✑ Dulse seaweed contains contains all trace elements needed by humans. It’s one of the most powerful & inexpensive seaweeds you can buy. I’ve used Dulse seaweed for over 6 years now. On this video find out 4 benefits of Dulse seaweed aka Dulse, atlantic dulse.

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Some of the dulse seaweed benefits include being good for the thyroid, being a natural source of vitamin b12, being good for the brain, containing core elements needed for brain development such as copper and omega 3 and lastly it’s very tasty. There are other benefits that are similar to other algae like sea moss but as i’ve mentioned them on previous videos, i didn’t mention those same benefits on this video. Some of these benefits include energy and immune health.

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Eat Your Dirt: Natural Vitamin B12 And Where To Find The Best B12 Supplement

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The cultural history and health benefits of eating dulse.


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4 HERBS in my pre-workout smoothie (Natural supplements)

✑ Boost energy, muscle mass, strength, and exercise performance with these 4 simple herbs I add to my pre-workout smoothie. Natural supplements from mother nature.

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✑ All herbs mentioned are powdered herbs:
1 – Haritaki powder
2 – Hemp powder
3 – Maca powder
4 – Ashwaghanda powder
5 – Cacao powder **bonus**

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