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Nu U Nutrition Vegan Vitamin D 1,000 IU Review by Jess Beautician

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Description: Vitamin D3 Vegan 1,000 IU | 120 Softgels – 4 Month’s Supply | Allergen & GMO Free Vitamin D Supplement with Extra Virgin Olive Oil| Made in The UK by Nu U Nutrition

After breakfast is usually when I take my vitamins and I mentioned recently that I’d be using the new nutrition vitamin b12 spray and the other supplement I wanted to introduce into my diet was vitamin D I’ve been taking the vegan vitamin d3 or say from the nutrition which comes in the form of soft gels it’s a vegetable capsule shell and the vitamin C is extracted from lichens which is a type of fungi making it vegan friendly as is quite hard to find a vegan friendly vitamin D supplements since moving from a hot country back to a colder climate not getting as much Sun and working inside it’s a vitamin I felt I needed to start taking vitamins e contributes to the maintenance of normal teeth bones muscle function immune system and also the absorption of calcium in the intestines although I love the ease of spray version vitamins these soft gels are actually really small and are so easy to take especially being a gel capsule I just take one a day with a glass of water as I say usually with or just after breakfast new nutrition products are all UK made and they offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee all your money back so I’ll leave a link to their site as well as the product mentioned in the description box below this video.

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Vitamin B12 Oral Spray

In This Video, Innotech Nutrition’s social media manager Trevor Kouritzin talks about the benefits of our Vitamin B12 spray.

Vitamin B12 Oral Spray 30 ml

Vegan Source of Vitamin B12 Found in Fruit & More from Natural Products Expo East 2014

John from http://www.okraw.com/ shares with you the best products for people who live a raw vegan lifestyle at the industry-only Natural Products Expo East 2014. You will learn about the best natural products at this expo that may allow you to better the health of you and your family.

In this episode, you will discover:
02:23 Tigernuts – Edible Vegetable tuber known as the Chuffa. Sproutable and make delicious high carbohydrate raw flour. http://www.ourtrueroots.com/
06:26 Sugavida – Vegan source of Vitamin B12 all natural fruit sugar best sugar replacement superfood. http://www.sugavida.com
09:40 Raw Food Central – Real Kale Chips, Onion Rings that focus on fresh vegetables instead of a lot of nut dressings on the chips or rings. http://www.rawfoodcentral.com/
13:00 Raw Vegan Salad Dressings – Ranch, Cesar Salad Dressings, Raw Vegan Cheese Sauce, Creme Cheese based out of olive oil. http://www.rawfoodz.com
15:23 My Magic Mud – All natural vegan tooth whitener. Get your teeth whiter, and have a healthier mouth with the power of charcoal and minerals. http://www.mymagicmud.com
18:42 Fermented Raw Nut Cheese – Closest thing to real cheese raw vegan and delicious. Probiotic Rich Soft and hard cheeses. http://www.treelinecheese.com
20:07 Bees Wrap – Alternative to Saran Plastic Wrap to store your food and get more plastic out of your life. Thousands of uses. http://www.beeswrap.com
24:16 SuperCritical Co2 Extraction Systems – Make your own raw living essential oils, medicine and more with the apex super critical co2 extractors. http://www.apekssupercritical.com/
26:31 Fire Cider – Raw Fruit and Vegetable Infused Honey Vingar Beverage. Many healthy antioxidants and nutrients. http://www.firecider.com/
29:14 Living Baby Salad Greens – More tender, more nutritious, easier to digest. Still alive baby salad greens, many varieties. Cut, Eat and Enjoy or Grow into full size vegetables. http://www.radfarm.co

after watching this episode you will learn about the above products and so much more along the way.

VitaHealth Vitamin Infusion Drip Therapy

Multiple and a variety of vitamin infusion via IV Drips and pushes to include Myers Cocktail for optimal vitamin dosing and energy. We provide Myers Cocktail, Executive Rejuvenation Drips, Hangover/Fatigue Drips, Chronic Pain Drips, and Cold and Flu Drips. Also ask us about our Vitamin C and Glutathione Pushes.

8 Signs That You May Be Vitamin B12 Deficient!

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8 Signs That You May Be Vitamin B12 Deficiency!
Most people believe that the only cause of anemia is iron deficiency, but sometimes,
anemia can be a sign of low levels of vitamin B12.

A deficiency in this vitamin leads to numerous other symptoms as well, like muscle weakness,
low energy, appetite loss, weight loss, feeling breathless, poor vision, mouth sores, menstrual
disorders, and more.

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