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TOP 3 REASONS to use Vitamin C! WATCH THIS before you choose your Vitamin C!

Disclaimer: This video is not intended to provide diagnosis, treatment or medical advice. Content provided on this Youtube channel is for informational and entertainment purposes only. Please consult with a physician or other healthcare professional regarding any medical or skin related diagnosis or treatment options. Information on this Youtube channel should not be considered as a substitute for advice from a healthcare/skin professional. The statements made about specific products throughout this video are not to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease. It is important that you check labels to determine if a product is right for you. Before starting any treatment at home consult a health care or skin care professional to determine if it’s right for you. In this video I am sharing 4 types of vitamin C and how you can choose a vitamin C to suit your individual skin. There are 3 concerns I will address: Acne, hyperpigmentation, overall aging (lines, wrinkles, sagging skin, tone, and pigment)….There is a vitamin C that is right for each of those! Choosing the right one can make the biggest difference to your skin!
I have searched for formulas that look good based on their ingredient deck. I HAVE NOT tried every one of these products so you may want to further investigate your options and look at reviews etc. After hours of searching I think I have found the best options for you to look in to. 🙂
SOME of the links are affiliate (some are not) and if you use them to shop I will receive a commission. I really appreciate your support of this channel!

L-ascorbic Acid based vitamin C recommendations:
Drmtlgy CE Ferulic 2.2-3.2 PH 1oz/ $69 Use code PENNY20 for 20% off (not affiliate, just a discount for you)
Advanced C E Ferulic

Skinceutical CE ferulic patented formula 2.5-3.0 PH 1oz/$166
Timeless CE Ferulic 2.4 PH 1oz/$26
Maelove the Glowmaker 3.2 PH 1oz/$28
Glow Maker
Paula’s Choice C15 Super Booster 3.0 PH .67oz/$49
Dermstore: https://go.magik.ly/ml/t9rc/
Amazon: https://amzn.to/39ITXJs

Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate recommendations:
Mad Hippie Vitamin C $27 1oz

Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate options:
Le Mieux Vita-C serum
Amazon: https://amzn.to/36nHU1S
Skin Beautiful RX (use penn20 code at checkout for 20% off your order. This is an affiliate code!)
The Ordinary Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate:
BabyFace vitamin C (this one looks interesting at 15% MAP)
MAP Vitamin C Serum (15% Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate)

Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate Options:
Peter Thomas Roth Potent-C 1oz/$98
Revision 15% Vitamin C 1oz/$90
I am SEARCHING for affordable options. I will update this as I find them!!

You can visit my Amazon Lists Here:

Vitamin C Supports A Healthy Immune System And Creates Radiant Skin

http://www.thenaturalguide.com – Vitamin C is an essential water-soluble vitamin that cannot be manufactured in the body. Vitamin C is required for the synthesis of collagen, which is a protein that is a major structural component of skin, blood vessels, tendons, ligaments and bone. Vitamin C is important in supporting proper immune function. Vitamin C also serves as a powerful antioxidant that protects our cells from free radical damage and degeneration.

Vitamin C Functions
• Strong Immune System
• Builds collagen (elastic, young looking skin—anti-aging!)
• Antioxidant (protects cells from damage and degeneration)

Vitamin C Deficiency Symptoms
• Scurvy: bleeding gums, poor wound healing and extensive bruising
• Cardiovascular disease
• Weak immune function

Vitamin C Food Sources
• Citrus fruits
• Vegetables, such as broccoli, kale, peppers, potatoes and Brussels sprouts
• Maximum vitamin C is attained from fresh foods

Vitamin C Supplementation
• Ascorbic acid (most popular) — tablets, capsules, powders, etc.
• Buffered ascorbic acid (to lesson gastrointestinal irritation)
• Mineral ascorbate (sodium ascorbate & calcium ascorbate are most popular)
• Oral: 1 Gram to 9 Grams per day
• Intravenous (IV): 15 grams to 75 grams (by a medical professional)

Conditions Effectively Treated With Vitamin C
• Scurvy
• Cardiovascular disease
• Cancer
• Diabetes
• Common cold
• Asthma
• Allergies
• Cataracts

Vitamin C Resources
Book: Encyclopedia of Nutritional Supplements by Dr. Michael Murray, N.D.

On-Camera Host
Dr. Angela Agrios, ND

Video Produced by Larry Cook

Ascorbic Acid vs REAL Vitamin-C – Dr. Schulze Weekly BLOG

In this week’s short video, Dr. Schulze shares the difference between synthetic Ascorbic Acid and Natural Vitamin-C! Explore real vitamin C products: https://www.herbdoc.com/superc-plus

Most people don’t realize that Ascorbic Acid, which is found in nearly EVERY Vitamin-C supplement on the market, is a synthetic, toxic acid. It’s not found in a tangerine or in an orange—it’s a chemical!

Watch as Dr. Schulze illuminates the audience on how to get REAL Vitamin-C into your body and get rid of the synthetic chemicals.

See you next week!

Watch the weekly Dr. Schulze blog on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLn-8QCtXkfZjmTUibUbgkpk5jgpLj1_Hf

Each week Dr. Schulze gives you the BEST tips, information and education to Create Powerful Health at https://www.herbdoc.com/blog.

Dr. Schulze also suggests that you view the entire video archive to further educate yourself on Natural Healing and Herbal Medicine. This will EMPOWER you to “take charge”, heal yourself and increase your resistance to doctors, drugs and hospitals.

If you are interested in his clinical herbal products and programs, go to American Botanical Pharmacy at https://www.herbdoc.com or call 1-800-HERB-DOC (1-800-437-2362).

Recharge Your Adrenals! Benefits of Vitamin C, Vitamin B5, Schizandra Berry, Ashwagandha, Amla Berry


Shawn Visits Bonaire and talks about 6 simple beginning steps to help overcome Adrenal Fatigue.

Why people do not realize they have adrenal fatigue

Easily obtainable foods that start helping the adrenals immediately

The adrenals cannot function without Vitamin C, and the adrenals require more Vitamin C than any other organ in the body.

The more stressed you are, the more Vitamin C your adrenals will burn through.

I show you easy to obtain sources of Vitamin C, and my favorite source of not only Vitamin C, but polyphenols, bioflavonoids, and other key constituents, all in one easy to obtain herb.

What bee product contains a critical vitamin your adrenals require

Not all adaptogen herbs will help with adrenal fatigue, some adaptogens will make it WORSE, I tell you which ones have been shown to help.

Three of the Foundational Areas of your life you must first address to begin adrenal support instead of continuing to stress the adrenals.

Liposomal Vitamin C powerful antioxidant anti-inflammatory organic ingredients Non-GMO. part 1

Liposomal Vitamin C Ascorbic Acid form is a powerful Antioxidant anti-Inflammatory organic ingredients non GMO healthy living best food supplement suggested by doctors for heart health blood pressure cholesterol diabetes muscle recovery energy
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Natural vs Synthetic Vitamins Part 4: Vitamins B-12, C, D, E, and K

Is there cyanide in vitamin supplements? Are there any concerns about B complex vitamins? Is ascorbic acid made from corn sugar processed with nail polish remover? How do food vitamins and USP isolated vitamins look? Do most supplements with vitamin C and vitamin E have real antioxidant abilities? Did the first form of vitamin D humans created help prevent rickets? What are synthetic vitamins made from? What are food vitamins made from? What are “food based” vitamins? This information is intended for health care professionals. None of the statements in the video or the recommended articles has been reviewed by the US FDA or similar authorities. More information can be found at www.doctorsresearch.com

NutrineLife Vitamin C Tablets review विटामिन सी की कमी को पूरा करने का सबसे अच्छा स्त्रोत !

NutrineLife Vitamin C Tablets review विटामिन सी की कमी को पूरा करने का सबसे अच्छा स्त्रोत !
Vitamin C:
It is one of the most important vitamins that our bodies crave as it plays an important role in supporting the immune system and is a powerful antioxidant that boasts a number of healthy anti-ageing benefits. It is one of the essential vitamins which must be obtained through diet or supplementation.

Primarily was known as an immunity booster, vitamin C also helps to absorb iron, neutralize free radicals.

NutrineLife Vitamin C tablets are easy to swallow and gentle on the stomach

NutrineLife Vitamin C is imperative to overall health and well-being. It does not contain any artificial flavours, colours, or preservatives, and is soy-free, GMO-free, sugar-free, gluten-free, yeast-free and dairy-free.

NutrineLife Vitamin C helps in the functioning of white blood cells, which are vital components of the immune system. Vitamin C is also formulated for the production of collagen, skin, bone, and joint health. It helps neutralize cell-damaging free radicals in your body.

NutrineLife Vitamin C is made with natural flavours and contains no artificial sweeteners.


Enhances the immune system for seasonal health conditions
Promotes Healthy Vision
Helps maintain healthy tissue in the body
Stimulates collagen Production to slow the ageing process in skin
Powerful antioxidant supports for protection against harmful free radicals

Regular dosage of NutrineLife Vitamin C tablets imparts fresh energy in people of all age groups. It is always easy to swallow and gentle on the stomach.
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Benefits Of Vitamin C 2017

Benefits Of Vitamin C 2017 – http://www.liliasahmeira.com/

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