Drink This Juice To Prevent and Treat Varicose Veins

We all know that there are no miracles when it comes to eliminating varicose veins. However, through good nutrition and exercise, we can reduce its incidence and avoid deep vein thrombosis (otherwise known as a blood clot).

If your varicose veins are at a very advanced stage, be sure to speak with your doctor immediately so that he can help you find the appropriate treatment for them.

But if they don’t yet require a doctor’s care, you should really know that this beet and parsley drink can be useful, whether you have simple superficial varicose veins or the deep ones.

Its benefits are exceptional and very specific: it helps improve the circulation in the legs, as well as the health of the veins. Varicose veins tend to occur because of a combination of genetics and lifestyle. However, there are many ways to prevent them or at least fight against them.

For example, if your mother suffers or has suffered from varicose veins, you need to consider this so you can either keep them from cropping up or getting worse.

Something as simple as avoiding a sedentary lifestyle and maintaining a diet rich in antioxidants, water, fresh fruits, and vegetables can help tremendously.

Among all these foods that you can consume in your everyday diet, there are two that you can’t leave out: beets and parsley. Not only will you see quick, overall health benefits through this natural drink, it’s very effective in fighting varicose veins.

Beets take care of our blood vessels.

If your legs have been feeling really heavy for several days, or if they are always tired and swollen, don’t hesitate to try this beet and parsley juice.

Because beet juice is rich in nitrates, it improves your circulation.

Natural beet juice is rich in nitrates, which open the blood vessels thanks to nitric oxide. This nitric oxide lets oxygen flow freely and lowers blood pressure.

In addition, this colorful root contains betaine, a powerful antioxidant with anti-inflammatory properties that also has anti-fungal properties and works to detoxify the body.

The beet helps take care of the liver, giving priority to basic processes like the purification of the blood and the synthesis of certain hormones.

Also, don’t forget that the magnesium present in its pulp will greatly facilitate the correct blood circulation.

Parsley leaves contain two very powerful elements to reduce and treat our varicose veins: luteolin and vitamin C.

These two components act as great anti-inflammatory agents that, consumed regularly, will reduce the possibility of thrombosis, as well as alleviate the swelling and weight of the legs.

Parsley contains a large “arsenal” of antioxidants capable of purifying our body and maintaining blood circulation.

Parsley is rich in potassium, a mineral essential for regulating blood pressure and fighting hypertension.


– 1 beet
– 1 tablespoon of parsley (5 g)
– 1 glass of water (200 ml)
– The juice of ½ lemon


Choose a medium, not overripe beet. The best way to benefit from its properties is to consume it fresh. You only have to wash it well, peel it and cut it into 4 pieces to make the process easier.

Then, thoroughly wash the parsley leaves. Although they have a very strong flavor, it is worth it to include them in this natural drink to reduce the incidence of varicose veins.

In the blender, just add the water, the lemon juice, the parsley and the beet.

Blend well until you get a smooth drink.

We recommend drinking this juice in the mornings, about three times a week. That way, our circulation and endurance will be improved, and we’ll start the day with more energy.

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Table of Contents
1) Archaea 03:23
a) Methanogens 04:02
b) Extremophiles 04:24

2) Bacteria 05:24:2
3) Gram Positive 06:50
a) Proteobacteria 07:15
b) Cyanobacteria 07:30
c) Spirochetes 07:42
d) Chlamydias 07:52

4) Protists 08:12
a) Protozoa 09:03
b) Algae 09:54
c) Slime Molds 11:13

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