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Animal Pak Vitamins – Multivitamin Review

Animal Pak Vitamins – Multivitamin Review
Amazon Link: http://amzn.to/2l5fhho

Or get it at A1 Supplements: http://www.anrdoezrs.net/click-8280081-11411606

Remember multivitamins are not meant to replace a balanced diet, but to fill in the missing pieces. Always maintain a balanced and healthy diet!

MOST COMPLETE MULTIVITAMIN TRAINING PACK: Animal Pak is loaded with Vitamins and Minerals along with; Amino Acids, An Antioxidant Complex, and Digestive Enzymes. All designed to keep your body running in top shape day in and day out.

– COMPLETE multivitamin with Amino Acids
– All in a convenient plastic pouch
– Energy increase an hour after taking
– Mood lifted

– 11 pills
– Smelly, yellow urine
– Higher price than other multi’s

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MY VITAMIN ROUTINE | What vitamins I take!

My vitamin routine! Talking about what daily vitamins and supplements I take, why I take these vitamins and supplements and some tips and tricks on how to remember to take your vitamins and supplements! Do you take daily vitamins and supplements? Let me know! to learn more or purchase any doTERRA vitamin at 25% off email elle@ellelindquist.com with “doTERRA inquiry” in the subject line.
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Pro Vitamin Complete! http:www.proimageteam.com/47231

Pro Vitamin Complete, Fruta Vida and Nzuri are great liquid vitamins that promotes longer, stronger hair and nails. Gives super energy too! Relieves stress and tention! www.twitter.com/regenias

Are Energy Drinks Bad? Too Many Chemicals | Caffeine (Unbiased)

Here we dress one of the most controversial topics ever. Enjoy! Its a must watch. This video is for you if you’ve ever had these questions:
-Are energy drinks safe?
-Are energy drinks okay?
-Are energy drinks killing you?
-Are energy drinks good for you?
-Are energy drinks healthy?
-Are energy drinks beneficial?

Time Stamp of Chemicals discussed:
1. (2:54)- Ginseng
2. (3:21)-Vitamin B’s
3. (3:42)- Sugar
4. (4:21)- Aspartame
5. (5:40)- Taurine
6. (5:55)- Green Tea Extract
7. (6:17)- Guarana
8. (6:36)-Green Coffee Extract
9. (6:43)- Ginkgo Biloba
10.(6:53)- L-Carnitine

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SUP FUTURE! This is just a review of the BPI Sports 24/7 muscle vitamin that was sent over by BPI.

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I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me -Philippians 4:13

Biblical Series VIII: The Phenomenology of the Divine

In the next series of stories, the Biblical patriarch Abram (later: Abraham) enters into a covenant with God. The history of Israel proper begins with these stories. Abram heeds the call to adventure, journeys courageously away from his country and family into the foreign and unknown, encounters the disasters of nature and the tyranny of mankind and maintains his relationship with the God who has sent him forth. He becomes in this manner a light in the world, and a father of nations.
How is this all to be understood? I am attempting in this lecture to determine precisely that. How are we, as modern people, to make sense of the idea of the God who reveals himself to a personality? How can we relate the details of the Abramic stories to our own lives, in the current world? In what frame of reference can these stories be seen to make sense, and to reveal their meaning?

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