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Indium Sulfate Vitamin Supplement Benefits

Indium sulfate supplement 2 mg of 99.9% pure indium per drop. The Youth Mineral by MILLIONS of PaRticles , Indium is an Energy Booster, Helps with Chronic Pain, Indium will relax you.

Vitamins: The Sparkplugs Of Energy, Vitality And Metabolism

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#026 Running in English | English Speaking Practice

#026 Running in English | English Speaking Practice

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• I’m gonna talk about running or jogging.

• Next, through a mini-history lesson, you’ll practice vocabulary, and above all, you’ll improve your spoken English.

Running began in the United States as a sport enjoyed only in youth programs, colleges, or at professional levels.
But in the 1970’s Americans rapidly grew interested in participating in the sport as amateurs. Publications started talking about the benefits of jogging. Many studies argued about the natural skill of jogging that belonged to humans. It’s when running became mainstream and fun.
How To Start Running
I know it’s tempting to just go out and run as fast as you can for as long as you can. However, keep in mind that if you want to run longer, feel stronger you’ll need to be very patient.
Experts recommend to start by adding one minute of running for every four minutes of walking, and gradually increase your running time so that eventually you’ll be running for twice the amount of time that you spend walking.
Your main goal is to get fit without getting hurt. Going far too fast, before your body’s ready is one of the most common causes of injuries. You can stay injury-free by gradually building up the time you spend walking and running, increasing the time by no more than 10 percent from week to week.
Footwear Footwear is logically the most important element. Running shoes are often called sneakers. You can find all kinds of footwear and for all possible conditions.

For example, you can find running shoes for hard surfaces, mixed, waterproof, with drop or no drop (that means whether you raise your heel or not), minimalist, etc.

As for the minimalist sneakers, they became fashionable about 7 years ago or so. They are lightweight and almost unprotected. The idea behind the minimalist sneakers is to be able to run as if you were barefoot.
Now it seems that minimalist sneakers are no longer fashionable. I’ve noticed that lately most sneakers come with a memory foam. They seem to be more comfortable but I’m not sure if there’re the best option when it comes to running.
The truth is that people spend a lot of money on sneakers, since a good pair of them usually cost more than $100, and sneakers don’t last long.
The ClothesSome years ago, runners wore anything. A cotton T-shirt, shorts and running pants. Today, runners use synthetic materials that allow sweat to dry quickly. There are winter and summer clothes for running. If you go to a sports shop you’ll be surprised by the huge variety.
The Backpack or RucksackThis too has become popular. A backpack is what you carry behind your back and you can put things inside like water, some food, etc. But of course, you can’t carry any rucksack.You’ll need a running backpack. These backpacks are designed so that you can run with them without any discomfort. Some even have a water tank. You can drink through a tube. This type of rucksack is mainly used by those who run many miles.

The GPSSo, what if when you go running you get lost? You need a gps! The truth is that it’s motivating to know how many miles you’ve run, your pace, etc. Many people use mobile apps to keep track, but the cell phone sometimes doesn’t work well. I prefer a GPS watch. These watches work very well and never lose the signal like the cell phones.

What did a runner do a few years ago before a race? Well, he or she just ate a sandwich or a banana and they were good to go.
Now amateur athletes tend to use very specific supplements. There are protein supplements, vitamin supplements; sports drinks; energy gels; energy bars; etc. The lists seem endless. I don’t really know if these supplements are very effective, but people seem to spend hundreds of dollars every year on such supplements.

#026 Running in English | English Speaking Practice

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L-Theanine 200 mg: This amino acid is associated with a relaxed but alert state and may promote healthy cognitive function, as well as reduced stress, without causing drowsiness.

Pure MCT Oil: MCTs (Medium chain triglycerides) are derived from sustainably sourced coconut and palm kernel oil which requires little enzymatic breakdown and is readily available to be used by the liver for energy production without the requirement of insulin and with no effect on blood sugar. and

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Nectar Of Longevity ~Shilajit Benefits~ Energy & Metabolism ~Uplifting the Veil ~ Reverse Aging~

Fulvic Acid Mineral Pitch~ Reverse damage and repair the cells at the cellular level with the Miraculous Shilajit Mineral Pitch. Halt the aging process and repair damage that has inflicted your body with toxic vibrations…. Thank you~ I will make a shorter video on shilajit and advise on how I purchased mine. My advice would be to watch that video, but in the mean time just do your homework and research on this miraculous medicinal. I like the brands that are raw, the only processing of the shilajit needs to be water purification(If it is subjected to more than this, often this will deplete the mineral content). Raw purified organic shilajit, and many companies sell this divine medicinal. Try to buy direct. Meaning a company that supports the local native people who have been harvesting this medicinal for years. Lotus blooming herbs makes a wonderful resin, but there are many other brands I have tried and will share more regarding this in a future video.
My videos are NOT instructional, and make no claims of anything regarding healing. If one is extremely toxic and taking toxic prescriptions medications please seek the advice of a health care practitioner….
Thank you so much~ I will release that longer version of this video if someone requests to see it, otherwise I may let this one stand alone. I plan on going more in depth with shilajit in future videos, but wanted to start with this one and hopefully you are excited to try some.
I am very grateful for you love and support. Comments of healing are being left on the channel and this is wonderful. Please feel free to comment your testimony on any of these videos if you feel inclined to do so. Often simply sharing our experiences with others, through a comment, can help another soul uplift the veil and encourage them to continue pressing into the live amino acids….
Thank you, thank you, Thank you~ Have a blessed day~

The Best Brain Foods That Helps Increase Your Memory!

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Brain foods are good for your memory and brain. However, if your really want to start remembering more you are going to need a system. My memory training system is at the link below

More brain foods:

What are the top brain foods to improve your memory?

I do have a list of my best brain foods and this would be it

1. Eat whole grains for a steady supply of energy to your brain. This is a a great brain and memory food.
2. Eat oil fish (Salmon, trout, mackerel, herring). Essential fatty acids cannot be made by the body and must be obtained through a diet. You can get this from Omega 3 pills as well. Flax seed, pumpkin seeds are also a source
3. Eat more blueberries. They have antioxidants that are helpful for the brain.
4. Tomatoes. They protect against free radical damage
5. B6, B12 and folic acid prevent against brain shrinkage
6. Walnuts are the top nuts for brain health. Just a quarter cup of walnuts provide the daily intake for DHA
7. Avocados are healthy brain foods. It is a healthy fat and promotes good blood flow and is one of my favorite brain foods.
8. Dark chocolate has powerful antioxidant properties that protect brain and is a natural stimulant and is a top brain food.
9. Broccoli has significant amounts of vitamin K and that is going to be good for your memory and brain
10. Curry. Curry has turmeric in it and this spice is helpful to your brain and memory. If I could eat curry every day I would (and I guess I can!) and the reason I love it as one of my best brain foods is the taste. But the benefits for my memory and brain are real.

There are many things that you can do to help your memory and your brain and diet is one of the first things you can start with easily.

It is not on this list but drinking plenty of water is also great for your brain.

I hope you benefit from my list of healthy brain foods let me know in comments your favorite or if you have any I should had to my next list of top brain foods for memory

Vitamin B12: Good For Your Organs, But Watch Out If You're Prone To Zits

Vitamin B12 supplementation has long been popular among DIY nutritionists. After all, a B12 deficiency can lead to fuzzy thinking, fatigue, and even numbness or tingling in the arms and legs. Still, if you are prone to acne, you might want to be careful with B12 supplements. According to Allure Magazine, excessive vitamin B12 might make your skin break out. In 2015, scientists added vitamin B12 to P. acnes growing in a petri dish. Turns out, the P. acnes produced porphyrins, which promote inflammation in acne. Yikes. If you do happen to experience a breakout, use a cleanser with salicylic acid “o help remove excess oil from the skin and exfoliate dead cells.


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