What is Vitamin B3 (Niacin) good for? + Foods High in Vitamin B3

This video is about your Daily Value of Vitamin B3

We all have heard that vitamins and minerals are good for us, but have you ever wondered what Vitamin B3 is good for? What about the foods that are rich in vitamin B3?
Check out this video to help find these answers!

Well Niacin helps reduce bad LDL cholesterol while increasing your good hdl cholesterol thus aiding in preventing strokes and heart attacks, it increases blood flow to skin which means it helps with cold feet and hands caused by bad circulation, and aids in erectile dysfunction. It helps treat diabetes and Pellagra which is a disease commonly caused by a niacin deficiency, Pellagra is characterized by (skin changes, nerve dysfunction, mental disturbances, and diarrh oea.) Furthermore this vitamin helps to increases energy levels and aids in digestion and achieving healthy skin.

Food Sources:

¼ cup Peanuts – 30%
A tablespoons of Nutritional Yeast – 21%,
¼ of cup of sunflower seeds – 18%
3 small Potatoes, a cup of green peas and Brown rice – 14%
A medium sized Avocado, and a small sweet potato – 13%,
A medium sized corn – 7%.
A medium sized slice of cantaloupe, two small tomatoes, and a medium sized carrot – 5%
½ a cup of cooked Asparagus – 4%.

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