lead to premature aging of the body and skin.

Lemon, naturally high in vitamin c is yet another powerhouse antioxident that protects skin from aging through free radical damage also

Cucumber although has little flavor is brimming with nutrients the skin and body need. Just to name a few- vitamin b, k, c and a.
Cucumber also helps improve collegen production, helps to keep the skin looking bright and even toned as it acts as a melanin ( freckle/dark spot ) inhibitor.

Mango is rich in not only flavor but vitamins and minerals that help increase skins cell turn over rate by keeping it youthful looking and feeling.
Beta carotene, copper, and folate repair damage, and encourage the skin to produce new skin cells. Also vitamins b, k, potassium and c are just a few of the many additional nutrients that also provide antioxidants and anti aging benefits to the skin and body

Beets are loaded with skin repairing folate that also help keep levels of healthy cell production high. With high doses of vitamin a, found in almost all anti aging skin creams. Beets help detoxify the blood.

Don’t forget to add a couple of teaspoons of hemp seeds too. They don’t really taste like much, but provide essential protein, omega three’s and have really high antioxidant and mineral content.

Add all the pre washed ingredients to the blender with the juice of lemon, the filtered water and ice ( I made ice cubes from some coconut water.) Coconut helps to balance ph levels and keep connective tissues hydrated and strong, but you can use regular ice cubes too if you don’t have.

Blend well ( about 2 minutes ), pour and enjoy.

Drink at least a few times a week to boost skins radiance and texture, and fight against wrinkles. You’ll be able to see and feel the results