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How to get Vitamin B12 the natural way

So how to solve this vegan dilemma? Well, it all starts with a load of bull dung or cow dung. You see, B12 is actually made from bacteria that lives in soil and is plentiful wherever farm animals live. Animals like cows eat grass, thus picking up bacteria that then creates B12 vitamin inside their stomachs. B12 is found naturally in manure fertilized soil and synthesized via bacteria which are present in the intestines of animals. In order for humans to acquire an adequate amount of B12 they must either obtain it from animal sources, fortified foods or multi-vitamins. When someone kills a cow this B12 is present in the meat and thus a carnivorous human does not usually have B12 deficiency. If someone takes dairy products they can also get remnants of B12, but a vegan misses out completely, unless they too live around farm animals and play and work in the same soils where the B12 bacteria exists.

To read more on this topic see: http://foodyogi.org/b12-deficiency/

It's Official, There's a Plant Source of B12

This plant has changed my paradigm about B12 being in plants and has also given me hope of a future highly eco-friendly superfood because of the protein and other nutrient content it possesses. FASCINATING!
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B12 Raised by Mankai more effectively (Also theory of B12 production):


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ALA 80% of total duckweed fatty acids:

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5 Vitamin B12 Absorption Problems to Avoid

Vitamin B12 absorption problems are one of the most common reasons to have low b12 or b12 deficiency. In this video we discuss the most common absorption issues and how to avoid them.


okay so you want to know more about b12 absorption and b12 deficiency. maybe you’ve been diagnosed with b12 deficiency or you have symptoms that seem to match b12 deficiency or someone told you to look into it. if so the logical next question many people ask is
how did this come about or why do I have b12 deficiency. you can guess from the title of this video that absorption of b12 is a common reason people have low b12. hi my name is dr. Robin Terranella and in my clinic I treat many different vitamin and nutrient deficiencies in fact. these are my go-to treatment options for many health issues because they’re so effective. in this video I’m gonna help you understand how vitamin b12 absorption issues come about, how you can avoid them, and what you can do about it. if you’ve already been experiencing low b12 or you think maybe you have some okay so first I’m going to list out the five most common reasons to have b12 deficiency and then I’ll explain a little bit more about each of them in case people don’t want to sit through the whole video you can see them five listed out here.

Vitamin B12 – Vesanto Melina

Vesanto Melina is a MS registered dietitian from Canada Vancouver.
She is one of the most authoritative vegan nutrition expert in the world.
Together with Brenda Davis she is the author of several important books like:
“Becoming Vegetarian”, “Becoming Vegan” and “Becoming Raw”.

In this interview she tells us about her position concerning the vitamin B12 on plant based diets:

“…some people want to have what they call a Natural Diet…we can produce a little bit of vitamin B12 in our saliva and a little in a lower part of our intestine but this part produced in the intestine is not absorbed and ….”

An interview by Massimo Leopardi for Veggie Channel:

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Vitamins B in Passion 4 Life Liquid Multivitamins: Scientific Update

Scientists and researchers estimate that there are well over 100 vitamins in Vitamin B Complex which all work together. This is why it so important to take a B-complex vitamin from a whole food based liquid product rather than a synthetic vitamin. Charles Van Kessler explains.

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How I Stay Healthy with Nature Made

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I don’t usually sleep very well. I think about everything that I need to do the next day and sometimes obsess over an interaction or email that did not go exactly how I would have hoped. I also have a dog that wakes me up a few nights per week to go to the bathroom and then I have a hard time going back down. I have been using Nature Made Melatonin Gummies to go to bed at the time that I want and to sleep through the night without extraneous thoughts keeping me up!

During the day, I don’t have a ton of energy. I am not sure if it is related to the sleep issues or being a little overweight. I have always been tired during the day and need extra energy to get through it. The Nature Made VitaMelts® Energy is easy to take twice daily for energy boosts. They provide 1500 mcg of Vitamin B12 in a great tasting, fast-melting tablet. They Support cellular energy production in the body.