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Are Sports Drinks Safe and Effective?

Commercial influences may have corrupted American College of Sports Medicine hydration guidelines.

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That’s one of my personal fave videos of late. Got all the things I love: sweeping historical context, corporate malfeasance, myth busting—you name it! Hope it was as good for you as it was for me 🙂

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-Michael Greger, MD FACLM

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Vitamin Code – Multi Vitamin for Men

A quick look at the Vitamin Code multivitamin for men supplement. In this video I give you my thoughts and opinion of using it so far. Please don’t hesitate to leave feedback on this supplement so that others can learn of you experience too.

How to charge your body in the morning? healthy breakfast

Do you want to know the way, how to charge your body in the morning nutritious and healthy? // Как быстро, полезно и питательно зарядить свой организм с утра и помочь нашему организму быстро получить энергию из пищи? Начинанием рубрику с идеями для завтраков!
#healthybreakfastbro_ #healthybro_👇👇

🇬🇧 We will describe which products contain correct carbohydrates and nutrients.
U will need:
1⃣ Soy milk – 2 cups (you can use Rice/cow/almond milk)
2⃣ 1 Apple 🍏
3⃣ 1 Banana 🍌
4⃣ 1cm of ginger root / tbs of ginger powder
5⃣ 1,5 tablespoon of bran (can be replaced by fiber)
6⃣ a pinch of dry Cinnamon
7⃣ 2 pieces of 99% Chocolate / tablespoon of cocoa powder
8⃣ ½ handfull of Nuts and dried fruits
✔️All mix in blender ✔️
☑️ Due to the fact that all the components are mixed in a blender we get drinking breakfast. Liquid food absorbed much faster and better, and our body spends a minimum of energy and time trying to digest it! ☑️👌👍
✅ Milk. Soy contains almost all amino acids, rich in proteins, does not contain fat and completely free of cholesterol. Soy milk is in this sense a great solution for prevention. While choosing soy products, take one without GMOs.
✅ Apple. Pectin contained in apples is very useful for our digestion. It forms a gel that protects our intestines from toxic substances, stimulates peristalsis, and ulluchshaet bowel function, as well pectin lowers cholesterol.
✅ Banana strengthen heart muscle, lower blood pressure in hypertensive patients, reduce the level of cholesterol.
✅ Ginger – a super-potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent. In rheumatoid arthritis, the consumption of ginger helps to reduce joint pain and improve mobility.
✅ Bran. Excellent cleanse our digestive tract from bacteria, fungi, pesticides, and other harmful substances. Bran as a sponge, are excellent in our intestines, clearing it. Cholesterol, also decreases, the consumption of bran.
✅ Cinnamon. Helps to reduce cholesterol levels in the bloods. Also helps to cleanse the liver and choleretic system.
✅ Chocolate. Great for prevention of cardiovascular disease. Experts believe that, thanks to this property, bitter chocolate saves from heart attack and stroke! 💪
✅Nuts, dried fruits. Almond contains high levels of vitamin E. This vitamin is one of the most important antioxidants, which does not allow the cells to age prematurely and protects the body from free radical damage. Walnuts save with vitamin deficiency, as well as a lack of body salts of cobalt and iron. Raisin is one of the most useful types of dried fruits and practically no different from fresh grapes, as it saves 70-80% of the vitamins and minerals 100%

Liposoal Vitamin C and Vitamin E Combination

A talk about the Liposomal Vitamin C and Vitamin E Combination

Aurora Liposomal Vitamin C

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Recovering from Chronic fatigue with IV NAD therapy

As an entrepreneur and life coach, Paul regained his energy, focus and creativity through treatment with IV NAD+ Therapy.

Walk through the video to listen to Paul’s story and his experience in how NAD+ helped him recover from Chronic Fatigue.

Video Transcription:

I am a public speaker and a very
creative person I write copy and I’m, I
guess you would say a life coach and a
business coach and so the way I ran into
NAD+; what happened is over the past few
years I had been growing increasingly
fatigued to the point where I could
maybe work a couple hours in the morning
and then I couldn’t get out of bed till
5:00, so Tom saw that I was really
suffering and he said dude you need to
come into the clinic and try something
I come from a family where clinical
depression is a is shot through the
whole family and I’ve suffered from it
on and off my entire life I’ve taken
dips and come back up so I been through
different kinds of antidepressants and
they had not consistently
I’m sorry
they haven’t sometimes they work
sometimes they don’t and I was in a very
bad way I have a lot of work to do I’m
starting a couple of new creative
projects basically I was on stall mode
and ready to crash and so what
happened from there is I came in to the
clinic and I did not make this very
clear I did one bag of NAD+ that was
eight hours I know the course of
treatment for people who have a drug
addiction and other stuff is much longer
did one eight hour bag and so that was
on a Sunday Sunday night I felt better
Monday I went nuts my creativity and
focus came back and I had not had that
since 2007 what happened is from 2011 to
2013 I just lost the ability to sleep I
went through for two years of insomnia I
think that just wrecked my ability to
think and I’ve been sliding and sliding
sliding so he said let’s try some nad
patches and 80-plus patches slapped the
patches on me it was working immediately
I had incredibly vivid dreams like some
of the most vivid lucid dreams of my
the night that I did the patches in the
afternoon and that night I had
incredibly lucid dreams
fire up before something along those
lines so that was a really cool side
benefit to me that’s not a side effect
that’s a side benefit but it really
worked for me
and then I figured this is pretty
amazing stuff and they were very very
nice to me I have to compliment the
people let me take a side draft that
people here are super cool feels more
like a family like they’re welcoming you
and I think they’ve seen the results
with other people so I think part of
their mindset is yeah yeah just wait
till you see how this works so it was
really cool to be welcomed by them that
was really nice I woke up and it was
like an aperture from a camera lens
opened up in my head and suddenly all
these creative connections that I only
could occasionally get to when I
happened to not be tired just popped
open my brain lit up I sat down for
three and a half four hours and I banged
out a first draft of a sales piece I
swear to you I couldn’t get near it I
just couldn’t do it
I’ve been trying for 30 days so I
figured you know what this is not a cost
this is an investment where do you get
301 return on your investment that’s
legal I don’t know so if I need to come
in and four months from now and do
another bag I’ll do another bag like
that won’t be a problem for me but it
also did a lot for my physical energy um
I just turned 59 and so I can work out
and not be tired but this has had such
an effect on my mood because my mood is
consistently really really good really
good I still have my if I have a down
day instead of it lasting all day it’ll
last for maybe 10 minutes in the morning
it’s honestly really genuinely saved my


About NAD+ Treatment Center:

The NAD+ Treatment Center Detox Method is a state of the Art Treatment for Drug Addiction Recovery. This Specialized Detox Method helps to diminish the effects of addiction and substance abuse on the brain and naturally restores proper brain function.

We believe intravenous NAD+ is the most effective first step in treating drug addiction and alcohol dependence. Patients report little to no withdrawal symptoms when going through detox from opiates and alcohol. Following treatment, patients generally report a reduction in cravings, increased energy, and improved mood.

About Our Medical Director:

Dr. Aimie Apigian, Medical Director at NAD+ Treatment Center is a Functional Medicine physician, with two masters degrees in health related science. She is also certified in Nutritional Approach to Addictions and Mental Health, Instinctual Trauma Response Model art therapy, and Somatic Experience trauma therapy. She has studied under Dr. Allan Schore, “The Modern Father of Attachment Theory”, has been mentored by leading physicians in Psychosomatic Medicine, and has 4 years of training and practice in Addiction Medicine.

Please call 844-623-7587.
For more information or learn more here​

What Supplements I Take During Pregnancy 🔅 Links to all the products mentioned in this video:

MegaFood Baby & Me Herb Free:
Garden of Life Vitamin Code Raw Prenatal:

Cod Liver Oil:
Green Pastures fermented cod liver oil:
Sonne’s Cod Liver Oil:
Carlson’s Super Cod Liver Oil:

Butter Oil/Vitamin K2:
High Vitamin Butter Oil:
Vitamin K2:

B Vitamins:
Vitamin Code B Complex:
Vitamin B6:

Pure Encapsulations Magnesium Citrate:
Ancient Minerals Magnesium spray:

Natren Probiotic:
Klaire Labs Probiotic:
Dr. Ohrika Bio-K:

Digestive Aids:
Digestive enzymes from Vitamin Code:
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Here are all my fav products for natural living:

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Vitamin e capsule for skin | vitamin e capsules for hair | vitamin e capsules for skin whitening

Vitamin e capsule for skin | vitamin e capsules for hair | vitamin e capsules -hello friends this vedio show you that vita-E best anti aging capsules which prevent anti aging problem.It contain vitamin-E 400iu which is increase the anti oxident property in the cell & decrease the cell death property as a results our skin prevent from anti aging problem ,For more details about this homeopathy product see this vedio or click below link- Best Anti Aging cream ,click below link- website- How to cure psoriasis permanently- how to cure tonsil in one day – how to cure eczema permanently – gastritis homeopathy medicine – vigoura hy power homeopathy medicine – how to cure erectile dysfunction - how to cure arthritis permanently – how to cure dry eczema permanently-

Monster Reign Energy Drink VS Bang Energy Drink; Monster Reign Product Review

In this video, Monster Reign Energy Drink VS Bang Energy Drink, the battle begins between the two heavy hitters Bang Energy Drink and the new Monster Reign energy drink. And let the lawsuits fly! More below…
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That’s right, Monster Reign Energy Drink and Bang Energy Drink are always in court for lawsuits. Monster has filed 3 lawsuits against VPX (Bang Energy Drink) and hasn’t won a single case. Bang Energy Drink just filed a lawsuit against Monster Reign for title infringement and several other suits.

So, who is going to win the battle when it comes to ingredients AND flavor? Watch Monster Reign Energy Drink VS Bang Energy Drink to find out my take on it. Then, leave your thoughts in my comments section.

Additionally in this video, I do a Monster Reign Energy Drink Product Review. I previously did several Bang Energy Drink reviews, so if you want to check those out, you can…but for this video, I felt Monster needed its own Monster Reign Energy Drink review and taste test.

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Please be responsible with your caffeine and keep it out of reach of children and pets.

All you need to know about VITAMIN B12 | explained by Axel

This video explains everything you need to know about Vitamin B12.
From where it’s found naturally to how much it’s recommended to supplement with.

All sources can be found in this article:

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POWER PAK от PURE NUTRITION – Витаминен пак за покачване на имунитет, сила и енергия

Power Pak – Запомни това име, защото ние го създадохме за теб. От спортуващи за спортуващи, от професионалисти за професионалисти. Перфектната формула от мултивитамини и минерали! Зареден с оптимални количества витамини, минерали, антоксиданти, аминокиселини и рибено масло, Power Pak осигурява на твоето тяло нужните хранителни вещества за максимално възстановяване и тонус. Още в самото начало създадохме Power Power Pak като продукт, който самите ние бихме искали да иползваме, получавайки възможно най-доброто съчетание от микро- и макронутриенти, без да е нужно да преглъщаме повече от 10 таблетки наведнъж.

Какво съдържа Power Pak
Тук няма да откриеш евтини и ненужни съставки. В Power Pak са включени единствено високопотентните и добре усвоими солни и хелатни форми на витамините и минералите, изключвайки евтините и нискокачествени карбонатни и оксидни форми използвани масово във формулите на пазара. Рибеното масло в Power Pak е лабораторно тествано за чистота от тежки метали и други замърсители, затова може да бъдеш сигурен какво слагаш в Твоето тяло.

За кого е подходящ Power Pak
Независимо дали си елитен атлет, запален любител или някой, който иска най-доброто от своите мултивитамини, Power Pak е всичко това от което се нуждаеш, затова не се колебай, а дай на тялото си това, което наистина заслужава.
Бъди по-здрав, по-силен, по-издръжлив с комплексните спортни витамини – Power Pak. Ти решаваш, тук и сега!

Тайната, която се крие зад таблетките на Power Pak

Светложълтата таблетка са аминокиселините
Светлозелената таблетка съдържа билки и антиоксиданти
Бялата таблетка включва минералите
Тъмнотожълтата таблетка са мултивитамините
Прозрачното желатиново драже е рибеното масло
Начин на употреба: приемайте 1 пакет дневно със закуската или предтренировъчното хранене. Приемайте винаги с храна и достатъчно количество вода

Всички продукти на Pure Nutrition може да откриете в магазините на Healthstore в цялата страна:

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