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What is Vitamin B3 (Niacin) good for? + Foods High in Vitamin B3

This video is about your Daily Value of Vitamin B3

We all have heard that vitamins and minerals are good for us, but have you ever wondered what Vitamin B3 is good for? What about the foods that are rich in vitamin B3?
Check out this video to help find these answers!

Well Niacin helps reduce bad LDL cholesterol while increasing your good hdl cholesterol thus aiding in preventing strokes and heart attacks, it increases blood flow to skin which means it helps with cold feet and hands caused by bad circulation, and aids in erectile dysfunction. It helps treat diabetes and Pellagra which is a disease commonly caused by a niacin deficiency, Pellagra is characterized by (skin changes, nerve dysfunction, mental disturbances, and diarrh oea.) Furthermore this vitamin helps to increases energy levels and aids in digestion and achieving healthy skin.

Food Sources:

¼ cup Peanuts – 30%
A tablespoons of Nutritional Yeast – 21%,
¼ of cup of sunflower seeds – 18%
3 small Potatoes, a cup of green peas and Brown rice – 14%
A medium sized Avocado, and a small sweet potato – 13%,
A medium sized corn – 7%.
A medium sized slice of cantaloupe, two small tomatoes, and a medium sized carrot – 5%
½ a cup of cooked Asparagus – 4%.

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Verve Energy Drink, Liquid Vitamins

Verve Energy Drink



Most of us are running on fumes instead of good nutrition because of today’s fast-paced, busy lifestyle. Energy drinks are an increasingly popular trend to help reverse the energy-void. Instead of filling up on energy drinks that may contain excessive caffeine and high sugar content that leaves you feeling jittery, fuel your body with what it needs most…

With Verve Energy Drink, you get the best of both worlds: the powerful energy you desire and the premium nutrition you need.* It’s the all-in-one, natural choice for a fast-acting energy blend, an ultra-premium vitamin and mineral supplement along with a powerful superjuice of mangosteen and aloe phytonutrients!


When you feel the need for a boost of energy to jump start your day or beat the afternoon lull, reach for the energy drink you can feel good about!* Verve — a full dose of the Vemma formula and 80 milligrams of natural caffeine — shatters the typical energy drink mold to deliver a product that is both uniquely nutritious and naturally stimulating. There is no better way to ensure you get the vitamins and minerals your body needs each day. Verve provides the highest antioxidant value of any energy drink, revitalizes energy levels and supports a healthy lifestyle… without the empty calories or jitters.*


80 mg of natural caffeine
Refreshing, lightly carbonated tropical flavor
Low natural sugar content
Unique blend of energy-enhancing ingredients
12 full-spectrum vitamins
Over 65 major, trace and ultra-trace plant-sourced minerals
Powerful superjuice with mangosteen and aloe phytonutrients
No gluten
No artificial flavors or colors

What's in an Energy Drink?

Energy Drinks are very popular among youngsters. Besides high sugar like in Soda and caffeine in coffee, energy drinks are also excessively high in B vitamin, and have added amino acids along with a few herbal supplements. Herbal supplements are not regulated. This video shows the amount of sugar and caffeine in a few of popular energy drinks.

Can you Cure Diabetes? | Does Fat cause Type 2 Diabetes?

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DISCLAIMER: The discussion of this video is type 2 diabetes. If you have diabetes, please investigate further before making drastic changes. This video is of course not meant to be a prescription or to be interpreted as medical advice. The aim is for it to be a stepping stone towards finding what works for your specific personal case. Being on a low carb diet or a keto diet will induce certain physiological changes that you’d do well to be aware of. For example most people think a ketogenic diet is accompanied by an inevitable “keto flu,” but in most cases this can be avoided by taking some sodium. Many many people are experiencing improvements on a low carb or keto diet and/or a fasting protocal, but of course you need to consider how this would interact with whatever medications you may be taking or other factors that make your case unique.

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Discussing Vitamin D, Cholesterol, and Hormones on a Keto Diet

Keto Consult #9, In this Consult Jennifer and I discuss Vitamin D and Vitamin D deficiency, and why it’s important for my patients to have a healthy level of Vitamin D. I also explain how Vitamin D and Cholesterol can be directly related, How to Lower Cholesterol and understanding Cholesterol Levels.

We also discuss Hormones and how the Keto Diet can sort of replace Hormones and why sticking with a Keto Diet may benefit your Hormones more than any Supplements.

Thanks for tuning into my channel.

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The two most common questions I get …

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2) “Doc, which Ketones-In-A-Can (aka exogenous ketones, BHB) do you recommend?”
EXOGENOUS KETONES BHB: Dr Boz BHB: (affiliate link) https://amzn.to/2GXLlSw

I don’t recommend these in everyone. I have times this is a great solution for my patients that are very overweight and trying to get used to burning ketones for fuel. All keto supplements should have magnesium in them. This one does.
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Best Antioxidant for Men | MultiVitamin for Women Isotonix OPC 3 Calcium Mineral

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Best Antioxidant for Men | MultiVitamin for Women Isotonix OPC 3 Calcium Mineral

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• Demonstrates anti-inflammatory activity and promotes joint health

Additional Benefits:
• Combats free radicals
• Helps maintain joint flexibility
• Helps reduce mild menstrual cramping and abdominal pain
• Helps support visual health/visual acuity
• Potent free radical scavenger
• Promotes healthy blood vessel dilation
• Promotes healthy nitric oxide levels
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• Supports healthy blood glucose levels
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• Supports healthy sperm quality
• Promotes sinus comfort
• Supports immune health

2. Isotonix® Multivitamin Get TOTAL Nutrition!
• Contains 100% or more of the Recommended Daily Value of essential vitamins & minerals
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Additional Benefits:
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• Promotes the conversion of food into energy
• Supports a healthy cardiovascular system
• Supports strong bones
• Promotes skin health
• May promote mental clarity
• Helps maintain normal blood pressure
• Supports a healthy thyroid
• Promotes normal healing
• Helps maintain normal metabolic functioning
• Promotes healthy growth and repair of tissue
• Helps maintain water and electrolyte balance in the body
• Contains vitamins that support the body’s ability to metabolize fats and carbohydrates and support a healthy body weight
• Provides vitamins and minerals associated with healthy body weight

3. Isotonix® Activated B-Complex
• Boost your B vitamins with our active forms of vitamins B6 & B12 & folic acid
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• Promotes a healthy nervous system, bone marrow & intestinal tract
• Promotes cardiovascular health
• Maintains healthy levels of serotonin, thereby decreasing stress & improving mood
Additional Benefits:
• Meets need for B vitamins in a vegetarian diet
• Promotes healthy levels of homocysteine
• Promotes normal cognitive performance
• Contains activated forms of select B vitamins to ensure optimal utilization by the body

4. Isotonix® Calcium Plus
• Essential for maintaining strong bones, healthy teeth and gums
• Supports skeletal health
• Promotes normal regulation of enzyme & hormone production
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Additional Benefits:
• Adequate calcium and vitamin D as part of a healthful diet, along with physical activity, may reduce the risk of osteoporosis in later life
• Plays a critical role in the normal contraction of skeletal and heart muscles
• Supports normal muscle use and performance
• Helps to maintain healthy immune functions and general wellbeing
• Helps maintain healthy cholesterol levels
• Supports proper nerve conduction

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Isotonix Multivitamin deliver essential 20 nutrients to help you basic essential need.

Isotonix Calcium plus has 5 different forms of calcium has zinc, magnesium, Vitamin D and Boron to ensure you have all the essential nutrient for maximum absorption. Most people are aware Calcium are good for the bones, do you know it essential for heart health, hormone production and nerve production, healthy teeth and muscle function and much more?

Isotonix Activate B Complex provides energy and boost metabolism. The activated form is selective B vitamin that immediately ready used by the body help break down carbohydrates, fast protein into energy. B vitamins also support immune health, red blood cell formation, decrease stress and improve mood along promote cognitive performance and nerve function.
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CONGRESS IS TAKING AWAY YOUR SUPPLEMENTS! – Vitamins, Minerals, Herbs, sports and Energy Supplements


On February 3, 2010, Senators John McCain and Byron Dorgan introduced S. 3002, a bill entitled, The Dietary Supplement Safety Act. The supposed purpose of the bill is to make dietary supplements “safer.” This is ironic because dietary supplements are already hundreds of times safer than either prescription or over-the-counter drugs.

The real purpose of this bill is to limit your access to dietary suppl ements. The government would tell you, the consumer, what dietary supplements you could and could not buy. There is little doubt that if this bill becomes law your choices will be drastically reduced, and many of the supplements you take today will become illegal. This misguided bill affects ALL dietary supplements, including vitamins, minerals, herbs, sports and diet products.

But, who is behind this bill? The answer is simple: big time sports leagues, especially Major League Baseball, which in recent years have been plagued by steroid scandals. Fearful that Congress will end their lucrative anti-trust exemption and require real drug testing, they have decided to make the supplement industry their scapegoat. When one of their players tests positive for steroids, they’d like people to think it must have been an adulterated dietary supplement.

Unless you want the government to tell you what supplements you can and cannot take, and unless you want to see your freedom of choice drastically reduced, you need to make your views known to your United States Senators.Tell them to oppose this terrible piece of legislation.

To make your views known, you can go to the Save Our Supplements website (SaveOurSupplements.org) to send a note in opposition to S. 3002 directly to your two Senators or you can use the website to get information to construct your own personal letter. Either way, you need to act immediately. Do not let Congress take away your right to buy and use dietary supplements.

Sanki Belage Kronuit Nutritional Supplement Nanotechnology Natural Vitamin Diet USA Powder Drink


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Sanki BelAge Kronuit
Supplements must have bioavailability to work. This simply means the body can absorb and use the nutrients in a supplement or product. To ensure bioavailability, Sanki Global uses two new and innovative technology platforms:

Fermentation technology — Traditional Japanese nutrition that produces health formulas with great efficacy.

Green Nanotechnology — To deliver bio-actives, and solve the challenge of “Bioavailability,”

Sanki uses 100% additive free ingredients, by using the original plant oil as a natural carrier-to allow better delivery and stability deep into the body on the cellular level.
Cellular Solutions
By focusing on health at the cellular level and regulating sugar metabolism, we seek to address health problems such as low energy, metabolic syndrome, obesity, diabetes, inflammation and other cardiovascular related sickness. Using technology that targets the microscopic cells in our body, we can target an important organ in sugar metabolism known as the mitochondria. These tiny components are the “energy engines” that determine our overall health. The mitochondria are almost impossible to reach by conventional supplements.

However, Sanki Global Nano-biotechnology breaks down pure natural ingredients into billions of tiny particles so they are small enough to pass through the cell walls and reach the mitochondria. The positive effects on health and well being are nothing less than remarkable. Sanki Mayor, has been formed exclusively to develop leading-edge well-being products that leverage the power of HYBRID-NUTRITION. Its scientific work in nutrition has already been certified by the International Society of Antioxidants in Nutrition and Health (ISANH), the American Anti-Aging Society, and the French Society of Antioxidants, among others.

ORISOD Ultra is a bioactive mixture that contains Polyphenol and Super Oxide Disutase (SOD) type antioxidants, obtained from Olive and Rosemary plant extracts. Delivered using Advanced Delivery System (ADS) technology, the active ingredients are able to combat and restore oxidative damage at the cellular level.

The Multi Reaction
ORISOD Ultra is a bioactive mixture that contains Polyphenol and Super Oxide Disutase (SOD) type antioxidants, obtained from Olive and Rosemary plant extracts. The Rosemay plant leaf has a high Carnosic Acid content along with other antioxidants, making it a unique oxidation fighter. On average, most antioxidants are able to react only once when first encountering a free radical. Carnosic Acid molecules have a multi reaction characteristic and are able to neutralize up to 4 free radicals at once.

Protecting Each Cell
BelAge™ works at the cellular level through the use of Nano- biotechnology with a patented innovation called Advanced Delivery System (ADS™). Its natural ingredients are delivered in particles so small, they bypass the destructive acids in the stomach and penetrate the barriers surrounding the mitochondria.

Nano-biotechnology in Action
Each dosage of BelAge™ delivers 14 trillion nanoparticles of antioxidants. That means four times the benefit to health and rejuvenation compared to similar ingredients without this technology.

In Action
Simply stated, BelAge™ assists the body to naturally heal itself and produce the energy needed for everyday life. BelAge’s active ingredients work in 4 amazing ways:

Reactivates natural antioxidants in the body by balancing the excess of free radicals within the cell and mitochondria.
Improves blood circulation, reducing the “browning” of fats and sugars.
Increases re-hydration at the cellular level by improving the functioning of the mitochondria.
Increases energy production acting where the body generates energy, the mitochondria.

PART 3: Zinc & Vitamin C supplements, My Daily Protocol!

Information on zinc and vitamin c, please consult your medical practitioner before starting any supplementation. I am not a medical professional.

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